Why We Shouldn’t Expect Christine Ford to Show up at Any Hearing

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What more do we really need to know here? – In case you’re still thinking that the tale being told by Ms. Christine Ford has any credibility to it all, take note of this actual reality about the case:

So, Ms. Ford has claimed that there were five people at the party, and named the other four by name.  Each and every one of those four people has now written letters to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of the “party” in question.

Now, add that to Ms. Ford’s own claims that a) she was drunk as a skunk, b) she doesn’t know where the party was held, c) she doesn’t know the date of the party, d) she doesn’t know how she got to the party, and e) she doesn’t know how she got home, and the inescapable conclusion anyone with the ability to think in a rational manner can reach is that there was no party and she is probably lying.  There really is no other reasonable way to look at this.

Perhaps then it is completely and, like, totally fitting that lead attorney for the pathological liar Andrew McCabe announced on Saturday that he has joined the gigantic, amazingly expensive legal team for which someone is paying on Ms. Ford’s behalf.  (Gosh, isn’t it odd that no one at the New York Times or CNN is working to find out who that might be?  Why it’s almost as if the fake news media is afraid of what they might find.)

That’s right:  Mike Bromwich has now joined the growing list of high-dollar leftist activist lawyers representing Ms. Ford in this matter.  It is quite interesting that Ms. Ford feels the need to bring in a high-powered criminal defense lawyer to help protect her here.  Man, it’s just really hard to see why that might be the c…oh, wait.  Nevermind.

Also, note the last sentence in the tweet above by Shannon Bream:  “5th person – Dr. Ford – is the only one who has not provided them a statement.”  It is also key to note that despicable Senator Dianne Feinstein, who received the letter from Ms. Ford that started all of this back in July, still has not been willing to provide an unredacted copy of the letter to the full committee.

What do these two facts tell us?  They tell us that, despite the ongoing delay-tactic machinations by her crack, huge, expensive legal team, Ms. Ford probably has no intention at all of showing up to testify.  Think about it:  Would you?  She is telling a story that, even if it happened, was 36 years ago.  She is the only person telling this story, which has huge, suspicious gaps in it.  She has zero supporting evidence of any kind and even people who describe themselves as “lifelong friends” of Ms. Ford do not support her story in any way.

While Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell continue to go along with her lawyers’ stalling tactics under the pretense that she is making a “credible claim” that must be heard, under no circumstances are they going to allow her to testify without being under oath and penalty of perjury.  Oh, and by the way, any written statement she provides the committee – most likely including the unredacted letter – would also be provided under potential penalties of perjury.

See where this is going?  See why Bromwich, the high-dollar lawyer for the guy who got fired from the FBI for serial perjury, just joined the legal team?

Ms. Ford is nothing but a potential witness to a confirmation process.  Nothing more.  Dozens of other witnesses have testified during this particular confirmation process, and not one of them felt the need to retain a high-powered criminal defense lawyer or an array of high-dollar attorneys that rival the legal team hired by O.J. Simpson.

Really and truly, what else do we need to know about this case?

While her team of expensive lawyers will no doubt continue their stalling tactics with Grassley and McConnell, at the end of the day you should not expect their client to ever actually show up to testify.  Because the retention of Bromwich shows she is very, very concerned about what might follow if she does.

That is all.

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Say what you want but the Republicans are getting outplayed here. It frustrates me beyond belief how they consistently cave in situations like this. They should cram it down their throats and move on. You don’t get to pick judges when you lose elections – said by the king narcissist himself – Obama.

If the Dems are successful and K is out, we know what Trump will do on the next one provided the mid-terms go well – pick a judge who’s super young and further to the right than a cyclist on the autobahn. And that’s why I voted for him.


I disagree. She has to show up. Or her whole story will be debunked and it will be a loss for the Democrats. The Democrats cannot stand losing. Her lawyers are coaching her right now, instructing her exactly what to say and how to say it, to make her story seem credible. They will leave no stone unturned, no possible question unanswered. That is why there are so many of them, to cover every angle. Even if she flails and her evidence doesn’t add up, the mainstream media will spin it so that it makes perfect sense.


Once Soros opens his checkbook, Bromwich will have no problem finding a sixth person wh was walking by and saw it all.


This was never about keeping Kavanaugh off the supreme court. They knew they couldn’t do that. This was about aggravating Trump and his supporters, nothing more. This is the childish, spiteful “resistance.”



Heywood Jablome

Republicans should subpoena her credit card records and airline records to see if she has any history of flying. If she does, it goes a long way in discrediting her credibility. How did she manage to get to and from Hawaii to complete her internship?


This has the appearances of an attempted group sex party gone wrong apparently Ford was not quite drunk enough to go through with it. Do the math 4 males 2 females. her school’s yearbooks denote all sorts of parties and other activities. Supposedly she was an alcoholic in high school and very promiscuous (her own words) what better participant in a group sex experiment. repressed/ recovered memories are very unreliable especially in sexual assault situations. Dr Elizabeth Loftus has done a lot of research on this subject.


Democrat options…

1. No show. Dr. Ford feels the political atmosphere is ‘too hostile’ and her safety is a risk.

This option is their best bet to delay everything. She appears still as a victim and most likely no vote will happen without her testimony.

2. Drama queens. These high priced lawyers can not help but put themselves in front of the camera. Dr. Ford is trotted out. Says a prepared statement with a lot of legal weasel words to keep her out of being guilty of perjury. Investigation demanded. Delay, delay, delay.

This one has the biggest chance to backfire. If she shows up and testifies without any evidence except her word there are now statements from all the witnesses saying the story of Dr. Ford never happened.

3. The unexpected. Protestor disruption. The Democrats walking out of the hearing. Any number of surprises since the hearing is on the last day as planned by the Democrats.

A no show is the best case scenario for the Democrats. It keeps the narrative alive that Dr. Ford is a victim. Anything else runs into the reality of what happened was political manipulation of the confirmation process.

Everything the Democrats have done is a political calculation that they will win the Senate.

What happens if they do not win the House or the Senate?


If she was drunk when arriving at the party, does she remember where she was when she was sober before she arrived at the place she got drunk at, where she got drunk at, who she got drunk with, what she was drinking, why she might have left there to go to the party, who invited her to the party, who transported her to the party, who else was at the party in addition to the three named who denied all her allegations.

Robert Gaines

what you said – and that everyone – EVERYONE [this is the Senate JUDICIARY Committee] knows that having a condition that the accuser speaks AFTER the defendant, is a… wait for it… NON-STARTER. It’s like that Robert Conrad Eveready battery ad – knock the battery off my shoulder – I Dare You!

NO good faith here. VOTE!

Bubba Johnson

They’ve achieved the one thing they needed to do – stall late enough (Thursday) to impact the ability to seat Kavanaugh in time for the upcoming new SCOTUS session. There is no need for her to show up. Ford must be prosecuted, along with her ambulance chasers and the MSM. This is an outrage. Because the Repubs have no spine, no balls, no wherewithal, this has run on way too long. Only 25% of idiots think this woman is legit. So, when Schumer & Co.say “the American people deserve to know the truth,” it is total BS.

Jim McFarland

This is aggravating and insulting enough that I’m beginning to think that a violent overthrow of the Left is beginning to sound rational. And I’m not a Statist.

El Toro

Great article, I feel exactly the same way… Thursday will be a circus.

Fester N Boyle

Kavanaugh should file a civil suit for slander and force her into a courtroom later for all of this. Fight back, don’t just let this pass when the confirmation process is over. Make the left pay for a change.

Jim McFarland


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