The Participants in the Kavanaugh Smear Must be Punished

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember 8 days ago, when Rod Rosenstein was going to be fired?  When he had resigned?  When he had, according to our fake news media, verbally resigned no fewer than five times?  Yeah, those were good times, huh?

Hey, remember when President Trump ordered the declassification of a bunch of documents that have been requested various congressional committees and stonewalled for more than a year by the DOJ and the FBI?  That was, like, 3 weeks ago?  Right?

Hey, remember when every liberal/leftist/socialist/commie in America was telling us that, if you criticize the FBI, you’re committing, like, treason or something?  Yeah, what was that – last month?

Hey, remember when everybody in Washington, DC and your fake news media was telling you how oh, so credible and stuff Ms. Christine Ford was?  That was last Thursday, 6 short days ago.

As of this morning, Ms. Ford’s fairy tale has fallen completely apart.  It turns out that, not only is there no one out there who can verify a single shred of it, but there are people out there who have been able to completely debunk pretty much all of it.  It turns out that Ms. Ford is not just a fabricator, but, if what her former boyfriend attests to in a sworn statement supplied yesterday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, she may even be a bit of a pro at it:

Oh, my.  Oh, my, my, my.  During her testimony, Ms. Ford was asked not once, but three times if she had ever coached anyone about how to take a polygraph test, and every time she replied either “no” or “never.”

Here are other aspects of her story we now know to be completely untrue:

  • She outright lied several times about her interactions with despicable Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her staff.
  • She claimed to have added a new room and second exit to her home in 2012, because of her “claustrophobia” or something.  California records prove that that room and exit were actually added in 2008, and the space was subsequently used for an office and was even rented out to others from time to time.
  • She claimed to have a terrible fear of flying and held up the work of the Judiciary Committee for an entire week using this excuse.  We now know she is in fact a world traveler who flies all the time.
  • She claimed her polygraph test taken in August was very intrusive with the ex-FBI agent who conducted it asking her endless questions about her entire life.  The ex-agent himself says he asked her two questions.
  • She claimed she had no knowledge of the Committee’s offer to fly staff out to California to interview her when she lied about her fear of flying.  Either she or her scumbag lawyers are lying about that.

Speaking of her scumbag lawyers:  Despite all this now-public knowledge about these and other apparent lies Ms. Ford emitted last Thursday in her feigned, trembly 12 year-old valley girl voice, those lawyers sent an angry letter over to Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley last night demanding that their client be interviewed by the FBI yet again before its investigation is shut down:

This is breathtaking malpractice.  It isn’t enough that her testimony has been demonstrated to contain multiple fabrications or that it does not line up with the letter she sent to Senator Feinstein; Now, her own lawyers want her to be formally interviewed by the FBI, creating yet another opportunity for her to perjure herself?

Whatever else happens as this disgusting confirmation fiasco created by the Democrats and their toadies in the fake news media, this behavior must be punished.  All three women who have blatantly, shamelessly lied about Judge Kavanaugh and all of their lawyers – including the Creepy Porn Lawyer – must be punished for putting our country through this disgrace.  Senator Feinstein and her staff should also be put through the wringer for their disgusting roles in this.

Sadly, the Republicans will most likely just confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and let it all go, because they get awful advice from their communications and political advisors, and because most of them are afraid of their own shadows.  We can hold out hope that the few who have shown actual courage through this process – like Lindsey Graham and Grassley – will force ethics investigations of Feinstein, Sen. Chris Coons, Sen. Kamala Harris and others who have obviously coordinated efforts with the accusers and various leftist radical groups, and pound on the Justice Department to pursue criminal actions against the accusers and their lawyers.  But the Republican pattern has always been just let stuff like this go once they’ve won the political battle at hand.

If that happens in this instance, it will forever be a stain on all of them.  Because this wasn’t just a dirty political fight, it is in fact a coordinated effort by the Democrats, their leftist proxy groups and their fake news media toadies to destroy a good man’s life and irrevocably corrupt the confirmation process for Supreme Court justices.  Even worse, it is an effort to forever destroy the presumption of innocence and rights of the accused guaranteed in our constitution, if the accuser is a woman and the accused is a man.  If these people walk away from this unscathed and unpunished, they will only be emboldened to do it all again in the future.

One thing we know for sure, Grassley’s Chief of Staff, Mike Davis, is sick and tired of all of it.  Here is an actual email exchange he had with the Creepy Porn Lawyer on Tuesday:

That’s just 99 varieties of awesome.  And hilarious.

That is all.

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11 thoughts on “The Participants in the Kavanaugh Smear Must be Punished

  1. Jim McFarland - October 3, 2018

    Excellent comment, information and conclusion!
    Reminds me in some ways of the Book of Esther,
    with the truth eventually coming out and Haman
    hanging by the gallows he intended for Mordecai!

  2. bruce Burns - October 3, 2018

    Judge Kavanaugh is a target of this woman for a reason which I can understand. His Mom was the judge who threw her parents out of their home, with foreclosure. Revenge is sweet and it’s a desire that does not go away easily.

  3. Jonesy - October 3, 2018

    The friend that she coached on the polygraph in the past? It might be Monica Lee McLean (outed in a letter from Ford’s ex-BF), who retired from the FBI in 2016. This article does some digging, and suggests that she lives in Rehoboth, Delaware, where coincidentally Ford may have wrote her accusation letter to Feinstein. I have know way of knowing if anything in this article is the truth, but the alleged trail of breadcrumbs is very interesting.

  4. Me - October 3, 2018

    Great article. You have summarized it bigly. MAGA and KAG

  5. Jonesy - October 3, 2018

    A thought on the title of today’s update referring to punishment. From this, to Strzok, the FISA warrant fiasco, Hildabeast’s emails, Comey, Lynch, etc, etc… would seem there is a mountain of evidence to charge dozens of people with crimes, but will it ever happen?? Who knows what Sessions is up to, and I hope there is alot going on behind the scenes, but it just doesn’t seem like there are enough good people left in US government to ever bring justice. I hope I am wrong…..

  6. Gypo - October 3, 2018

    Now they must be punished? What about when they leveled 33 false ethics charges against Newt Gingrich, lied about Clarence Thomas, tried to steal the 2000 election with a fake ballot problem, refused to show up when they lost the legislatures in Wisc. and Indiana in 2010, and turned the DOJ into a political tool by faking a Russian hacking / collusion scandal in 2016? And now…you finally have had enuf?

  7. Bob Jones - October 3, 2018

    Just another day for Democrats. No one will be punished for any of this. Holding your breath is a complete waste of time if you are waiting for some punishment to be handed down.

  8. Ulmer Zille - October 3, 2018

    I long for the Court Of Public Opinion and the Star Chamber Emissaries to unleash hell on the Democrats. May the funeral industry be inundated with work.

  9. va22033 - October 3, 2018

    Great post this morning laying out facts Mr. Blackmon and taking us back through memory lane. I have some thoughts on the subject of punishment and accountability. It is long winded but then this is not easy what has unrolled before our eyes. So let me try to post my thoughts from this afternoon below.

    President Trump made his remarks last night for 1 reason and 1 reason only. He is the President of the United States. It was the President’s decision to put Judge Kavanaugh and his Family in the position to wither the political assassination his nomination has brought forth, not just of the Judge’s personal and professional character but also turning the Judge into a monster in the eyes of his wife, children, neighbors and parishioners. So President Trump has started his defense of Kavanaugh and, in essence, his defense of Himself. However what I am assuming here is that President Trump is loaded for the fight and willing to take on this indefensible, horror of a political party at this point in our country’s history.

    It is my contention that President Trump authorized Jeff Sessions to do an investigation against the charges launched against the Judge shortly after they were leaked to the public. Sessions is only recused from Russia, not the rest of DOJ. Perhaps the President is looking to rehabilitate Sessions in the eyes of the base (I don’t know, just a wild guess). Sessions appoints Rosenstein to investigate and puts the FBI into play along with Justice officials. The reason for my thinking here was Prosecutor Mitchell’s data gathering exercise during the post nomination hearing, specifically when asking about the Professor’s knowledge, understanding and coaching of lie detector tests. She was loaded for bear and there is only ONE way she could have that knowledge. President Trump must have authorized an investigation to gather what data they could which was publicly available before it was “erased” by the interested parties, i.e., the Professor, the lawyers and, potentially, the Senate Judiciary Democrats and others in the Senate Democratic Caucus. We will get back to this later given this morning’s release of information from a former boyfriend of the Professor.

    Back to my thoughts, though, on President Trump’s defense of his nomination: Judge Kavanaugh. Again the President is really the only person who can truly go on the attack other than the Judge, himself. And we have witnessed a spirited defense by the Judge most recently at a goal post moving post hearing Democratic inspired character assassination. The President watched probably knowing the Professor was setting herself and/or her lawyers up for legal jeopardy given her “performance” under oath. Again many of us were wondering why Prosecutor Mitchell took the paths she took but perhaps the President best understood why, given my scenario.

    Now in comes Jeff Flake. He gets it out of committee but demands a 1-week background investigation by the FBI based on the news, imho, bogus accusations. The Left praises Flake as someone they can reach across the aisle to in this case for whatever reason to get any delay at this point. And at first a one week delay was better than nothing so it was GREAT. Well the President cannot let this go on to long for the good of the Country let alone the professional and personal reputation of one of the finest legal minds in our Country. So the President will start lay the hammer down and play wack-the-moles…!

    This morning we find out a past boyfriend of the Professor has sworn under oath the Profession has guided previous FBI wannabes how to beat lie detectors. This was no small leak. This sent a message to the swamp the Gig is up. And so now all the Democrats impacted directly by their behavior in this travesty want the FBI report to be held in private to figure out just how bad the damage really is. It must be VERY BAD!!!! And the President’s offensive lately during recent press conferences and campaign gatherings he has let Democrats know he can play their game he has hung around them long enough to know their secrets, ala Blumenthal, Booker, Feinstein; for now – more to follow!

    With respect to legally responsibility, it must come to pass that someone faces legal jeopardy, if not multiple parties, if for no other reason than the political assassination conducted of an innocent man and his Family set up by the Resistance must not be able to stand without consequences! Sound familiar? How about Russia, but let’s get back to that shortly. Anyway the President must authorize legal and criminal action against at least one party to broadcast to the Lunatic Left this behavior will not be tolerated going forward forevermore. I don’t care if it is any, or all, of the following:

    1. The Professor
    2. The Lawyers for the Professor
    3. Diane Feinstein and/or her staff as well as other Senate and House Democratic caucus members as necessary.

    Now my guess is it will be the Lawyers first and then the Professor depending on how deep she was involved in the whole plan. The Senate Democrats will be political pawns for future indebtedness. Surely Leader McConnell knows how to roll them. And what of Leader McConnell what has he done. Well in this case the Leader has done his job. (Early reports somewhere I read said he preferred someone other than Kavanaugh pre-nomination given Kavanaugh’s paper trail but the President made his pick.) The Leader is responsible for the process and moving nominations (and legislation) successfully through the Senate. And at least two times this week, I think really three times, the Leader has given a spirited defense of the nomination but for the sake of moving it through the process, more so than defending the Judge’s character against his accusers’. So back to my point that the President is really the only one who can publicly defend his nomination at this point in time other than the Judge, himself.

    Now the Senate backroom games will begin and we will see what falls out of it. Make no mistake though this is the President signaling to the Swamp he is willing to play their game to get America to realize how despicable these Leftists are. Hence parking the declassification of the FISA and 302s on Russia with Horowitz. Horowitz now knows the President knows what Horowitz should have found in his near 2 year investigation. And so when the noise finally dies down from Kavanaugh’s ascension to SCOTUS and the NYT’s feeble flailing with President Trump tax return leaks then hopefully the President will lay forth for the American People the data to understand what the Street Agitator did to weaponize the levers of His Administration against his political opposition and personal foil: Donald J. Trump. It would be great before the midterms, maybe a November surprise…!

    It is time for the scum of the Left to be scrapped off the airwaves and held accountable for their manipulation of the law and government to politically assassinate anyone who gets in their way of power. The President holds many cards and will play them as he sees fit. He is truly changing the trajectory of the United States for the positive. I thank God each and every day and pray for his Presidency, Health, Wisdom and Action(s).

  10. live oak - October 3, 2018

    The people involved with the smear…Feinstein, Shumer,etc, should be censured. I’d like them kicked out of the country for good, frankly, for trying to destroy a good man. “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” It will catch up with them and there will be fury.

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