Sunday in Politics: An Endless Parade of Nitwittery

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

An endless parade of nitwittery. – Fox News Sunday set a new low for its “panel of experts” yesterday, presenting viewers with a four-person panel that contained both Juan Williams and ex-Obama State Department spokesperson Marie Harf.  Anyone who watched the panel through its two full segments was assured of losing at least 15 IQ points.  But no worries – the IQ loss can be regained simply by reading anything written by Victor Davis Hanson.  The succinct little piece linked here would make a great start.

CNN remains the fake news media king of Nitwittery. – After it was revealed that the Islamic terrorists who were training a small army of kidnapped children out in the wilds of New Mexico were planning on mounting an assault on an Atlanta hospital, all the fake journalists at all the fake news outlets went into a frenzied effort to find some way to spin the story sympathetically towards the…wait for it…TERRORISTS.  Because, of course they did.

The fake news hacks at CNN were, as generally seems to be the case, the clear winners in this battle to come up with the worst take imaginable:

Yes, friends, the five mostly unrelated Islamic terrorists who were training the kidnapped children have now morphed into a “family” struggling with life without access to the 24-hour fakery of cable news.  Can there be any real doubt that CNN’s fellow fake newsers will award an Emmy to whichever fake journalist came up with this highly-creative line of BS?  No, no doubt at all.

Fake news media Nitwittery extends to Twitwittery. – Not to be outdone by her main competition at CNN, notorious New York Times Hillary Clinton lapdog Maggie Haberman issued this hilariously disingenuous tweet in response to one President Trump had sent out earlier in the day.

Mind you, Haberman is fake-mourning the very same John McCain who her current employer and most of the rest of the fake national news media slandered mercilessly throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, characterizing him at various times as a rapist, a spouse abuser, a misogynist, a racist and a madman.  But now that his dead body can be used to take absurdly cheap shots at a President Haberman hates, she’s all about the “mourning” of the very same man.

These people are disgusting ghouls.

The fake media Nitwittery even went international. – But wait, there’s more!  The London Daily Mail has now dictated the new fake media rule that because a politician who hated President Trump’s very existence has died, President Trump must stop playing golf!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

Honestly, could the nitwittery and dishonesty get more absurd than this?

Oh, yes.  Yes it can.

The fake Senator Flake tops them all. – McCain’s fellow Arizona RINO Senator, Jeff Flake, told an interviewer that the best way to honor McCain is as follows:  “By seeing the good in our opponents, by being quick to forgive, by realizing that there’s something more important than ourselves, to put service, you know, over and above our self-interest.”

This would be the exact same Senator Jeff Flake who just got back from a three-week vacation in Africa, which he took in order to prevent the timely confirmation of a raft of President Trump’s judicial nominees.  With McCain lingering on his death bed, Flake was able to deny the Senate Republicans the crucial 50th vote necessary to move these nominees and several pieces of legislation past the stonewalling Democrats.  But that did not prevent him from, upon his belated return to the U.S., lecturing the rest of us to put “service, you know, over and above our self-interest.”  Creepy, disgusting hypocrite.

No wonder the guy has a 15% approval rating among Arizona voters.

Just another day in the Nitwittery is not limited to our fake news media America.

That is all.

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“Nitwittery”. I like it. Aptly describes the leftist media and their faux “reporting”. If, somehow, they were forced to be honest in their depiction of events, I think they would expire from lack of approval from the leftists.

On the McCain thing. At least President Donald J. Trump has not lumped himself into the gigantic crowd of hypocrites showering the corpse of said deceased Senator with praise and accolades he didn’t deserve. But, hey, it serves their purpose of blowing smoke up the rears of those who thought McShame was a great guy. For his military service, yeah, okay, I get it. Even that, aside from the POW experience, showed he was out for himself. Just like most pols. Nothing more special than that. One needs to step back from all the BS and see what he was really all about. Then see what ya got. Yeah, same ol’ same. Another career politician who was all about the power and prestige. Nope, didn’t like him when he was above ground and breathing. Still don’t like him. RIP, John, wherever you are.

Speaking of hypocrites, Flake sure takes the prize in that category. Wow, is he totally disgusting or what? His name suits him. Arizona!!!! Wake up!!! What is wrong with that supposedly “red” state? They keep voting rinos into office. If I were an Arizona voter, I’d be pushing for Kelli Ward for Senator, the only conservative on the ballot. McSally is just another weathervane repub. Wets her finger and sticks in the political air to see which way the hot air is blowing.
That’s just my opinion. Of course.


The media is getting REALLY bad….CNN and others playing down the Muslim compound in NM?? It boggles the mind how they can this stuff with a straight face.

The FL gamer-turned-shooter? The predictable calls for gun control and NRA condemnations ensued. Turns out he might have been a anti-Trump “resistance” member, antifi supporter. So because he’s a lefty, watch as the coverage dwindles to nothing in 3….2….1.

Michelle Palmateer

Juan really needs to be replaced on Fox. He is over the top in his TDS, to the point of being irrational. I am certain it is damaging to their ratings, because I will no longer watch him. The Five used to be a great show and if it weren’t for Juan, it still would be. Even empty safe Geraldo does a better job on The Five.

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