The Democrat/Media’s ‘Blue Wave’ Crashes on the Shoals of Texas Reality

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

But…but…but…BLUE WAVE!!!!…or…or something… – Just as Beto Mania and We’re Turnin’ Texas Purple Fever began to really kick into high gear, that inconvenient thing called “harsh reality” jumped up and slapped Democrats and their fake news media press agents in their collective ugly face in Texas on Tuesday.

The first event early in the day came in the form of a new poll from Quinnipiac, showing Governor Greg Abbott holding a 19-point lead over his poor, un-funded, out-of-her-depth Democrat opponent, Lupe Valdez, and coming up with a 9-point lead for Ted Cruz over Irish Bob O’Rourke, who likes to call himself “Beto” in order to try to attract Hispanic voters.  While this poll is probably no more useful than any of those that came before, it did at least survey “likely” Texas voters, and provides one data point indicating the race is moving into a more normal paradigm as Election Day approaches and Cruz. after basically ceding the playing field to his opponent during the first 9 months of the year, actually begins to campaign in earnest.

For those of you still thinking “But Beto’s soooooo cute!  Beto cusses a lot so Millenials will rush to the polls to vote for him!  Beto’s just like a Kennedy!  Beto can stillllllll wiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!”, think about this:  While some polls taken in this race this year have indicated that it might be close, not a single one of them has resulted in a lead for Irish Bob.  Not one.  Even an August poll that absurdly used a sample containing an even percentage of Republican and Democrat voters showed Cruz with a narrow lead.

If this race were really all that close – like the Senate races in Missouri or Florida, for example – you would have polls alternately showing Cruz and Irish Bob with leads.  That hasn’t happened because this race really isn’t close.  It’s a 10-12 point election in favor of Ted Cruz – always has been, and will be in the end.

The second event that threw Texas Democrats into fits of despair was the runoff election in Texas Senate District 19, in which long-time Democrat state legislator Pete Gallego squared off against Republican Pete Flores in the race to replace former Democrat Sen. Carlos Uresti, who was sentenced to prison in a fraud case earlier in the year.  Given that the race was in a heavily-Democrat district, a district that The Pantsuit Princess won by 12 points in 2016, and featured a seasoned veteran as the Democrat candidate, Texas Democrats assumed they’d be able to hold the seat.

Uh, no.  The voters in District 19 decided they’d had enough Democrat representation for awhile, and Flores walked off with a surprisingly easy 6-point victory.  For Texans, it is important to note that the pickup of this seat most likely means that the GOP will control a true super-majority in the Texas state senate when the legislature convenes in January for the first time in, well, forever.  Texas isn’t turning “purple” in 2018 – it’s most likely going to end up turning even more “red.”

God Bless Texas.

The Kavanaugh accuser is clearly lying, and it shows. – How do we now know for certain sure that Christina Ford is lying about her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh?  Let us count the ways:

  • She’s now refusing to show up on Monday to tell her tale of a 36-year-ago sexual assault that really wasn’t a sexual assault at all to the Senate Judiciary Committee;
  • She’s absurdly demanding the FBI conduct an investigation into a 36-year-ago event for which, even if it is a thing, the statute of limitations ran out at least 29 years ago, and for which literally the only “evidence” is her claim.  Any FBI agent can perform all the “investigation” necessary by simply reading the Washington Post;
  • She makes this ludicrous demand safe in the knowledge that a) the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction in the case in any event, and b) the FBI has already announced it won’t be investigating anything because, hey, IT DOESN’T HAVE JURISDICTION IN THIS CASE;
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the despicable, corrupt creep who initially served as Ford’s sponsor in this transparent attempt to delay or derail the nomination, started crawfishing late yesterday, telling reporters that she “can’t be sure everything is true.  I just don’t know.”  This is creepy politician-speak for “She’s lying; I know she’s lying, so I’m going to start slowly backing away from her and pretending I really had nothing to do with any of this in order to cover my own butt.”

Naturally, Ford’s lawyer rolled out the obligatory “she’s been getting death threats” claim as her client’s story was falling apart yesterday in a desperate effort to curry favor with the news media and the public.  This is something like Page 72, paragraph 3 of the Democrat/fake news media Saul Alinsky Memorial Playbook, and was so predictable you just have to look on in wonder at the fact that some people are still stupid enough to buy it.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally started to grow some huevos late in the day as their indignation at this spectacle grew, with both men holding firm to next Monday as Ford’s one and only shot at coming forward to make her transparently false claims under oath and possible penalty of perjury.  But it’s a long way until Monday, and the Democrats and fake news media will continue to pound for further delay day after day until then.  We’ll just have to wait and see if these gents can hold firm in the face of all of that, and there is literally no reason at all to believe they will, based on past performance and the fact that they continue to take their communications advice from the very same firms that advise all these creepy, corrupt Democrats.

What will most likely happen will be for Ms. Ford to go onto several of the Sunday morning talk shows – avoiding Fox News Sunday like the plague, of course – where she can be sure she will only be asked easy, softball questions by reliable Democrat toadies like George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper.  Most importantly, she won’t have to answer questions under oath or thus face potential perjury charges. ABC, CNN and NBC will no doubt the thrilled to serve as her vehicles in this endeavor because, hey, this is what they do for leftwing activists like Ms. Ford.

The most intelligent course for McConnell and Grassley will be to just realize nothing they do will appease the fake news media, which will pummel them regardless.  So they might as well just hold firm to Monday’s date, give Ford until noon Friday to accept the offer, and cancel the hearing if she refuses to accept.  That’s a more than fair process, and will pretty clearly demonstrate to any fair-minded individual that Ford should be disregarded if she isn’t willing to participate in it.

After that, hold the damn vote and get the man confirmed.  Stop letting the senate minority and our fake national news media hold this country hostage.

That is all.

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Jim McFarland

Dems will soon realize that if Judge Kavanaugh is not affirmed, a more Conservative candidate will be named, and SHE will be harder to smear than the spotless Kavanaugh! Also likely: Senators who want a reason not to vote for Kavanaugh really don’t have one – and since most people are really, really pissed at the smear against his reputation, if he should lose the vote in the Senate, they’ll lose their Senate seat.

It’s win-win for us; lose-lose for them. Best thing they (the Dhimmicrats) can do is support/not oppose his nomination and hope for the best. Feinstein has them all in a deep jar of pickles!

Robert Gaines

oh, the college kids were screeching Vote for Hillary… I seldom walk home from work screeching. commas are so important…

Robert Gaines

And BTW, I personally saw Hillary’s ‘ground game’ on election day in Wisconsin – there were two college-age kids walking around one block from the Madison capitol at 5pm as I walked home from work screaching ‘Vote for Hillary! There’s still time to vote [duh!]., etc’ with a megaphone. Wow – high tech, ‘well-oiled machine’ I heard on ABC later. It was laughable, and it was then that I thought maybe, just maybe, Wisconsin will be red this time. Seriously. I couldn’t believe how LAME it was.

Robert Gaines

I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I agree Fester – lie to all pollsters.

There was also I felt a special way to deflect the polls and deceive the Dems in 2016 – there was no overall consequence, since by the time our primary came Trump had almost won the nomination anyway, so I purposely voted for Ted Cruz in the spring 2016 primary because 1) I liked him and wanted to show him that 2) I wanted the primary season to keep going and give other states a chance to weigh in [since Trump wasn’t quite nominated yet but pretty close] and 3) give them a fake impression that candidate Trump wasn’t popular, at least not in Wisconsin.

It worked – the Pantsuit Princess didn’t bother with Wisconsin in the general, figuring she had us in her pocket. And though I don’t often quote Wikipedia, if you look at the 2016 election entry for Wisconsin specifically it says “Wisconsin was also the tipping point state of the 2016 election.”

I think I wasn’t the only one who purposely threw that red herring / false flag by voting Ted Cruz in the primary.

TexanForever Thompson

I also do this, … every time. Man, this can really screw up their system strategies, to say nothing of the Fake News.


TexanForever Thompson

Great article and well written. … The next two weeks will be landmark wins for Trump. Cavanaugh will be approved and big things will happen on illegal alien immigration. … But this will be nothing compared to what Trump accomplishes after the November red tide. … I’s a’comin’ !!!

Fester N Boyle

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe. (Orwell) And the Dem media are pushing their fake polls very heavily in an attempt to rally their side and suppress the vote from the right. This will likely continue until Nov. Americans are the most heavily propagandized people on the planet.

Take every poll you are offered and lie to them. Corrupt the data. Our rulers use the polls to craft their lies to us subjects. Break the system.

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