Why we Must #NeverTrust #NeverTrumpers Again

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)


For all you snowflakes, SJWs and just plain goofy leftists out there…:  The fakenewsers at The Huffington Post courteously published a piece on Saturday conveying 12 things all you pathetic losers out there can do to sooth yourselves in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation.  Those helpful tips include “Practice Deep Breathing,” “Take a Break From Social Media (a wonderful bit of advice that none of these people will take)”, and the capper, “Limit Alcohol Consumption,” which seems like a really great idea for these people to stick with in any event.

No word if the HuffPo was also offering safe spaces for its demented readers at its headquarters, but it seems likely.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Who could?

Found on my Twitter feed this morning:

And this little gem from last night:

Brit Hume had a great smackdown for deranged Kathy Griffin here:



All the #NeverTrump nitwits say “No, because muh principles, or something!”:

This guy asks a great question on Twitter, but he won’t like the answer he gets back…

All the readers of The Campaign Update are smart and attractive people, so you all are no doubt horrified at the thought of what would have happened to the Supreme Court had the 2016 election turned out differently.  The Scalia vacancy would have been immediately filled by Merrick Garland – or someone worse – upon the coronation of the Pantsuit Princess, and the Kennedy vacancy would have been filled by some nitwit from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals or the ACLU, in all likelihood.

That outcome would have literally ended our constitutional democracy for all intents and purposes.  The First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth amendments would have come under withering assault in the courts, and would have been rendered meaningless within a few years.  The Interstate Commerce Clause would have evaporated, and private property rights would have followed shortly.

People with common sense should never let themselves forget the heinous actions of the mindless #NeverTrump, fake conservatives among us.  We should always remember that people like Bill Kristol and George Will and S.E. Cupp and Stephen Hayes and Jennifer Rubin and Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg and Brett Stephens and the entire staffs at the Weekly Standard and the National Review (with a couple of notable exceptions) literally advocated that our nation would be better off with the Fainting Felon as our president.  These people all advised their readers to vote for a career criminal, the person who told us in no uncertain terms that her presidency would simply be a continuation of the Obama presidency, to become our 45th President instead of Donald Trump.

Never forget #NeverTrump, because these people, who have held themselves out to be “conservatives” to their duped audiences for many years, literally advocated for the condemnation of our children and their children to live in a United States of America that would irreversibly become a European-style quasi-socialist quasi-democracy.  It was forgivable – even understandable – for this clan of fake conservatives to favor other Republicans for the GOP nomination – hell, I even did that for awhile.  But these people can never be forgiven for this and can never be trusted by any thinking person again for their outright support of the Grasping Grifter.

Yes, I am aware that most of the people I named above and many more #NeverTrump nitwits did the right thing and strongly condemned the smearing of Kavanaugh and those who perpetrated it.  Sorry, that’s not enough, and really, nothing they do can ever change what they did in 2016.  Nothing can ever remove the stain of advocating the election of the Coughing Crook from their reputations.

Simply put, they revealed their true nature at that time as people who can never be trusted or relied upon to protect the rights of Americans again.  It’s like that stain that’s been dried into your favorite t-shirt:  It’s just not ever coming out, no matter what you do.

So #NeverTrust #NeverTrump again.


That is all.

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What is the difference between a Democrat and a NeverTrumper? They are one in the same.
I simply cannot understand what is wrong with putting America first. I am very proud of my vote for Donald Trump!


It was really sad to watch purported “conservatives” reluctantly endorse the likes of Hillary Clinton based solely on the fact that Trump was not an establishment Republican. Everyone knew that the woman was a career criminal, a thoroughly incompetent mess, a stunningly nasty person and an inveterate liar. Trump, in my view, is already the greatest President of my lifetime, dating back to the Eisenhower Administration, and he’s just now getting warmed up and coming into his own.

Show me from MO

The liberals have attempted to win the elections and now confirmation battles by smear tactics rather than on the issues

Frank Bugeli

I think the Limit Alcohol Consumption was a subtle hint to the Fainting Felon…

Robert Gaines

“Limit Alcohol Consumption” was a tip of the hat to Hillary.


What is very difficult for Americans and especially politicians to understand is that President Trump is not “glossy” as are politicians. He has been called clownish, stupid, crude and boorish as Keith just mentioned. DT is common in his speechs, but you know where he stands. The closest I’ve ever heard from another elected individual was President Truman, and he was criticized as well for his demeanor and presentation. Americans have been brainwashed into accepting the bs and “eloquent” language politicians say.
I’d much rather a politician tell their beliefs (crudely) rather that a sick talking politician who lies to me over and over.


When I think of #NeverTrumpers I think:


It’s more like “that stain” of olive oil and red sauce on the front of my favorite cargo pants that won’t come out no matter what I do.


I was never going to vote for Hillary, ever, but I did use my status as a Texan to not vote for Donald Trump- I found him too boorish to support, and felt his conservative principles too shallow.

I was wrong about his principles. He may not be the best at explaining them in academic terms, but President Trump definitely believes them, as he has shown the last couple of months, fighting for his nominee as no other recent Republican President would.

As for his manner- President Trump has looked like the adult in the room for the last few weeks.

I wasn’t a supporter in 2016, but I am a supporter of President Trump now.

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