The McCain Funeral: A Fitting Requiem for the Deep State

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Our long national nightmare is finally over. – Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday, August 25, was finally laid to rest on Sunday, September 2, after eight interminable days of honoring, memorializing and rank demagoguery, all of which the amazingly egotistical Senator planned for himself.  And so, the nation can heave a huge, collective sigh of relief.

I’ll get criticized for that opening paragraph, but I want those of you coming to bash me to remember that in 1963, our country suffered the assassination of a President.  That killing took place on Friday, November 22.  Following a hasty and ill-performed autopsy, the slain President’s body lay in state in the East Room of the White House throughout the day on November 23.  The body was carried by horse-drawn caisson up Pennsylvania Avenue early on the morning of November 24, where it lay in state throughout that day.

And on Monday, November 25, the body of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America, was buried.  From beginning to end, the process took just three days, but then, Mr. Kennedy did not have the opportunity to do his own planning, given that he was taken down by the bullets of at least one assassin.

What we just went through as a nation over the past 8 days was unwarranted and unseemly, and everyone involved in making it happen should be embarrassed.  RIP, Senator McCain, at long last.

If you must continue mourning, here’s a new object of your desires. – The 200 year-old national museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro suffered a massive fire overnight, destroying most if not all of the 20 million precious historic items in its collection.  Items thought to be destroyed include the oldest human fossil found in Brazil, a fresco that survived the destruction of Pompeii, and a collection of Egyptian artifacts.  A real tragedy of epic proportions for history and the human race.

A fitting requiem for the Deep State. – Back to the McCain funeral one last time before I let the subject go forever.

Despite the unseemly nature of the “service” on Saturday, with two different former presidents and the daughter of the deceased using their time to bash the sitting President rather than memorialized the dead Senator, it occurs to me that it served as the perfect requiem for the Deep State establishment that is currently being dismantled and de-powered by President Trump.

There you had assembled in one place the three previous presidents who, along with elderly ex-President George H.W. Bush, had spent the 28 years prior to Trump’s inauguration “globalizing” America, marginalizing America’s blue-collar workers and de-emphasizing American greatness, all honoring a Senator who had played a leading role in carrying their water for more than 30 years.  You also had all the glitterati of the fake news media which has spent those same years brainwashing the American public to just lie back and take the policy-based pillaging of the U.S. economy and mortgaging of our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ future once again brainwashing you to disregard the realities of John McCain’s life and career.

At the same time, the President who is working to reverse the corrupt and destructive anti-American legacy of the previous 28 years was out playing golf because he had been dis-invited from the service by McCain and the McCain family.  Again, a perfect gesture of contempt on behalf of the Deep State.  The symbolism of the day was perfect:  The three ex-presidents looking old, tired and lacking in energy, their legislative bell cow lying in a coffin, the fake news media collectively spinning yet another tired narrative, with the one guy standing athwart them all out getting his exercise, preparing for another week of dismantling the Deep State they all worked so hard to institutionalize.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is radicalizing to the far, far left, and the Republican Party is systematically getting rid of its establishment wing through primary elections and retirements. The Deep State GOP/Democrat “uniparty” that McCain, Bush, Obama and Clinton worked so hard to construct over the last three decades is already greatly diminished, and stands in danger of going away entirely should Trump succeed in getting re-elected in 2020.

With our economy booming, Black and Hispanic unemployment at all-time record low levels, and tens of thousands of blue-collar and union jobs returning to America, the party coalitions of the past are being re-drawn in ways that will render the two Parties more readily distinguishable from one another.  While this process will be difficult and fraught with peril, it will over the next few years produce a result that is far better for the country.

Most people thought this weekend was about a funeral for a senator, but it was about so much more than that if you were paying attention.  The people at that service were mourning much more than the loss of just one man.

Just another day in the Deep State is dying America.

That is all.

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Errant Yat

Well said.


Thank You for this article! First paragraph was superlative. I spent the week purposefully away from television. Could not bare the nonsensical blubbering I’m sure was on every channel….

Kenneth Wimer

The family is morning the loss of a family member, we Americans are celibrating the loss of a RINO, one that runs on one thing, and goes Left when in office. We are finally rid of him, I just hope the people of Arizona do better next time. We’ve had two flakes, McCain, and Flake.

Robert Gaines

Life is a tunnel not a cave, keep walking and you will find again, the light you left behind. – Atticus.

Great article, especially the first paragraph.

If Gerald Ford were alive, and spoke at McCain’s funeral, maybe he’d pull out his most famous line “Our long national nightmare is over”. The MSM is next…


Was easy…..just turned on Netflix and watched a bunch of their ‘B’ classics. Those, like everything else on that service were bad, but watching anything about McCain, his so-called great service to this nation, or the Deep State reunion of dirtbag politicians would have been worse. Thanks for making America great again Mr. Trump, and thanks for a very well written article GD.


The memorials seemed to drag on forever. No matter where I turned there was flowery words being said about the deceased(thank goodness he’s gone). He probably wrote the blathering from some of the speakers. Not trusting anyone to say the despicable things he wanted to say from beyond the grave, of course. Now that he is in the ground, maybe some of his cohorts will follow him in short order. Take a look at the leaders of both parties, they all look like they have one foot on a banna peel and one on the edge of the grave.
Thanks, DB, for putting so eloquently into words what I have been thinking for the last week.
I think, like you, the “deep state” is on its way out and is grasping at whatever excuse to remain relevant. Each time they come up with an idea to tie President Donald J. Trump to “collusion”, or whatever, it seems to be a weaker charge. While it may take a while longer, I think I can see the end of the tunnel which the Trump train is headed towards.

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