Lindsey Graham Just Changed the Course of History

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

He said, she said, Lindsey said.  Game over. – I’ve said this several times over the last year, ever since John McCain took ill and was forced to pretty much remove himself from the scene in the nation’s capital, but it bears repeating here:  It is absolutely amazing just how great Lindsey Graham has become now that he is free from the pernicious influence of John McCain.

It is not an overstatement to say that Lindsey Graham changed the course of history yesterday.  Not an overstatement at all.  Up to the point of his decimation of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and his laying bare of their despicable scheme against Judge Brett Kavanaugh for all the world to see, it is very likely that Judge Kavanaugh did not have a single Democrat vote in his favor for confirmation, and he probably would have lost several Republicans as well.

Yes, Judge Kavanaugh had acquitted himself extremely well.  His passionate, emotional opening statement was perfect, a revelation of a man outraged at the coordinated assault the Democrats and their proxies like the Creepy Porn Lawyer had mounted on his character, his life and his family.  The obvious contempt for those senators that oozed from his pores as he answered their idiotic questions about his high school yearbook was wholly justified and reflected the righteous indignation and anger being felt on his behalf by tens of millions of ordinary Americans out here in Flyover Country at the despicable spectacle the Democrats had organized against him.

But to that point, the day was probably a draw.  Dr. Christine Ford had also done well enough in the morning to probably give cover for every Democrat senator – even those up for re-election in so-called “Red” states – to vote against this nomination, and had likely created enough doubt about Kavanaugh and his character to frighten wobbly-kneed Republicans like Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski away.  Ms. Ford was obviously lying about many things, but her job in all of this was only to create confusion and doubt, and she had successfully done that.

Everything changed when Senator Graham, upon returning from a 15-minute break in the proceedings, insisted on taking the questioning away from Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell and exercise his own senatorial privilege.  Graham only asked a couple of questions of Judge Kavanaugh during his 5 minutes, spending the remainder of his time unleashing holy hell on his depraved Democrat “colleagues” and changing the tone of the entire afternoon.

Had a similar outburst come from any of the other GOP senators on the Committee, it would not have had much effect.  But coming as it did from Lindsey Graham, who sadly had largely wasted the past dozen years following the execrable RINO McCain around like a little puppy dog on a leash, pretending that the Democrats were just well-intentioned “colleagues” and that such a thing as “collegiality” still existed in the U.S. Senate, and helping McCain and the Ds push open-borders and other globalist policies, it was a visible shock to the Democrat system and to their propaganda wing in the fake news media.

From that point forward, the Democrat senators were obviously cowed and never laid a glove on Judge Kavanaugh.  Their focus on asking the Judge about the meaning of passages in his high school yearbook and endless calls for a man who has already been through no fewer than 6 FBI background checks to call for yet another one made them look like the silly, disengenuous jackasses they truly are.

Left at long last to his own devices, freed from the destructive influence of McCain, Lindsey Graham grew into his full potential as a leader, as a senator and as a man on Thursday.  He abandoned the ranks of the RINO placeholders in the U.S. Senate and, just in the nick of time, achieved greatness.

As a result, Judge Kavanaugh will receive a “do confirm” recommendation out of the Judiciary Committee today, probably along party line votes.  After the senate spends the following few days going through all its goofy Kabuki theater floor speeches and cloture nonsense, Kavanaugh will be confirmed on Tuesday to become the next associate justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.  At the end of the day, he will probably receive right at the same number of total votes as did Neil Gorsuch, with several squeamish Red state Ds joining all 51 Rs to confirm.

But much more than that was at stake here.  As I wrote last week and again earlier this week, our constitutional guarantees of the right to face our accusers and the presumption of innocence for the accused were under assault and on the line in this nomination, thanks to the the Democrat conspiracy to destroy this man’s life on the front pages of our nation’s fake newspapers.

I have been extremely critical of Senator Graham over the years, mainly due to his slavish devotion to John McCain, and I believe he deserved every bit of the criticism he received over those years.  But today, he is my hero because, when the moment came when he and only he could summon the personal gumption to stand up and change the course of history for our country, he rose to the occasion and grew into his potential as a true statesman.

God bless him for doing that, God bless Judge Kavanaugh and his family and God bless America.

That is all.

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Well done article, and yes, Graham stood up and became a man that day. I can almost forgive his NDAA 2012 doctrine of American Enslavement, but not quite. He needs to repudiate that, too.


Linsey Graham eloquently put into words what we were all thinking during the excruciating hearing. He is a true hero. I have the utmost respect for Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh and look forward to the slaughter of the left at the mid terms.

Karismata (@Sibkiss)

I used to imagine wimpy Lindsey wore a Lil Bo Peep costume behind closed doors at a DC Madam romper room…now he is busting down strongholds of long standing Lib Establishment. Perhaps he has a case of Trump Rearrangement Syndrome. Go get em’ Sen Graham! ! Thank you!


I never thought I’d hear that from him. I am truly inspired by his words, and his defense of a great American. My faith in a few Senators has taken root. And a big shout out to (my) Senator Grassley, a little Midwestern discipline for the clowns!


Agree with all the comments so far. Lindsey stepped up and gave the Dems both barrels, more like a full broadside. Stunning to watch, and exactly what the Dems deserved. Despicable to the core, all of them.

Lindsey, you have my R-E-S-P-I-C-T !!


Did Sen. Graham catch a snippit of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” during that brief break? Hurrah!


Since McCain is finallly gone from the senate, Lindsey Graham has grown up and kicked off his RINO suit. He has officially become my favorite senator that backs our President 100% and proudly admits it. The of the senate need to grow a pair. Lindsey will be a good nominee in 2024 and president.


I applaud graham for this instance of bravery in the senate, but its cautious applause….. I cant so easily forget the mess he’s had a pretty distinct hand in creating. If he can continue this path , consistently, then I can say he’s turned a corner. For now, lets not get the cart before the horse, he has a LOT more to prove before i can begin to praise him on a regular basis as the type of guy that votes for me.

that sting of the past 18 years is deep, and Im not soon to forget it.


Graham is my new hero! BOY HOWDY did he take it to them! Let’s hope it made a difference other than making me feel happy!

Michelle Palmateer

Lindsey Graham was nothing short of AWESOME! He went way up in my book of respect for Senators. He has been supporting POTUS more and more with the passage of time and has become a full fledged member of the MAGA team. My hat is off to him and my hope is that he continues along the same course.

Frank Pastorkovich

AGREED. What has gotten into Lindsey Graham lately ? Its like he’s a totally different person. He has been stepping up to the plate and hitting it out of the park for these past couple of months. I used to hate him. Now, well, lets just say, he’s the MAN, for now anyways. Great job Lindsey !!!


Americans have been looking at Congress from the outside looking in with a great deal of suspicion and seeing all the garbage the Democratic party has been doing to our country over the past ten years. Being on the inside, its harder to see the overall picture because you see both the good and bad so its hard to see how one outweighs the other. Graham also went off earlier this year when examining Horowitz and his conclusion that there was no bias in the FBI relating to the Russia investigation. It was stunning as well and Horowitz was left with his tail between his legs. This has been a long time coming and yesterday, the curtains over Graham’s eyes fell and he saw with distinct clarity the machinations of his colleagues, which he suspected as well, but couldn’t ever be completely convinced of this reality. His reaction after Ford’s testimony in the hallway was also outstanding where he explained to the press how as a judge or as a lawyer, there would be zero grounds for a warrant or an investigation. But when he wagged his finger at the other side and said, “Y’all want power and I hope you never gonna get it.” It was a rally cry to defeat these people and embodied every feeling of outrage many Americans have been feeling for years. He became a leader. A man unto himself. I hope more members of Congress can do the same.

Paul Stone

Senator Graham gave a speech worthy of multiple replays!

Andy Rem

My thoughts exactly! Graham went from Lowly Worm to Killer Cobra in exactly five minutes.


I read that George W. Bush is personally reaching out to the swing GOP Senators (ones who would not respond to a plea from Pres. Trump). Good for him (he owes Pres. Trump for the pardon of Libby that he wouldn’t give).


I was never a very big fan of Graham, but what he did yesterday was stunning. Great job senator.

Jim McFarland

Agree completely. One of my criticisms of Senator Graham is how he would roar like a lion (but not in an unseemly manner) when considering Obama’s appointees, but dutifully go on to confirm Obama’s wretched appointees. I always said: “he roars like a lion, but rolls over for a tummy rub,”

I’m proud of him; he sees that the enemies of Freedom don’t give the same kind of respect he gave to their candidates, and he got a whole lot bigger yesterday.

warren matha


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