That Time Congress Subpoenaed Jeff Sessions Personally and Nobody Noticed

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, wonder what was really going on here? – A friend sent along a link to a 2010 story in the El Paso Times newspaper, chronicling a plea agreement entered into by a business owned by the parents of Irish Bob O’Rourke.  The extremely carefully-worded article says that the plea deal related to charges of “accepting cash payments totaling $630,745 from an unidentified customer and then altering receipts to circumvent IRS disclosure laws.”

The story goes into the following detail:

“By pleading guilty, Charlotte’s admitted that on 15 occasions from May 12, 2005, through October 6, 2006, one or more of its employees separated cash transactions into multiple receipts. The beginning amounts ranged from $22,000 to $50,000.

But the records were manipulated by the store so every receipt listed a transaction of less than $10,000. This meant the cash sales were not reported to the IRS, as they should have been, prosecutors said.”

I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out exactly what was going on here. This story is of course being studiously ignored by the Texas and national news media, because they’re all-in for fake Beto.

And speaking of Texas congress members… – An unpaid intern for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was arrested yesterday by Capitol Police for being the jackass who released private information about several GOP members of the U.S. Senate while the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing was taking place last week.  Interestingly, he was releasing that information onto the Internet right about the same time as Cong. Lee made a surprise appearance in the hearing room, as she walked up to Ford lawyer Mike Bromwich and handed him a white envelope whose contents remain a mystery.

Gosh, wonder what that was about?  Surely it was completely unrelated and Cong. Lee knew nothing – NOTHING – about her intern’s nefarious activities.  Surely.

Cong. Lee claims the envelope contained notes from women who wanted to get into the hearing but could not, which makes pretty much no sense at all, but with Sheila one never knows.  It makes even less sense when you watch the video at this link, which shows that the Congresswoman in fact had a second envelope in her other hand, but the camera cuts away before we see who she handed that one to.

But about this intern, here is my main question:  This guy – his name is Jackson Kosko – is a 27 year-old male of the species who has apparently been kicking around Capitol Hill in various Democrat offices as an unpaid intern for five years.  Nobody does that.  Interns generally last a year, maybe two before they either get a paying job on the Hill or their parents get tired of paying their bills and they have to go get a real job.

Mr. Kosko allegedly committed a felony here and is being arraigned this morning.  I have a feeling there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, over at the Justice Department… – This is happening later this morning:

Now, no one knows what this is all about yet, and it could be entirely unrelated to anything having to do with the Obama-era cabal within the DOJ and FBI that conspired to fix the 2016 election.  But here are few interesting things to note about this:

  • The National Security Division at DOJ has oversight over counter-intelligence operations at the FBI, and the whole “Crossfire Hurricane” operation in 2016 was managed through the FBI’s counter-intel division, headed at the time by infamous ex-FBI super duper agent Peter Strzok.
  • Earlier in the day on Wednesday, former FBI general counsel James Baker gave what some described as “explosive testimony” behind closed doors before a joint House Committee, in which he told lawmakers that the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe was “abnormally” managed and “politically biased” against the Trump Administration.
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions was issued a subpoena by the House Judiciary Committee to personally appear on Capitol Hill at noon ET today, and bring with him a bunch of the documents the Committee has been trying to obtain for more than a year, many of which relate back to “Crossfire Hurricane” and other cabal-related actions within the FBI and DOJ.  That subpoena was issued 6 days ago and no one noticed because of the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Again, no way to know if the DOJ press conference this morning relates to any or all of this, but it sure is interesting stuff, regardless.


[UPDATE] Ok, the DOJ presser this morning is a big deal, but not related to the whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy.

They’re indicting 7 Russian military officers for cyber-criminal activity against the U.S., the Netherlands and at least one other country. Of course, those Russians will never show up to stand trial, but still, this shows that DOJ is serious about preventing foreign countries from hacking into our national security infrastructure.


Otherwise, Wednesday was a very slow news day and nothing much else happ…oh, wait… – The FBI’s needless investigation into the obviously false allegations being leveled at Judge Kavanaugh is finished, and the report is being made available to all senators starting this morning.  Mitch McConnell filed for cloture on the nomination last night at 10:00 ET, meaning the cloture vote will be held on Friday, with the final confirmation vote possibly taking place as soon as Saturday under the Senate’s “expedited” rules on these nominations.

So the Democrat/media’s delay game is over, but no one should expect them to give up their campaign to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.  These people are demented, depraved and despicable, and they will keep up their false charges and protest actions so long as they believe it gives them any political benefit at all.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy summed up the Democrats perfectly yesterday:  “Some of my colleagues on the Democratic side are in good faith. Some I’m convinced—I could be convinced, I’m rapidly being convinced—don’t have a soul.”

Exactly.  The sad fact is that there are no decent people remaining in the Democrat Party in our nation’s capitol.  Not one.  Many of them – like Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, Patrick Leahy, Richard Blumenthal and others – are soulless ghouls who are willing to do or say literally anything in order to re-obtain political power.

So even if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed and sworn-in to the Supreme Court, expect the campaign to destroy his life to continue for some time to come.  Because this is who these people are and it is what they do.

That is all.

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marty lopez

Who they are and what they do, exactly right, spot on.

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