While the Fake News Media Focuses on Flag Etiquette, Trump Keeps Winning

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

But…but…but…all the “smart” people at CNN and the NYTimes assured me this could not happen. – When President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words) announced on Monday that his administration had reached a new trade agreement with Mexico that would replace NAFTA, he didn’t leave the accurate reporting of it to the whims of the fake news media.  Knowing that if he just made a statement about his final call with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto to seal the deal, he would soon be facing anonymously-sourced fake news stories from CNN and the New York Times claiming that he insulted Mr. Nieto or his wife, or perhaps his dog, the President chose a different approach:  He simply invited the White House press corps into the Oval Office to listen to his call with Nieto live, as it took place.

Thus, fake news averted, for the most part, although fake news outlets like Reuters managed to report on the deal while leaving out mention of the most key parts of it, such as the new requirement that manufacturers of automobiles and other hard products in Mexico give their workers collective bargaining rights for the first time.  Another critical provision, that 45% of auto parts made in Mexico must be made by workers earning at least $16 per hour, also received short shrift from the fakest fake news outlets like CNN and the Times.

These toady outlets for the Democrat Party are loath to accurately report on these aspects of the new deal since they represent gigantic wins for America’s blue collar workers, workers who were just a few years ago a major cog in the Democrat Party’s voter base.  Under this new agreement, those workers will no longer have to compete with Mexican workers making $1 per hour in order to hold onto their jobs.

Interestingly, as I type this piece this morning, Fox News is airing a clip of then-candidate Barack Hussein Obama, in a Democrat primary debate on August 7, 2007, advocating for exactly the reforms to NAFTA that are contained in this new agreement, in order to “protect American workers.”  Thus does Donald Trump not only keep his own campaign promises, he keeps the promises made – and broken – by America’s Biggest Mistake.

WINNING WINNING WINNING WINNING WINNING WINNING. – The markets kind of liked the news of the agreement with Mexico.  The NASDAQ went berserk, closing above the 8,000 mark for the first time ever.  The S&P 500 also closed at a record high of 2,896, while the Dow Jones Industrial average gained 259 points to close above 26,000 for the first time since February 1.

Democrats and fake journalists all across America fell into fits of depression at this happy news for everyone else.

This is Donald Trump, preparing to make like Teddy Roosevelt. – A few weeks ago, the Campaign Update focused on how President Trump might conduct a new strategy for his second two years in office should the Democrats gain control of one or both houses of congress in the upcoming midterm elections.  The piece, titled “Trump’s Post-Midterm Move:  Make Like Teddy Roosevelt”, posited that a Donald Trump faced with a hostile congress that would stonewall any new legislation might decide to focus on using the powers of his office and regulatory agencies to rein in the abuses of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google, which are without question today’s version of the industrial “trusts” that Mr. Roosevelt faced down and broke up at the turn of the 20th century.

This wasn’t just mere speculation on my part:  It’s a well-educated guess based on the President’s past statements and demeanor in office thus far.  This morning, Mr. Trump gave us a preview of potential coming attractions via his Twitter feed:

Over the past couple of weeks, the President has also fired similar shots across the bows of Facebook and Twitter.  As the Campaign Update has pointed out many times over the past 20 months, Mr. Trump doesn’t just burp these tweets out between sips of Diet Coke for no reason.  Every tweet he sends is sent for a tactical purpose, and many turn out to be stage-setters for actions he plans to take.

The powers of the presidency, when focused by an extremely strong personality like Donald Trump, can be a very daunting opponent for even the most gigantic corporation to face off with.  Standard Oil learned this lesson the hard way about 115 years ago.  The creeps who have set themselves up as the arbiters of free speech and restricters of the public’s right to know at these social media giants might want to start paying attention to the messages they are being sent by this particular President and start adjusting their practices accordingly.

But they won’t.

Just another day in fake news media and abusive social media America.

That is all.

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I’m certainly no computer expert, but hear me out. As opposed to the legal expense and difficulty of breaking up the social media giants, why not just start up some NEW social media sites, anchored by the presence of our Favorite President. Maybe such sites already exist, and just need the most influential person on the planet to join in. Or perhaps we could have a YUGE contest to design some new, uncensored sites, perhaps involving students, organized by the Department of Education. Award some yuge prizes, help get the new sites off the ground. Leave the old biased social media sites to wither away naturally. #MagaSites


The problem with alternatives is that the current social media’s member base is internationally. The majority of the members are in Africa, Middle East, Europe, Far East, Australia and the US comes somewhere at the 16th place qua numbers of registered users.
Plus, the social media are unbelievable popular.


There are plenty of alternatives to Youtube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The problem is the number of people on the networks. Heck! I even have my own services setup for fun on my own servers. However, I’m the only one on those services.

The availability of alternatives doesn’t change the problem of shutting down voices on the most popular platforms. There needs to be a size of network that triggers anti-censorship rules. Otherwise, the power of control over the network becomes too one sided.


The deal with Mexico. Luvin’ it. Leveling the playing field is just what was needed, and promised by the 0zero, but another promise 0zero didn’t keep. President Donald J. Trump made that promise, too. And is keeping it. A bigly difference. The photo leading the article? Got me laughing for some reason. Which I seem to be doing more of since President Donald J. Trump is going through our agenda and making it happen.
How much more “winning” can we stand? For me, a whole lot more.
I think that if the “social media” is considered to be much like TV and radio, there may be some things coming via the FCC which might force those entities to back off their censorship of the conservative point of view. That may be in the balliwick of the executive branch. Of course, if President Donald J. Trump should do that, the hue and cry would be enormous. And, once again, expose more denizens of the swamp to the sunshine for all to see. If the leftist pols attempted to curb any actions taken by President Donald J. Trump in that regard, it may doom the lett to the sidelines in the forseeable future. Let ’em try to run on an anti-Free Speech platform. Should be interesting.
Just my opinion. Of course.

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