Hillary Clinton’s Political Career Ends not With a Bang, but a Whimper

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

You probably missed it over the weekend, what with all the air in the room and fake news media coverage having been consumed by the death of Senator John McCain, but the Pantsuit Princess’s career came to a sudden, if unheralded end on Saturday.

Wait, what?  How did that happen, you ask?

In the end, the Fainting Felon was done in by an entity she literally owned throughout 2016:  The Democrat National Committee.  Yes, friends, that would be the very same DNC which conspired with the Clinton campaign throughout 2015 and 2016 to rig its nominating process in favor of the Grafting Grifter, denying her challengers – mainly, the Commie Bernie Sanders – a fair shake in the war for the party’s endorsement.  The same DNC whose emails were released to the news media, causing massive embarrassment on the eve of the opening of the Democrat National Convention in August 2016, where the Deceptive Doyen ended up being coronated as a result of all the rigging.  The same DNC that, in concert with the Clinton Campaign, funded the fake Trump Dossier.

Yes, THAT DNC.  One and the same.

At the conclusion of its summer meeting held last week in Chicago, the members of the DNC voted to severely restrict the role played in the nominating process by the party’s so-called “Super Delegates,” that collection of congress members, state officials and other members of the Party’s chosen upper-crust who ensured the Coughing Crook would be the Party’s 2016 nominee regardless of how the voters felt about it all.  The committee approved a proposal that will deny these Super Delegates the ability to vote in the first ballot at the party’s 2020 nominating convention.

Tom Perez, the radical Chairman of the DNC, said after the vote that  “These reforms will help grow our party, unite Democrats, and restore voters’ trust by making our 2020 nominating process the most inclusive and transparent in our history.”

The Pantsuit Princess hates transparency.  There has never been a moment in her entire adult life during which transparency has been her friend.

When one considers that the nominating votes at the party conventions almost never proceed past a first ballot, the implications of this move are enormous, because it virtually ensures that the party’s nomination in 2020 will be decided by its base voters.  The Pantsuit Princess was barely able to survive a completely rigged process against a single decently-funded opponent.  There is pretty much no way she will be able to survive a nominating process two years from now in which she must actually compete for votes on a level playing field against what will be a far stronger array of opponents.

This reality for the Grasping Grifter becomes even more stark when one recognizes the rapidly radicalizing nature of the Democrat voter base.  Such #resistance and social justice warrior types are going to completely dominate the turnout for the Democrat Party’s primaries in 2020, and they have moved far to the left of the space staked out by the Fainting Felon in 2016.  They have moved so far left so quickly that even The Commie finds himself frequently under fire from his own left flank these days.

There is little doubt that the Coughing Crook has plans to mount one last-gasp attempt to seize the nation’s highest office two years hence.  That’s what her endless, tiresome public appearances are all about, it’s what her pathetic book was all about, it’s what her incessant whining and blame-shifting are all about.  She has targeted the presidency since she and Bill were in college, and she lives in a state of constant and overwhelming rage that it has been denied her for so many years by these stupid, inferior voters.

But the DNC basically told her on Saturday that her time is done:  By de-rigging its nominating system, the members of the committee basically shut her and her influence-peddling-and-buying racket out of the process.  The irony is that the fake news media establishment that has propped her up so faithfully for so many years pretty much missed the story.

In the end, it is supremely appropriate that what has been perhaps the single most unearned and ill-deserved political career in our nation’s history ends not with a bang, but a whimper.

That is all.

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Nice article! They are hard to find these days. Thanks…..


“…and restore voters’ trust by making our 2020 nominating process the most inclusive and transparent in our history.”

LMAO! Well…it can be the most transparent process in Democrat history and STILL be as opaque as mud!


Boy, nothing screams that your vote isn’t worth a damned more than having these superdelegates decide who the party’s nominee will be. Never understood how the Democrats thought this was a good idea.


As the saying goes, “its over when the fat lady sings”, or something like that. The “coughing grifter” may not avoid prosecution if the Mueller “witch hunt” falls apart. And, she will drag everyone involved with her down along with her.
There is an interesting article on FreeRepublic.com which connects a lot of the dots re: the Clinton Cabal. Its a long list.

I keep thinking about that guy Huber out in Utah, and wondering what is going on out there. Rumors of grand juries and indictments keep popping up, but when do we find out what he is doing? I think a lot of that(if there is anything) will come out just before mid-terms. October surprise, anyone?
Just my opinion. Of course.


It’s not totally “derigged.” There will be many democratic candidates in 2020 and if someone doesn’t win outright on the first ballot, it goes to the superdelegates. Still rigged.


I wouldn’t say her greatest accomplishment (as listed at the top of the article) is secure just yet.

stu warren

She’ll pull a McCain within two years.


And, then, wait for it…there will be Chelsea. To carry on the legacy of the shower curtain queen. Maybe. That, my friends, is a disgusting thought. I’m sorry I brought it up. Not. Scary.
Be prepared to see that possibility raising its head out of the swamp in the near future.

Ray Arlen

This won’t stop her from clamoring for power with every dirty trick, crime, deceit, corrupt act ever invented, nor from inventing more Clinton Classic Corruption.

It may stop her from taking ownership of the DNC….maybe.

The day she can no longer stumble up a staircase, she will still be at it. I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years after demise, she wins the Democrat nomination for president through remnants of her stinky ways….”for the children.”

Jim Johnson

John ” I voted for the war before I voted against it ” Kerry was smart enough to know when it was time to give it up. This “failing felon” hasn’t got a clue. Maybe she needs to be unchosen in favor of the likes of. “,pocohontos” Warren to get a grip. I don’t think I can stand the sight of the landlocked orca dressed in a Motel 6 shower curtain telling my deplorable butt now she knows what is best for me.

Michelle Palmateer

I hope you realize that she is planning on making another run. Her twitter activity is increasing and she is aligning herself farther left than the last election. I must say though that you may have hit the nail on the head in regards to the first vote outcome. Bernie won the Washington State caucuses with 67% of the vote and not a single superdelegate voted for him. I’m sure Jay Inslee also has his eyes on the WH and hopefully he will get a question in debates that actually requires a thoughtful response. He will be sunk at that point in time.

Robert Gaines


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