Dear Arizona Voters: What in the Hell is Wrong With You???

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Dear Arizona Voters:  WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? – Don’t blame the Republican Party for what happened in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday – blame the voters of Arizona.  They’re the ones responsible for giving you Jeff Flake.  And not just Flake:  They’re also the ones responsible for saddling the country with John McCain in congress for almost 40 years.

Think about it:  For six years, the entire Arizona delegation to the U.S. Senate consisted of John McCain and Jeff Flake, i.e., RINO and RINO(a).  This is who the voters of Arizona WANTED to be the faces of their state in the nation’s capital.  Republicans in Texas didn’t do that, nor did the Republicans in any of the other 48 states in the Union.  That’s all on the voters of Arizona.  Personally, I blame all the mescaline.

There was lots of speculation going on on social media about what kind of “pay off” Flake got for agreeing with the Democrats to put the entire nation through another week of living hell, but that is misplaced.  Sure, he no doubt already has a big contributor agreement in the works with CNN or MSNBC once he leaves office at the end of this year (because not even the vacuous voters of Arizona were going to be idiotic enough to send him back for another term),  but this was not about that.

No, this was about Flake just generally being a spineless and frankly stupid individual.  As Lindsey Graham told reporters after the hearing broke up yesterday, “this is just Jeff being Jeff.”  In other words, Flake is so utterly clueless that he actually believes that this FBI week-long investigation into a high school party that supposedly took place in 1982 is going to placate the demented and depraved Democrats in congress and get them to all join hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya a week from now.  Because, you know, nothing has unified our nation in recent years like another FBI investigation, right?

My goodness.  This is just not a bright man at all.  But he is a very venal man, and this made him the easiest mark among senate Republicans for the Democrats to browbeat into submitting to become a willing supporter of their evil plan to mount even more vicious assaults on Brett Kavanagh’s character, family and life.

And assault they will.  It is a virtual certainty that the Democrats and their proxies like the Creepy Porn Lawyer will bring more women out of the woodwork to make even more absurd unprovable and unsubstantiated accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, probably by the end of this weekend.  The slimy Democrat Senator Chris Coons gave the game away when he told reporters after Flake flaked out that he has no control over whether more accusers come forward.  This is not-very-subtle Democrat code for “we have more accusers waiting in the wings, and boy are they some doozies.”

These new accusers will be used by the same Democrats who guaranteed Flake that they only want one more week for the FBI to “clear things up” to then say, well golly, we need to hold more hearings and conduct more investigations because these new women our Soros-funded proxy groups are paying are just so darn credible.

By the way, there is new information in the public domain that Christine Ford sponsors the CIA intern program at her university.  Do you think the FBI will spend even a second exploring exactly what that means?  But I digress.

While all this week’s further Democrat mendacity is going on, the same FBI that was unable in a year to unearth a shred of useful information about the massacre of more than 50 Americans in Las Vegas is supposed to dig up proof of some teenage sexual assault that supposedly took place at an unidentified house on an unidentified date with a constantly changing number of attendees in a small town in Maryland 36 years ago.

So the nation gets one more Hell Week.  When you are looking around to assess blame, just remember that this Hell Week is not brought to you by the GOP, but by the voters of Arizona and the singularly venal, spineless and fatally stupid man they sent to represent them in the United States Senate.

That is all.

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Everybody Hates Boomers

Arizona is absolutely full of dumb, selfish snowbird boomers! That is what the hell is wrong with them.


When is the FBI going to investigate Jeff Flake for his flip/flop and Rep Sheila Jackson for slipping an envelope to the attorney of Christine Ford on Friday?

JK Brown

The FBI just has to interview all the members of DC Society who lived north of the Capitol in the early 1980s, focusing on parents, alumni and circa 1980-85 students of elite Maryland/DC prep schools with the possibility of expanding to VA prep schools. It’ll be easy most of these people have offices within walking distance of the FBI building.


David Blackmon’s anger here is understandable, but misplaced. Not everyone in Arizona liked or supported these two RINOs, and blaming it on Mescaline use is offensive to law abiding conservatives who can only vote for the candidates who are on the ballot – does David remember how elections work?. That means a crap ton of money, support from the AZGOP leaders, and because of the purple nature of Arizona (not a SOLID red state like in decades past) that means people like McCain and Flake attracted voters from the Rino wing of the GOP, independents, and even liberals.

Why is McSally (R) having such a hard time against Sinema (D)? Sinema argued that some under age girl prostitutes look so much older (and compared them to such girls she saw at the schools she worked at) that the John’s who pay them shouldn’t have the same penalties. How is that for female empowerment?

ARIZONA is not some monolithic one party state like NY or MA – thanks in no small part to east coasters who vacation here then decide to move as the weather is so much better, and the tax rates so much lower. Sadly, they don’t change their voting habits, and before long, they support people like Sinema.

I get it – McCain and Flake were huge disappointments, but with McCain passing, and Flake to scared to defend his seat, Arizona has a chance at new Senatorial representation. Here’s hoping citizens of Arizona wake up and start support some real conservatives to run for office. Now, if only authors like David would look beyound an easy headline, trite attempts at humor, and dig a bit deeper before castigating an entire state’s population, even if we are in “fly over country”.


I am very proud of Sen. Flake. It takes a lot to stand up to this GOP that winks at men’s indiscretions and poor treatment of 50% of the worlds population…women. Sen. Flake held to his principles and this Arizonan’s concerns over this nominee. Arizona is proud of a Senator who follows his convictions and is not swayed by party politics. Bipartisan Congress all the way. Civil meaningful dialog is necessary to keep America strong and on track with our forefathers vision of a republic.

Tracy Vigil

Give me a Beth, the Dems were anything but honest and forthright in this process. Let’s be honest, they are scumbags and this was all politicsl. Sorry you are to stupid to see what is plainly demonstrated in front of your face. As a woman, I would like to say Beth does not speak for woman……at all.

Caleb Counts

The elevator stunt was just that. A stunt. Flake called Rod Rosenstein just before changing his decision to vote for Kavanaugh. He’s funded by Soros and the elevator stunt was intended to give him cover. The man is evil and treasonous. What is wrong with Arizona?? Two RINO traitors in Flake and a??McCain ? Follow the money: Flake is owned by Soros and the Clintons.

gerald dillion

I voted for him, it was either him or a liberal democrat, never thought he would be this bad though


AZ a very Libertarian place, turning purple with population doubling again. Have never been this many CA license plates, but real estate is 30 cents on their dollar. The new stucco-tile sprawl, looks like San Bernadino. GOP candidates must take into account. Ducey (4Gov) should pull McSally (4Senate) over the finish line in a few weeks, but Sinema is still young……..
There are many brilliant conservative originalists for the Supreme Court. If you want young and female, Barrett or Larsen. But even with a clean FBI report upcoming, it is best for the country that Kavanaugh not be confirmed. This is not a court room. Just because Brett was wronged by Feinstein and Co does not qualify him for the SC. As a country we do not need 5-4 SC decisions reduced to male vs female.
You are wrong about Flake. He is smart not venal, independent. He is forcing time to digest this circus, to clear vision.

Craig Chilcutt

Jay, he was qualified to be a SC Justice BEFORE he was wronged by Frankenstein and Co. and those wronful accusations do NOT disqualify him. Jeez, this ain’t hard folks. just pay attention.


Reading your comment, I am thinking that you well may be one of those hated Californicators moving into Arizona.

Sam Dennis

The GOP Senate leadership should have realized that it’s slim margin in the Senate would be problematical when it came to the vote. Instead of trying to win in the public forum and the LEFTIST media, they should have immediately requested an FBI background check on Dr. Ford’s allegation. As a relative political neophyte, Trump’s resistance to that is excusable … but, McConnell is supposed to be an expert on Senate tactics. He has just proved that he isn’t.

James Cool

I am sure that Flake has promised the Liberals a coup so he can get a job at either CNNema, or MSNBS.

Nuya buniss

I have been wondering the same thing. It’s time the citizens of Arizona clean their own mess. With tar and feathers.


How spot on this article is. Flake is a jerk and a little boy dealing with mens’ issues. He is way in over his head and when a creep like Coonts can compel him to screw over his peers he shows that he is also gutless and loathing. Fluck Flake!

Jim McFarland

FBI Investigation? I would like them to speak with Avenatti, and the scumbucket he represents, as well as the 2nd accuser. Even though not under oath, they still can’t lie to the FBI without penalty. Interview Ford’s attorneys, too, and if all of that proves that there is a conspiracy (ya think?) against a lawfully selected SCOTUS nominee, then a RICO investigation should begin. This may have been a gift, if we still have a Constitution and Rule of Law. IF we do.

Robert Moran

Take a trip to Conservative Review and check out the Liberty Scores for Republican Senators. There are only 10 Senators that score above 70%. 70% is a C: Cotton, Crapo, Cruz, Daines, Lankford, Lee, Paul, Risch, Sasse,, Scott. Susan Collins’ score is 10%. By comparison, Elizabeth Warren scores 19%. Jeff Flake scores a 65%. Go ahead and blame the voters of Arizona for Flake. Both senators from my state are dims.


I don’t know where we went wrong as Arizonans with Flake & McCain. But, on the bright side, neither will be coming back after November.

Eugene hauber

Are you sure? Is mccain still dead?

James Cool

I am sure he will still be voting Democratic like always right along with Flake.

El Toro

Let’s pledge to make Jeff Flake uncomfortable every chance we get to… And boycott Arizona products and tourism until they collectively get their heads out from their a….

New species the Arizona Ostrich.

Terry Makdad

I am an Arizona voter and I am as embarrassed as much as everyone of Flake and McCain. Both of them lied to the voters to get elected and then once in office represented the opposite positions on every issue. Typical polition. I want Kavenaugh seated to protect us from the left, who want to continue to t able to ignore the Constitution.

Nuya buniss

I think it is sl off that skanky Coors beer made from mule piss. They can’t think straight. If they had any barrels, they would give flake a tar and feather homecoming.

Larry Jones

Arizona is a beautiful state, but true Arizonans of the Zane Grey genre are definitely in the minority; Arizona is now full of Illinois and other Yankee type people, as well as being infected with California jerks.

Stephen Coss

I believe that last year I heard that there was a slush fund that the house and senate use to pay off sexual accusers among other cases. It was in the news for a few weeks and then I never saw anything about it. Being as this is partly my money, and yours, I think there should be an open process where we can see where the money goes and what for.

Also Term limits would solve many of these problems.


Hey asshole authir,he ran as a conservative, on the tea party wave,it’s why he isn’t running now, because we saw through him,as far as McCain, it’s hard to primary a senator who’s been in office since Christ Walked the earth,evidently your not bright enough to grasp that halfwit, f off


Your not bright? The word you failed to employ is: you’re, as in, you are. Now who is not smart?

Craig Chilcutt

Jim, you kinda failed to hold him accountable didn’t you? I know that it is hard to do especially with the media being the way they are. But you do have to own it if you voted for him.

Calling the “authir” names for your mistake doesn’t really convince any of us that you are the going to do any better in the future.

We are waiting to see. Don’t let us down again.

Noel Kasper

I worked for his campaign stuffing envelopes. It din;t take him long to do a 180 and tie himwelf to McLame and I hate him for it. Can’t stand to see his traitorous face. He is not running again because he knows he would get trounced.

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