Trump Disrupts Democrat War on U.S. Workers With New NAFTA Deal

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, remember when all the “experts” were telling you that President Donald Trump could not possibly successfully renegotiate the 25 year-old NAFTA deal? – Yeah, they were wrong about that, too.

The new name’s a little clumsy, but the deal is done, and the deal is much, much better for America’s workers, especially those in blue collar, farming and union jobs.  Hey, remember when those were the kind of jobs the Democrat Party used to at least pretend to care about?  Yeah, good times…

Today, as you absorb the no-doubt slanted news about this new trade agreement, remember that the very same “experts” who told you this could not be done are also telling you that Donald Trump will never, never, never, ever be able to really get the Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea to de-nuclearize the Korean Peninsula.  Do not be surprised when the successful completion of that effort is a major plank in Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020.

The Teenage Drama Queen gets a by-line in the New York Times, and boy is it a hoot. – Former FBI Director and current teenage drama queen James Comey penned an op/ed for the sad old New York Times on Sunday, because of course he did.  The most corrupt director the agency has ever had slammed the mounting of this week-long FBI investigation into all the absurd accusations directed at Judge Brett Kavanaugh, not be cause the charges are so obviously false, not because the Judge has already been the subject of 6 previous in-depth, open-ended FBI background checks, but because…wait for it…you can’t “put a shot clock” on an FBI investigation.

In other words, the very same corrupt, pathological liar who twice put a strict shot clock on the agency’s sham “investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server has of course joined the Democrat chorus against the week-long time frame for this investigation that the Democrats agreed to just 3 days ago.  There are perfectly descriptive words for James Comey, but I just can’t use them here.

Sunday’s @GDBlackmon Twitter Deep Thought…

Hey, you know it’s true.

Meanwhile, in the Texas Senate Race… – Last Thursday, when it looked like the Senate would be held into session over the weekend to deal with the Kavanaugh nomination, Ted Cruz informed Irish Bob O’Rourke that he would not be able to make it to Houston for their scheduled debate early Sunday evening.  On Saturday morning, Cruz notified Irish Bob that he could in fact make it to Houston thanks to the idiotic machinations of Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, but Irish Bob declined, saying he now had made other “plans.”

So, what was Irish Bob doing at the very time the debate was supposed to be taking place?  Why, he was engaged in an hour-long Facebook Live session from his kitchen.

Obviously, Irish Bob still hasn’t figured out how he’s going to backtrack from his false denial of leaving the scene of the wreck he caused while driving drunk back in the 1990s.  Until he does, we probably won’t be seeing any more debates between the two Texas senate candidates.

Back to the Kavanaugh nomination process one more time. – So, the Democrat playbook for this week is now clear…

  • Agree to a limited FBI investigation to last no more than one week;
  • Spend the weekend wailing that the investigation is tooooooooooo liiiiiiiiimmmmittttteeeeeddddd!!!;
  • Find male “acquaintances” of Judge Kavanaugh from high school and college to tell Democrat media activists that the Judge, when a teenager, was a sloppy drunk;
  • Pretend it’s a really big deal that the FBI is questioning the second, obviously lying, female accuser;
  • Have the Dragon Lady from Hawaii all over TV claiming that the investigation is “falling apart” before it even gets started in earnest;
  • And then, late in the week – probably Wednesday night or sometime Thursday – have another female accuser crawl out of the woodwork with more false allegations; or
  • Maybe even have some leftwing activist parent of one of the kids Kavanaugh has coached in basketball over the years appear on CNN or MSNBC and accuse him of being a pedophile.

Or maybe both new accusations will come.  Remember that the Democrats’ favorite Saul Alinskly tactic is “projection,” i.e., accusing the Republicans of the exact behaviors of which they themselves are guilty.  Thus, accusations of pedophilia are pretty much inevitable, and indeed the leftists at USA Today already ran an op/ed implying that of Kavanaugh as an initial shot across the bow.

These people are demented, depraved and despicable, and nothing is beneath them.  To them, this is a war, literally.  It is a war not just on Judge Kavanaugh, not just on President Trump, not just on Republicans, but on all Americans who are not part of one of their aggrieved classes.  Frankly, it has even become a war on many of them – witness the bullying and booing of Kanye West that took place during his appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

This is not your father’s Democrat Party.  There are no moderates in that party anymore, no Scoop Jackson Democrats or even Lloyd Benson Democrats.  It is only possible to see their true nature with clear eyes when you accept the reality that there simply are no more decent people in the national Democrat Party today.  Not one.

These people are all about one thing:  The re-acquisition of power.  They will do literally anything to achieve that goal.  So buckle up, and don’t be surprised by the depravity to come this week.

That is all.

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Bentsen was a creep as well, imo. Isn’t he the one who said, “I knew John Kennedy” ? Personal attacks are the building blocks of progressive. I quit worrying about all the machinations, and am just enjoying the show now. Tuesday is supposed to be a barrel of monkeys. That is the funny thing about power, the one driving the car makes all the decisions, unless you want to risk dying, contesting the wheel. I don’t trust much or many, Yahweh God, and President DJT are two who I do. No worries friends!


When President Trump said the FBI investigation maybe a blessing in disguise, I believe him. What I found absolutely amazing about Thursday, was the Republicans allowed “Dr.” Ford to perjure herself multiple times out of fear of looking harsh and then tout her credibility. The women attorney who facilitated the Republican’s questioning said there was no way this would ever go to trial. Over the weekend, several stories came out about the time of the renovation of her house (those pesky permit and inspection dates), the fact that everyone is calling her a “Dr.”, but she only has a PhD and no license to actually practice, which by calling herself a doctor of psychology is a violation of California law. Standford University now has her listed a psychology affiliate on their website. Affiliate? That would be a glorified graduate research student or something, right? Also the fact she had no idea of who was paying for all of these attorneys and polygraph test when questioned until her lawyers stepped in and said they’d do it free of charge. Tell me in what world do lawyers not discuss payment before proceeding with a case??????? Even Mueller immediately talked payment when hired on. When “Dr.” Ford is discredited, so goes the whole circus act and everything else that comes along from here until the confirmation takes place. When that FBI report comes in, our dear President will surely tweet the results. I look very much to everything the Dems throw out there this week as it will get more ludicrous and will seal their fate at the ballot box this November.


You are one of the best conservative commentators on the internet. Seriously.


Yeah, anytime the left starts pointing fingers at just anyone not in their cabal I think “projection” and start looking for how one of their own is doing of what they are accusing others. Sooner or later it comes to the surface and vindicates my suspicions.


Good article! I agree and the left already has “victims” lined up and ready to go public on Wednesday or Thursday. We the voters expected these games from the Democrats so why didn’t the GOP? Most of the blame is with the GOP for playing along. One wish I have is to finally make AZ a red state.

Jim McFarland

The Great Powers (in their own minds) are attacking Kavanaugh, but hiding their own great big secrets: trips to Pedo Island. Let’s hope someone can shake down the walls and expose ALL the pervs who preyed upon little girls. No matter which party (though it’s mostly Left) and no matter how high, there should be a hanging party one day. Hopefully soon. This is probably why they hate President Trump so much – he has the power to expose them!

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