The Trump/Sessions Kabuki Dance Continues

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Hey, guess what happens when you essentially make it legal to poop on the street? – The answer would seem obvious to anyone living anywhere but some ultra-liberal enclave like San Francisco:  Homeless people are gonna poop on the street, and most likely won’t clean up after themselves.  But San Fran’s city leaders were oblivious to what the consequences would be when they decided to stop enforcing laws against defecation and urination on their city’s streets a few years back, and they are oblivious about how to really deal with the issue today.

So, they are now spending more than $12 million annually on what basically amounts to janitorial services for the city’s growing multitude of homeless encampments that keep springing up all over the city (“What? We can poop on the streets there?  Let’s hop the next freight train to San Francisco!”).  It has now advanced to the point at which a person can make a pretty decent living off the city by signing up to be a part of the “poop patrol,” a sort of rapid response team of sanitation workers whose job it is to quickly respond to the dozens of complaints that come into the municipal poop hotline each and every day.

Here are some fetid details from a recent San Francisco Chronicle article on the odorous topic:

“San Francisco Public Works has a $72.5 million-a-year street cleaning budget — including spending $12 million a year on what essentially have become housekeeping services for homeless encampments.

The costs include $2.8 million for a Hot Spots crew to wash down the camps and remove any biohazards, $2.3 million for street steam cleaners, $3.1 million for the Pit Stop portable toilets, plus the new $830,977-a-year Poop Patrol to actively hunt down and clean up human waste.

(By the way, the poop patrolers earn $71,760 a year, which swells to $184,678 with mandated benefits.)”

One hundred and eighty-four grand for scooping human poop – some would call that nice work if you can get it, and in San Francisco, you can get totally get it.  (I just realized that that’s about what a member of congress makes, which seems completely appropriate.) And feces is far from the only problem the Democrat-run city has built for itself by voluntarily becoming a homeless magnet.  There’s also the issue of cleaning up all the drug needles being left on the streets.  From the same article:

“At the same time, the Department of Public Health has an additional $700,000 set aside for a 10-member, needle cleanup squad, complete with it’s own minivan. The $19-an-hour needle cleanup jobs were approved as part of the latest budget crafted largely by former Mayor Mark Farrell.

The new needle crew is on top of the $364,000 that the health department already was spending on a four-member needle team.”

The “solution” to this issue offered a few years ago by the city’s Democrat leaders?  Hand out free needles.  Since that policy began, guess what has happened?  If you guessed that the number of used needles on the city’s streets has multiplied, you are a winner.

San Francisco’s Democrats appear intent upon turning their city into something one expects to see in a third world country, and they have every right to do that.  The wonder is that the voters in the city witness this insanity each and every day, and keep voting for the same brain-dead leadership when they go to the polls every two years.

All of which leads me back to the conclusion that perhaps the best place for a border wall would be between California and the other 49 states.  This kind of public policy insanity needs to be isolated; otherwise, as we have seen too often before, it will spread like a virus to much of the rest of the nation.

The Trump/Sessions Kabuki dance continues. – As discussed in yesterday’s Evening Campaign Update, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions engaged in one of their periodic exchanges of frustrations on Thursday, with the President calling Sessions out for his “stupid” recusal shortly after he took office, and the AG firing off a written statement defending his conduct in office.

Never one to be satisfied with a stalemate, the President fired off another round of haymakers on his Twitter feed this morning:

Now, this is about the tenth time in the last 19 months in which the President has lashed out and publicly berated Sessions in this manner, and yet, Sessions remains in the job, steadfastly refusing to do what anyone would say is the honorable thing and resign.  Given that, two schools of thought have arisen about Sessions and his relationship with Trump:

  1. That Jeff Sessions has no sense of self-respect whatsoever and is just another DC Swamp rat; or
  2. That he and the President periodically engage in this sort of Kabuki dance as a means of building up sympathy for Sessions among the public and the fake news media;

As I made clear yesterday, I continue to lean towards the second option as being the most likely, and that we have seen a pattern in the past of these exchanges coming shortly before some significant action by either the Justice Department or White House related to rooting out corruption at DOJ and the FBI.  We saw similar flare-ups between Trump and Sessions shortly before the firing of Andrew McCabe and the release of the first report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, for instance.  This is the first time I can remember a flare-up between the two moving into a second day.

Maybe that’s all just coincidence and maybe Jeff Sessions, a multi-term U.S. Senator and former state Attorney General who has always exuded self-confidence and pride and never given any indication that he was or wanted to be a part of the DC “establishment”, has suddenly become a meek, corrupt doormat.  That seems unlikely to me, though I know many readers disagree.

Let’s give it a week, and see what happens.

Just another day in time to isolate the California public policy virus America.

That is all.

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Carlos Dangler

There might be a couple more options.

#3 – What if Rosenstein and/or others know a dirty little secret about Mr. Sessions that would humiliate and/or destroy the Attorney General? And maybe Sessions has been told that all he has to do is look semi-incompetent and stall for time. Then, after the mid-terms and the Dems take the House, he can go ahead and resign and his little secret won’t hit the New York Slimes.

#4 – Sessions is an incompetent boob.


I’m dumbfounded as to why Trump won’t just fire Sessions. It’s his prerogative, and Sessions is a do-NOTHING.


Yes, why would Jeff Sessions leave a very comfortable and secure senate seat, that he could have coasted into retirement on, for a position in a new administration that he knew would be tumultuous and extraordinarily difficult? Last fall, when there was a twitter exchange between the two, I thought, oh that is clearly for the media/public consumption. Very clever. The 2nd option is more likely.

Robert Wood

I read last night’s db daily and I think you hit it on the head. The dysfunctional relationship between Sessions and the President is largely the long con in the fact that in order to appear to defeat the idea of obstruction of justice in the court of public opinion, Trump would have to publicly HUMILIATE him time and time again all the while building the case behind the scenes. When Trump won in 2016, he was already eyeing the 2018 midterms at the time, full well knowing the Democrats would strike back then, and has been tediously weaving a mass deception to entangle his enemies which he will unveil at the right time which seems to be quickly closing in with the recent indicements. I am sure Brennan and co know this is coming since some have their security clearance, but they can’t do or say a thing unless they give themselves away.

Session’s press statement yesterday singularly points to the firing of Rod Rosenstein and dissolving the Mueller investigation due to its ethical conflicts. The highest standards haven’t been met and has been pointed out over and over. Session’s is signalling his independence from the President, publicly announcing his “highest standards” to gain public support to reestablish trust in the institution, and gaining press sympathy. Right now, the media is cheering Sessions, but Session has been walking quietly for well over a year and a half while constantly upgrading the size of his stick and its got to be GIGANTIC by now. He’ll get pulled into a Congressional Judiciary committee meeting afterwards, get yelled at by some of the most ignorant leaders of this country, and then Session’s will simply ask “Are these the type of people you want prosecuting you?” and list every violation of DOJ policy has been breached. That in itself has to be a mile long. He’ll smile through the whole thing and simply point to DOJ policy because these people who’ve operated outside the law for so long simply don’t know the law any more until it is applied against them.


Robert, I hope your (and David’s) theory is correct that there is something larger happening in the background. I would love to see all these bad actors get prosecuted in a clean sweep of the DOJ. The only thing that makes me doubts this is with all of the Obama holdovers in the DOJ, there would have been some kind of leak by now that something’s afoot, and we haven’t heard a peep. Hoping for the best, and hope those rooting out corruption keep their eye on the prize (HRC).


The “dance” has been going on between Trump and Sessions since day one of the administration, and there are very few folks who seem to grasp the signifigance of their limited public interaction. Took me a while to figure it out, hopefully I’m correct in my analysis. Otherwise, “We the People” are royally screwed. In a kabuki dance each movement is elaborately choregraphed to reach a planned finale. The dance between Trump and Sessions is necessary to lull the opposition into believing there is no cohesion between the POTUS and AG which encourages the left(deep state, etc.) to run pell mell with their accusations of nothingburgers. Right into the quicksand which Trump and Sessions have artfully created for the denizens of the swamp. With each allegation the trapped leftists sink deeper and expose more of who they really are for everyone to see. When the dance is done, the final move complete, there will be no doubt in the minds of the rational citizens who the enemies of “We the People” truly are.

All part of the rope being furnished to the enemies of POTUS, and We the People, for a future public hanging, figuratively speaking in most cases. Others, not so much.


I just consigned this to my list of loon sites never to be revisited. This is more of the Q delusion.


Dave….if I’m not mistaken….that is a reference from Tombstone? Powers Booth. Great movie!


buh bye!

Michelle Palmateer

The Walkaway movement thanks you for your participation. Sane, rational and intelligent people read your drivel and walk away from the party of cheats and liars, JUST LIKE I DID! You may pick up your participation trophy at The Clinton Foundation for the small handling fee of $100,000. You didn’t need to post here now did you? It simply gives credibility to the notion that there really are butthurt sore losers STILL, even after almost two years. Get over yourself snowflake. You are absolutely no more important than anyone else in America.

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