John McCain: Bitter ’til the Bitter End, and Even Beyond

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

A sad and bitter man ’til the sad and bitter end.  And beyond, apparently. – John McCain always wore his bitterness on his sleeve, generating and holding grudges like no one else in the nation’s capital.  Given his experiences during the Vietnam conflict, it was easy to see why that was the case, and I had planned to make no mention of this reality of McCain’s personality in an effort to avoid speaking ill of the dead.

But then, on a long drive Wednesday afternoon, a radio commentator reported the news that McCain and his family have chosen to ban his extremely loyal 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin, from attending the dead Senator’s funeral.  Thus does McCain reach out from whatever lies on the other side of this life in a pitiful and petty effort to settle one final grudge.

The wonder is why there was any grudge to begin with.  Sarah Palin was nothing but the loyal soldier to McCain, both throughout their failed campaign together and in the decade that has passed since.  She never had anything but glowing praise for the man, and issued this statement last Saturday upon learning of his passing:

Gracious, glowing, praising the man into whose moribund campaign she injected a little life, though not enough to get him across the finish line in the face of a horrifically negative slander campaign mounted against them both by the Democrats and the fake national news media.  McCain was initially gracious towards Palin after the defeat, but over the years became convinced his loss was somehow her fault.  Earlier this year he told a fawning fake reporter that choosing Palin as his running mate was a mistake, speculating that Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, would have made a better choice.  Yeah, sure – all those Republican delegates at the convention would have been just thrilled with the prospect of having to vote against all of their core beliefs so their nominee could have his coveted “collegiality” on the ticket.

Thus, McCain reaches out one final time to settle what was in his warped mind an old score.  It is easy to understand his feelings about President Trump; this, on the other hand, is purely mean-spirited and petty.

So let’s all pray that John McCain can Rest In Peace in the next life since he so obviously never could in this one.

Democrat/Media Playbook, Page 1: Play the race card. – GOP Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis hadn’t even gotten his general election campaign off the ground before the fake news media and rancid Democrats started throwing their playbook at him.  After he used the common phrase “monkey this up” during an interview Wednesday morning on Fox News, the Democrat/Media axis of propaganda pounced, claiming the term is “racist” since the Democrat nominee, Andrew Gillum, happens to be an African American.

Of course, the Democrats and media are lying here, but hey, that’s what they do.  DeSantis, referring to the undisputed fact that Gillum is an admitted “Democrat Socialist”, said the following:

“We’ve got to work hard to make sure that we continue Florida going in a good direction. The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.”  A pretty reasonable statement that refers to Gillum’s admitted political beliefs, and is obviously not directed in any way at his skin color.

But skin color is constantly at the top of every leftist Democrat’s mind, and so DeSantis’s use of the word “monkey” had become a media-generated fake controversy before he was able to get back into his car following the interview.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if I were a Black man I think I’d be highly offended that every Democrat and fake journalist in America equates me with a monkey.  Because that is what this really is all about.

CNN:  The King of Fake News and damn proud of it. – Management at CNN, the fakest fakety-fake #fakenews outlet on the face of the earth, continued to cling to its latest completely fake story for a third day after it was revealed to be fake.  The obvious hope at CNN is that they can just ride out the storm until the rest of the fake news media forgets about the story – and in reality, most of the rest of the fake news media never paid any attention to it in the first place.

What CNN is going through right now is the direct result of relying on anything Lanny Davis has to say as being true.  Lanny Davis has made a fabulous living for the last 25 years being a professional liar on television.  He has lied for a living on behalf of a seemingly endless array of skunks and snakes, starting with Bill and Hillary Clinton and now doing it for ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

CNN stupidly aired a “breaking news” story, authored in part by shameless hack Carl Bernstein, claiming that “multiple sources” had told them that President Trump knew in advance about the infamous “Trump Tower meeting” his son and a couple of campaign officials conducted with some Russians in October 2016.  Davis was one of those “multiple sources,” and it is very likely that the other “source” is Cohen himself.

Early this week, Davis admitted on live television that he had lied to Bernstein, and that neither he nor Cohen have any actual knowledge about the story’s allegation against the President.  Any decent, real “news” outlet, when caught so blatantly with its pants down around its figurative ankles, would simply retract the story and ban the source that burned it from its airwaves.  But this is CNN, where the professional liar Davis has been a “source” for all manner of fake stories for a quarter of a century.  When you’re into news fakery as deeply as CNN is, you don’t retract and apologize for the fake story, you just keep lying and standing by your fake source and fake reporters.

By the way, CNN’s ratings for the first two weeks of August were down another 12% from July, as viewers abandon the fake news network in droves for Fox or MSNBC, or perhaps even for a little peace in their lives.  CNN’s prime time lineup is now regularly beaten in the ratings by re-runs of “American Pickers” and “Counting Cars” on the History Channel.  If this trend continues, pretty soon the only viewers CNN will have left are the captive audiences of beaten down travelers in our nation’s airports.

Just another day in fake news media America.

That is all.

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Fair Will Freedom

Cathy, you are spot on.


My condolenses go out to the Mccain family. You are all in my prayers.
Mccain turned on the America he was suppose to have loved and the values he once had. He became an obstructionist who cared about getting President Trump out more than doing what needed to be done to get America back on track. What a waste of his last years. Imagine what he could have done if he really care about the American people and America.

Jacques Cloutier

this bastard is a traitor ! i’ll be burning in hell for ever !

Ruth Richardson

I don’t believe John McCain banned Sarah Palin from his funeral. Need to know where that came from. If it didn’t come from the McCain family I would not believe it. He didn’t like Donald Trump and I would just imagine that if you talked to anyone else who was in the Republican campaign that none of them liked him. But John Mccain was far from a bitter old man and anyone who has listened to him knows that. This has to come from one of Trumps people.

Fair Will Freedom

McCain was his own biggest political foe. He abandoned his first wife and children and thought much more of his own egotistical perceived honor than actual responsibility to others. McCain’s only chances of ever becoming president of the USA were wasted by McCain himself. He was very soft, weak, and dull. He refused to criticize Obama in a clear and passionate manner.

Will Ulmer

McCain did not speak up clearly and boldly against Obama. McCain was his own worst political opponent.


The Democrats’ over-the-top love and adoration for McCain should tell you something about what kind of man…and what kind of “Republican” he was…

Michelle Palmateer

John McCain was ALWAYS a money grubbing political hack. I couldn’t stand him since he dumped his wife and family to marry a young girl who had a huge inheritance. He was always as phony as the day is long. You hit the bitter nail on the head for certain. I firmly believe that McCain did absolutely nothing that didn’t benefit him financially. He was also a war-monger that had very questionable dealings with people we call our enemy. McCain also delivered a copy of the Steele notes to the FBI attempting to bury President Trump. His PPACA vote is another issue, and on and on. He was a dirtbag that felt he was entitled to whatever his heart desired at the expense of every other American. When he didn’t get what he wanted he threw whatever type of fit he possibly could. I am happy to finally see him dead! It is disgusting that all of DC is fawning over a dead man that was known as songbird. There is an audio available on the internet of him praising his captors, that was sealed for many years.

Jess Sain

McLame, a complete sellout, angry and bitter to the end. Down deep McLame is a good guy…..about 6 feet.
The senate has been purged of a RINO, let’s keep the trend going.

Nanky Jane

He won’t rest in peace in the next life because your personality goes with you and his Daddy Admiral can’t fix it this time.

Felina Erse

Little Johnnie McBitter anger towards all who challenged his perception of his greatness – bitter to the end, and beyond.

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