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[Note:  I’ve been criticized quite a bit this week for being too nice in the things I’ve written about John McCain following his death.  That’s fine – I never served in the military and thus am quite reluctant to be overly critical of anyone who did.  Still, the media’s absurd hero-worship of McCain as a tool for beating President Trump about the head has grated on me, as it has many readers.  Earlier today, I received the text below in an email from a friend who has himself served our country in stellar fashion in the U.S. Navy for many years as a Naval Aviator and combat pilot.  I’ll let this man’s words speak for themselves.]

The more you know about the real-life of John McCain, the less likely you are to want to honor him at his funeral.  It seems that his dying wishes of excluding some who knew him best might simply be out of fear that they would speak the truth about him, instead of the more popular mythology.

John S. McCain was born with two silver spoons in his mouth.  His grandfather was a 4-Star Admiral as well as his Father.  He tapped into his family legacy for an appointment to the US Naval Academy where he was a terrible student fraught with poor grades and demerits.  He graduated at the bottom of his class at Annapolis (894 of 899) and again only his family connections can explain that low of a graduate obtaining a coveted slot in flight school.  His flying career validated the Navy’s standard pilot selection criteria, as this family “golden boy” crashed two aircraft and destroyed a third out of negligence and “flat-hatting”. (He flew one into the water, he ran out of gas on the way home from the Army/Navy game, and he clipped power lines in a 3rd).  Your standard pilot would never would have been allowed to keep flying with even one of his incidents of incompetence, but the Admiral’s son got promoted.

Again working his family connections, he worked a transfer from an A-1 unit to an A-4 squadron where he again found himself over his head.  Green in the aircraft, inexperienced in the tactics, and disliked by his squadron-mates, he forced his way to the head of the line to lead the mission of his famous shoot-down.

—-Let’s be clear.  It took giant brass balls to fly these missions.  Everyone who has ever strapped on a military aircraft and taken off from a ship to fly into combat deserves at least a modicum of respect.  Still, the truth about what happened is important.—–

With that said, there is no doubt that John McCain was shot down due largely to his own incompetence as a pilot.  In his own book, he admitted that he didn’t follow proper procedures for a missile warning, and his squadron-mates refute his account of the shoot down.  He claims that he disregarded the missile warning to get his bombs off.  Witnesses and the official report show that he failed to pull out at the proper altitude and was shot down by AAA.  Both accounts add up to pilot error.

While in captivity, John McCain recorded propaganda to be used against the United States, he gave information that endangered (and likely cost) the lives of other Americans, and used his father’s position for preferential treatment while in captivity.  Some of those recordings are available in the National Archives, others remain classified.  Many are used to teach current officers what examples of the US Code of Conduct for POWs would be.  McCain’s conduct in captivity was much closer to that of Bowe Bergdahl than it was Louis Zamperini.

When McCain got home, he used the fame brought about by his father’s position to live a “rock star” life.  Instead of happily reuniting with his wife and three children, he had multiple affairs, abandoned his family and married his wealthy mistress less than a month after his divorce.  His conduct is even more disgusting because it was largely due to the fact that his wife had been in a car accident.  He didn’t just leave a woman who he had grown apart from due to the stress of war.  He abandoned the badly injured mother of his children because a wealthy pretty alternative was available.

McCain then he used his celebrity and dubious “hero” status to get into a political office where he sold his support to the highest bidder for the rest of his life.  The media gave him the nickname of “Maverick”, since he would often go against his party.  The name “Turn Coat” would be much more fitting.  McCain voted against improving the VA, while somehow amassing a $13+ million-dollar fortune as a retired officer on a disability pension plus a senator’s salary.  Pretty neat trick for a “public servant” to be insanely rich, especially when his prenuptial agreement with his wealthy 2nd wife mandated total separation of finances.

It makes me want to vomit that there is discussion about appointing one of McCain’s daughters to his Senate Seat.  Family connections alone got a terrible student (894 out of 899 at the Naval Academy) a pilot slot that he didn’t earn.  Family connections alone propped up John S. McCain when he destroyed three aircraft out of negligence.  Family connections alone kept John S. McCain from being kicked out of the Navy for his personal conduct after he returned from Vietnam (adultery is punishable by the UCMJ, and his conduct would have been career killer in today’s Navy).  The McCain family produced two four star admirals who were outstanding Naval Officers. For goodness sake though, the McCain family has cashed in plenty on those men’s accomplishments.  John McCain’s failures at every position he has ever held are a case study in the dangers of nepotism.  It is time for this family’s influence to end.

John McCain was a fraud when he was alive, and the mythology after his death is even sillier.  The liberal media loves him because his last act in congress was to prevent a milestone accomplishment for President Trump when McCain betrayed Republicans and voted “thumbs down” to the repeal of Obamacare.  Somehow, again, voting against something that you campaigned for made John a “Maverick” and not a “Traitor”.

There are good and honest men with much more modest “accomplishments” due to the simple facts that they didn’t have a powerful father, and they refused to stray from their principles.  You can find them at your local fire station, VFW, Legion Post, School Board, and coaching youth sports.  You find them married to wives they took vows to, and raising children they love and cherish.  You can find them earning honest wages in business or in service.  All of these men have values and character that was NEVER displayed by John McCain.

The more anyone knows about John McCain, the less there is to like.


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Jesse Brown

They say Megan and her were alike. Spoiled from birth. Her comments wer uncalled for. Like her farher do you think she would be on TV and so vocal if her father was a plumber.
He was not a hero, this is a hero: Onhis 21st Birthday left for Europe and WWII. He was rotated, on points back to the states before he was 22 after flying 67 low level combat missions in a P47 Thunderbolt supporting ground forces. Awarded a DFC, Air Medal/6oak leaf clusters, 2 Purple Hearts he returned two planes so badly shoot up they were use for spare parts.
When discharged re resumed normal life and married only to be called up for Korea. He went MIA on his sixth mission. Shot down, crashing in the DMZ, leaving 3 small children at Age 27. That is a hero!

Harvey Branman

Thanks for the wonderful sharing.


So now it’s the Keating 4 ?

Capt Easy

The true ignoble history of this reckless man remains to be told. He is responsible for so many deaths with his support of ISIS and the like.


I don’t defend the things he did and the way they were done. But, when his actions while a prisoner of war are criticized by ideological animals (including N Vietnamese with Viet Cong) who I know assassinated French nuns in a leper colony, stole supplies we provided orphanages and did many worse things in those days…..anything he did while a prisoner to stay alive or reduce the horror can be excused……except by those who have no idea about anything worse than having to stop and a cross walk or wait a little longer for you latte


Thank you for the info regarding the “songbird”. I’ve always heard bits and pieces of McShame’s history. Now this article pinpoints what he was all about…money and power and John McCain. Its hard for me to understand how this sh*tbird went on to be so influential, outside of tons of money.
No wonder President Donald J. Trump did’nt particularly care for him. He probably knew the historical facts of McCain’s life.
I didn’t care for him, just something about him struck me as wrong. Not to mention his behavior while paired up with Sarah Palin and his continuous kissing up to the leftists. “Crossing the aisle”. Yeah, okay. I never bought that shtick for a minute. Now I know why. He exuded slime of the swamp.

Michelle Palmateer

Thank You! McCain was a dirtbag and should be remembered as such. He was no hero and even in death, his bitterness has been epic. He dumped his family just as much as he dumped America to be a money grubber.

stu warren

No Naval pilot, not protected by the four star admirals like he was, would be given a chance to destroy two planes, much less the many he did destroy. It doesn’t happen…


In the hierarchy of humanity, traitor falls below murderer and rapist. Hopefully he’s getting his ass kicked on the other side by the 135 men he killed on the Forrestal


Sadly, McCain was a jerk while alive. Dying does not change that.

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