Judiciary Democrats Descend Into the Abyss of Mob Rule

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

It beats the hell out of anyone named McCain. – Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced his pick for replacing deceased-and-at-long-last-buried Senator John McCain.  Thankfully, the Governor’s choice had a last name that was not “McCain,” as in Cindy or Meghan.

Ducey named former Senator John Kyl to fill the seat, at least temporarily.  Kyl has only committed to serving through the end of the current congress, which will be replaced by the new congress in January, but he left open the possibility that he would serve through 2020. Kyl is a bit of a RINO, but at least he won’t be basing his votes on petty grudges, which is a huge improvement.

So the good news is that Arizona finally has a real Republican filling this seat.  The bad news is that we could face the potential of another McCain being appointed to the seat next January.

He’s written more fiction than Tom Clancy. – Bob Woodward won a Pulitzer Prize way back in 1975, and has been living off of his Watergate reporting ever since.  He’s also been publishing political fiction since that time, as this 2012 piece from Politico details.  Who can ever forget Woodward’s “deathbed confession” scene from his political novel “Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987”, in which he claimed Reagan-era CIA Director Bill Casey told him all about Reagan’s “direct involvement” in the Iran/Contra deal?

The only problem with that scene is that Bob Woodward never visited Bob Casey while he lay on his hospital deathbed.  A mere technicality in today’s utterly fake news media, true, but a technicality that matters nonetheless.

The political fabulist claims that his latest book bashing President Trump and many of his senior staff is all based on “first-hand sources” and that he recorded all the conversations recounted therein.  But news of the book’s inflammatory claims was met with outright, direct denials from the likes of General John Kelly and General James Mattis.  (Woodward’s old running buddy, Carl Bernstein, said Kelly should resign after hearing his denial.  Woodward might have preferred Bernstein keep his running mouth shut given that he’s just been caught faking up a report for CNN.)

Thus, to save his sterling reputation (I kid), Woodward’s solution is simple:  Release the recordings.  You will see that he will not do that because, as has been his habit for more than 40 years, Woodward is making stuff up in order to sell books.

Hey, maybe get Bob Woodward to write them!  He’ll make up something great! – Meanwhile, over in Democrat/media Russia Collusion fantasyland, Special Counsel Bob Woodw…er, Mueller announced full capitulation on the whole question of finding anything resembling “collusion” between the Trump Campaign and Russia during the 2016 election campaign, notifying the White House that he is now happy to accept answers to his questions in writing, as the White House has been insisting all along.  This is what is known as waving the white flag.

Mueller left his options open on to directly question President Trump on the equally fantasy-based question of obstruction of justice, but it’s only a matter of time before the surrender comes on that idiotic, media-fed notion as well.  How, after all, would Mueller plan to mount a case that the President “obstructed justice” in firing ex-FBI Director and current teenage drama queen James Comey when every Democrat in America was at the time urging Mr. Trump to fire Comey for incompetence?  How would Mueller make such a case when the DOJ memo justifying the firing was written by the very Deputy Attorney General – Rod Rosenstein – who appointed him to become Special Counsel in the first place?  How would Mueller and his barely-competent political hacks deal at trial with testimony from Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley that it is simply not possible under our Constitution for the President to have committed obstruction in that firing given that he has an absolute right to fire anyone who works for him for any reason?

Mueller, desperate to keep this all alive until after Election Day, is slow-playing the inevitable as best he can, but capitulation on the obstruction question is coming in due time.

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! – As the daily Campaign Update predicted yesterday, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee turned the confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh into a three ring circus.  Which is totally in character, given that today’s Democrats base their entire political strategy on the old P.T. Barnum nostrum that there’s a sucker born every minute.  That’s how they raise money, after all.  Sadly, the birth rate for suckers appears to have rapidly accelerated over the past few decades.

The day’s shenanigans and the fact that all the protests were pre-planned by the Democrats working in concert with some of the worst people in the world – like the Sharia Law-promoting Linda Sarsour – have been well-documented, so I won’t repeat them here.  Just rest assured that as bad as Tuesday was, things are only going to go downhill from here, because this is what the Democrat Party has become, a semi-organized band of thugs promoting mob rule.

I have written for 25 years now of my belief that the national Democrat Party is the single greatest threat America’s democratic republic has ever faced, and that belief is sadly coming to ultimate fruition today.  You continue to vote for these people and their thuggery at your own peril.

Just another day in Democrat thuggery America.

That is all.

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Orlando Jon

Faithful reader here offers one correction. “…Reagan-era CIA Director Bob Casey….” should read “Bill Casey” or “William J. Casey.” Reason for the change: accuracy.


I have never seen such a display of total stupidity as was evidenced at the Kavanaugh hearings yesterday. The commies(dims) just couldn’t help themselves and showed their complete lack of respect for the other members of the panel. My respect goes out to the Repub members of the panel who showed a great amount of patience for the leftist chlldren and their temper tantrum antics.
That the whole disruption thing was pre-planned by the left, makes me even wonder that they thought anyone with half a brain and the ability for rational thought would take them seriously. It got to the point, where I started expecting the rudeness and constant interruptions in the process. That is when I went from outrage to laughing at the feeble attempts of the leftists to deflect and, possibly, halt the proceedings. It truly became a 3 ring circus, complete with the clown car and the clown occupants popping out whenever the chairman of the panel tried to carry on with the agenda.
I think the left did themselves no favors so far in these actions. Just revealed how really stupid, they and their followers, must be to think this type of display will lead to anything but failure for the dying left. This is nothing more than a last gasp of a movement which realizes it is losing the battle for the future of this nation.
The Trump train continues to move forward and will ultimately crush the left with the results of the “We the People” agenda for this nation and its citizens. The left sees it coming and have nothing left to stop it.


Did we expect anything other than Obfuscate, Obstruct, Delay, put Corey Booker and Kamala Harris’ mugs on the screen to give them something, anything resembling gravitas and get as much attention as possible? I was MASSIVELY impressed by the actions of the “side of reason”, particularly Kavanaugh and Grassley. Both showed restraint and professionalism in the face of (paid) temper tantrums and showboating. SCOTUS appointments must be a good job. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go through this process.

As for Woodward, books about the dysfunctional nature of the White House seem to have become Harlequin Romance Novels for Insane Leftists: A new one every couple of weeks, the same plot repeatedly and the same amount of verifiable facts. The more they write, talk and generally show who they are the less the normal voting public want to do with them.

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