Eric Holder Demonstrates Why Decent People Don’t Vote Democrat

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Gosh, wonder why we’ve never heard this on CNN?:  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who was one of the Republicans who was almost murdered when a lunatic Bernie Sanders disciple shot up a congressional GOP softball practice in 2017, told an interviewer yesterday that the shooter was screaming “this is for healthcare!” as he tried to kill everyone.  Strange how we’ve never seen that part of the story reported by any mainstream television network or in the pages of our nation’s newspapers.  So odd.  Must just be an oversight.

You’re gonna need some bigger boots, Eric. – Former fake attorney general Eric Holder, speaking to an audience of supporters of Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, jumped on the Democrat civil war-promoting wagon train yesterday.  Taking issue with former first lady Michelle Obama’s famous admonition that “when they go low, we go high,” Holder advised his audience that they need to be meaner and tougher, saying “when they go low, we kick them.”

Holder went on to tell his whooping and hollering audience that “That’s what this new Democratic Party is about. We’re proud as hell to be Democrats.  We’re going to fight for the ideals of the Democratic Party.”

So, to be clear, this “new Democrat Party” is about Antifa terrorists attacking senior citizens on the streets of Portland, wailing social justice warriors clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court building, hiring a lineup of women to participate in an organized smear of a judicial nominee, mobs assaulting Republicans in restaurants and other public places, and on and on.  That’s the “new Democrat Party” Eric Holder is promoting.

Holder, of course, is just trying to keep pace with the Pantsuit Princess, who jumped onto the wagon train on Tuesday, and just joins a constantly-expanding list of Democrat “leaders” like Maxine Waters who are doing everything they can to foment public violence.  None of these “leaders” talk about what they expect the ultimate outcome of their promotion of violence to be, but any thinking person can see that, once a major political party takes this genie out of the bottle, it becomes increasingly hard to put it back in.

So long as no Democrat officeholder in a prominent position is willing to forcefully and unambiguously condemn this promotion of violence, the violence is going to escalate. Don’t kid yourself – they are all fully aware of this fact. Ultimately, as Senator Paul said yesterday, someone is going to get killed by these people. When that happens, all bets are off.

Our other problem is that law enforcement in our major cities – almost all of which are not coincidentally run by Democrats – is not doing its job to contain things.  Antifa mobs have basically been allowed to assault people with impunity as the police stand by and watch in places like Portland, Seattle, Berkeley and Washington, DC.  Even the Capitol Police have become complicit.  At last week’s occupation by a mob of protesters at the Hart Senate Office Building, a couple of them were filmed walking up to Amy Schumer and some famous sexpot model, asking them politely if they would like to be arrested for the cameras, and then gently making them go sit in a corner for an hour or so.

Folks, it is a violation of federal law for that mob to take over a government building like that.  Everyone there should have been handcuffed, loaded into vans and taken to local jails to be booked.  The way they were treated with kid gloves only serves to embolden the behavior.

I sarcastically commented that that made me long for the days of tear gas and rubber bullets.  But if law enforcement doesn’t start treating this stuff more seriously, that’s where we are headed.

And here’s the thing that the Democrat “leaders” encouraging this stuff don’t seem to be considering:  at the end of the day, if you antagonize us “normals” out here in flyover country too much, and start killing people, we’re by and large the ones with all the safes filled with guns and ammo.

The reality is that Antifa is mainly made up of a bunch of soft, white Millennial nerds from upper-middle class families who spend most of their time playing video games in the basement of their grandmother’s home, where they still live.  When they finally start killing people, which is inevitable as long as the Soros money keeps pouring in and the Democrat Party keeps helping organize them, they are going to be pretty much defenseless against the harsh retribution that will come their way unless the police start doing their jobs.

Democrats like Holder and Clinton and Waters and Obama and Tom Perez and Keith Ellison and Cory Booker and the many, many others who are stoking these fires are playing at a very, very dangerous game.  By urging already irrational people to commit increasingly violent and irrational acts, they are fanning the flames for an ultimate conflict that cannot and will not turn out well for their side.

This behavior is shameful and despicable, and it is why no decent person can even think about voting for any Democrat in this coming election.


That is all.

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10 thoughts on “Eric Holder Demonstrates Why Decent People Don’t Vote Democrat

  1. Robert - October 11, 2018

    Holder belongs in prison. Not attempting to foster sedition!

  2. guidvce4 - October 11, 2018

    DB, thank you for expressing what I have been thinking for some time re: antifa and the leftists mobs. It will end, but it will end badly for the leftist mobs if the dims do not take a hand in stopping it. Have thought that all along, even before Trump was duly elected President by “We the People”.
    The expression comes to mind, “don’t poke a sleeping bear”. That is what they are doing. Like a spoiled child taunting another with continued bullying(cus that is what they are doing), until they reap the much deserved beat down which is surely coming.
    Maybe its just me.

  3. Tarheelpup - October 11, 2018

    Thanks to the internet in general, social media in particular, the media and the schools these people grow up in the world’s most intensive echo chamber. Their indoctrination is such that they don’t view the other side as humans, they don’t have any understanding of opposing viewpoints and they are being told they need to “confront” their “enemy”. They tick every box for cultlike behavior. This will not end well for any of us.

    It occurred to me yesterday that, if I believed in conspiracy theories, I’d start wondering when I fell asleep and woke up in an alternate universe. Civility and respect have gone so far down since I was young I can’t see the top of the hill anymore. This timeline DID have a President named Reagan, right? Met his “opponent” Tip O’Neil in the White House, agreed to work with him and actually did so? That WAS during my lifetime, right? Hard to rationalize what we have now with what we had then.

  4. JulianusRex - October 11, 2018

    If the authorities in Portland refuse to safeguard the populace, aren’t there ways for the federal government to temporarily take over and restore the rule of law?

    1. David Blackmon - October 11, 2018

      Yes. The justice department could step in and assume management of the police force there, but that would be extremely controversial, obviously. The President could also declare a state of emergency and send in the National Guard if things degenerate too far.

  5. Jonesy - October 11, 2018

    “….if you antagonize us “normals” out here in flyover country too much, and start killing people, we’re by and large the ones with all the safes filled with guns and ammo.”


    David, thank you for the candor in today’s update. These sentiments need to get out in the public sphere because all we are hearing are the left saying how they are going to throw out civility as they up their game. Well, the left needs to understand something – they really haven’t pissed off any conservatives to the point we take action, and as you say, they probably don’t want to see what that looks like. I’ve been seeing more and more articles discuss the possibility of us descending into civil war. While I feel we’re a long way from that point, the path to get there isn’t all that hard to see. In your response to JulianusRex, you mention the controversial options Trump could take to restore order, and of course the left and the MSM would paint that as Trump attacking Dems, the Trump admin being fascist nazi oppressors. It would be bad in the major cities, but if it spills out into flyover country, all bets are off.

    In light of Hildabeast’s, Holder’s and Auntie Maxine’s comments lately, I thought of a simple example to let people know how one sided all this is…Rand Paul, in the short time since Trump has been elected has been physically assaulted on his own property, the target of a mass shooting by a left wing lunatic, and been harassed in public (Reagan National Airport). Can anyone out there name one Democrat in public office that has endured the same thing?

  6. RobosaurusRex - October 11, 2018

    The internal polls for political campaign eyes only are probably showing something very different from what the Democratic party is projecting publicly through their MSM arm. What Hillary said on CNN is nothing short of a verbal threat to the Americans. “I can’t protect you if you don’t pay me” or rather, more on point with what she was saying, “I can’t guarantee your protection if you don’t vote for us” is inline with mafia style speak. Debating whether the Democratic party is a mob is unneeded as she clearly highlights the probable last position the party can possibly take before being pushed over the political abyss. If we get through the elections without bloodshed and Democrats lose handedly, the only way back into power is by assassinations and special elections. For Trump being all about rule of law, there are sure a lot of liars walking around unhindered and verbally inciting future violence with impunity. As a thought, if Trump truly is our champion, we wouldn’t be talking about using our guns and ammo as means to protect ourselves or to serve as a wild west justice if the government fails in its obligation to protect its citizenry from external and internal forces. If “We the people” have to take care of this, its going to get awfully messy, unnecessarily complicated, and forever skeptical of one another. If Trump is planning something after the elections, then the government still serves as a foundation for stability despite what may follow. I’ve unfortunately have cautiously put some hope in some of these conspiracy theories floating around. Based on all I’ve seen and read over the past two years, we simply can’t survive as a Republic. If this type of behavior formulated during the Obama years goes underground again, we’ll wake up and it’ll all be gone. I honestly don’t think we can vote our way out of this without a true, “political-party-free” free press. Thanks DB for all your hard work especially when the grandkids are visiting. I love your articles.

    1. Jonesy - October 11, 2018


      The Republic will endure if enough people disavow the calls for violence of the left. We may become more divided near term, but ultimately the outcome of this all depends on the Democrats and the left. How far will they go to get back into power? I don’t think we can answer that just yet. We’ve seen some glimpses of how they want to change the rules so they can win (abandon the electoral college in favor of the popular vote, allow illegals to vote, add more justices to the SCOTUS, etc.). It will be interesting to see how the various investigations play out – I’ve stated my disappointment many times in these pages how folks who have knowingly and publicly broken the law are still free. Trump may have some plans but he has to be careful – everything he does is cast in a negative light. Any action he takes has to be Constitutionally bulletproof.

  7. Jim McFarland - October 11, 2018

    “Harsh retribution.” Yes.

    When someone is wearing a mask – Virginia, unlawfully wearing a mask is a class 6 felony – and walking toward me, I will assume that they mean harm. I have a CC permit, and don’t often carry, but I also have no interest in becoming a victim of one of these arrogant pukes. Assault is not touching – that’s battery – but physically threatening and intimidating. If an assault on my person (or against friends, family or other innocent people) it will be interesting…come on, pukes! Make my day!

  8. rufusvondufus - October 12, 2018

    Holder does belong in prison, but so do Obama, (s), Reid, Pelosi, Waters, jefferson, the Clintons, Jumpin Jet Gore, Sheila Jackson Lee for stupidity, and a whole lot more dem’s! Holder and “his” people shows just what he is.

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