GoFundMe Accounts are the Democrats’ Latest Racket

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

A (spineless) man in his element. – If you’re into punishing yourself, tune into tonight’s “60 Minutes” on CBS, where the Amazing Man With No Spine, Jeff Flake, will appear in a joint interview with Democrat Senator Chris Coons.  There you will see a man truly in his element, sitting down and sharing talking points with a Democrat politician and a Democrat activist fake journalist from CBS.

Hey, who knows?  Maybe this is a job interview for Flake.  After all, the ratings for the CBS Evening News have been in the toilet for years now, and Flake couldn’t do any worse than the current anchor guy is doing.

As if to prove my point about where he is truly in his element, Flake also made a joint appearance with the slimy Coons on stage at something called the Global Citizen Festival, a music event organized and televised by the newsfakers at far-leftwing MSNBC.  There, in front of this mob of social justice warriors, snowflakes and disciples of George Soros, Coons of course hailed Flake as a “hero,” which is exactly what he is to these people.

What would you do for a cool $1 million? – #MeToo movement activists and their fake news media shills have spent the week castigating anyone who dares to question Christina Ford’s serial lying about Judge Kavanaugh by claiming “there’s nothing in it for her to come forward!”

Uh, well, it turns out there a ton of money “in it” for her to tell her tale, as two GoFundMe accounts set up in her name have now already raised more than $700,000 and will certainly top $1 million and much more before this coming week is out.  Now, these funds were ostensibly set up to pay for Ms. Ford’s legal costs, but her own lawyers testified under penalty of perjury to the Senate Judiciary Committee that they were in fact working “pro bono” for Ms. Ford, so this money is actually most likely going right into the witness’s pocket.

So, here’s a hypothetical: let’s say you’re a college professor knocking down no more than $150,000 per year, and someone comes to you and tells you that hey, you can make a million bucks by spending the next couple of months being prepped for testimony by some of the world’s greatest experts in training people how to lie on the witness stand, and then spending half a day in front of a congressional committee.  All of your expenses will be paid, and you’ll be set for life.  Would you do it?

If you hadn’t figured this out yet, the use of these GoFundMe accounts is the new Democrat racket – the new way they have landed on to bribe people for doing their bidding while avoiding the scrutiny of the IRS, the FBI and the Federal Election Commission.  Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and several others have now profited handsomely from this racket, and it will continue unless and until these federal agencies get their acts together and start auditing where the money is coming from and for what purpose.

“Wait, me?  I didn’t do that.  Er, uh, we didn’t do that.  I don’t think…did we do that?  What?  Er, um, my staff tells me we didn’t do that.” – President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three beautiful, gorgeous words) was in West Virginia campaigning for GOP senatorial candidate Patrick Morrisy and against Democrat snake Joe Manchin last night.  During his stemwinder (they’re always stemwinders at these events) he did a hilarious riff on evil Dianne Feinstein’s stammering non-denial denial when Chuck Grassley asked whether she or her staff had leaded Ms. Ford’s letter to the fake news media.

Here’s the link.  Trust me – you have got to watch this.  Too funny for words, and dead on.

Let’s close this Sunday morning tour de force with some examples why, if you aren’t following @GDBlackmon on Twitter, you are not having enough fun in life:

And finally, there’s this PG-13 rated little gem…

I got a million of ’em folks.  I’ll be here all week


That is all.

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5 thoughts on “GoFundMe Accounts are the Democrats’ Latest Racket

  1. Jim McFarland - September 30, 2018

    The Dems might have had an advantage if they hadn’t continued to be obscene – (Red Hen restaurant in what used to be Lexington, Va) and elsewhere. Normal people are getting pissed, more pissed, and Feinstein is the New Pelosi! And Maxine Waters? I predict that she will be removed from Congress at some point in the not-so-distant future, with threats emanating from her orifice (er, office.) Whadda mouth! Rodney Dangerfield would say that last time he’s seen a mouth like that, it was on a grouper!

    Go fund me? Go fund yourself! Or something like that.

  2. Rockgod28 - September 30, 2018

    A simple search…

    Christine Basley Ford is not a research psychologist. Right now if you check her digital profile at the university where she works it now says ‘affiliate’. She also is not licensed to be a psychologist which she broke California law be very publicly declaring she was one.

    She committed perjury and implied by her claim as a research psychologist that she was an expert in memory which the foundation of her credibility as an accuser against Brett Kavanaugh.

    At the time of her testimony no one thought ‘Hey let us check her profile page at the university she works at to see if she is a psychology researcher.’

    Her testimony would have immediately been compromised and she would have been facing perjury.

    Yet it didn’t happen and here we are.

    We will see if the F.B.I. is actually another organization that props up the corruption of the Democratic Party or if they indeed are working for the American people.

    This one is easy. Just a simple search for the truth.

    Otherwise be ready for the sign of the times:
    Hillary 2020.

  3. Airmark - September 30, 2018

    I think that no matter what else happens this year, (DJT twitter shutdown, civil unrest, progs screaming for assassination), there will be a lot of folks under charges for perjury, threats, sedition, censorship, and pedophilia. Even if the entire corrupt system isn’t finally brought to heel.

  4. El Toro - September 30, 2018

    Congress should investigate GoFundMe and other crowd-sourcing websites for interstate fraud and racketeering.

    1. guidvce4 - October 1, 2018

      Isn’t that like a RICCO type crime or something like that? Book ’em, cuff ’em and lock ’em up.

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