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Here’s what you need to understand about the disgusting racist, cop-hating Sarah Jeong and why the New York Times refuses to reverse its decision to hire her to be part of its editorial board:  She’s boring.  She’s passe’.  She’s nothing special.  She is in fact par for the course when it comes to what passes for thought among the young, radical left these days.  This is why the people at the Times were no doubt shocked that there was the slightest controversy over her hiring – in their bubble, there’s nothing controversial about her.

Millennials like Sarah Jeong have been literally, if poorly, educated by your public school system and university culture (she’s of course an Ivy Leaguer) to believe white men are the cause of all bad things everywhere in the world.  Nevermind that Ms. Jeong’s parents came to this country from South Korea, and that a United States Armed services made up overwhelmingly of white men (yes, I know there were also many brave minorities and women in the services, but at the time they were probably 90% white men) is the only reason why she wasn’t among that North Korean pom squad performing fake cheers for Kim Jong Un or some other Chinese puppet dictator at the recent Olympics Games:  White men are bad, and are her life’s crutch, the target at which to point whenever anything goes wrong in her life, or the life of anyone else who isn’t a white man, for that matter.

This is why, for example, our country has raised an entire generation (and is in the process of raising another) that believes that America shouldn’t have any borders, and that anyone on earth who wants to come to our country and live off of our social welfare state should be allowed to do so, no questions asked.  Because, you see, white men built America (this is undeniably largely true) and thus, America is an illegitimate nation.  As an illegitimate nation, the wealth built by America’s free market economy must be redistributed to anyone who wants it.  Simple.  And boring.

Saul Alinsky taught the radicals of the ’60s and ’70s that the best way to kill a free and great country is to brainwash its young people to believe that it is neither free nor great.  Congratulations, liberals, you’re on your way.

In Ms. Jeong’s world view, that problem in North Korea?  That’s the fault of white men.  Iran’s Muslim regime is abusing its people and routinely hanging innocent citizens from a crane in Tehran’s public square?  White men caused that.  People are starving in Africa?  White men did that, even though not a single white man governs a single country on that continent.  Gangs rule half of the countryside in Mexico and assassinate more than 130 political candidates in the recent election campaign?  White men.  And maybe cops, because she hates cops almost as much as she hates white men.

See what I mean?  Boring.  And tedious.  And so, so tiresome.

So she’s perfect for the editorial board at the boring, tedious and so, so tiresome New York Times.  A true poster child if there ever was one.  Read anything by David Brooks or Charles Blow or Paul Krugman lately?  Boring.  Tedious.  Tiresome.  She’s perfect.

Don’t kid yourselves into thinking that the hiring of Jeong is some sort of move further left for the Times – her world view is one that the Times has been pushing on its overwhelmingly white, upper-crust reader base for years now.  She’s just the first one the Times has hired who is confoundingly dumb enough to express her true thoughts in 140 or 280 character notes on Twitter over a period of years.  You’re supposed to keep this stuff a little closer to the vest than that.  Wouldn’t want to wake up the whities, after all.

I saw one guy yesterday say not to worry about Mizzzz Jeong:  she’s a tech writer, and thus won’t really influence the Times’s editorial page.  Well, of course she won’t, because Times’s editorial page already shares her world view.  Even the dimwitted #neverTrump fake conservatives who write there lean that direction.  That’s why they write there.

Look at it this way:  The Times hiring Mizzzz Jeong is like an oil company hiring another petroleum engineer from The University of Texas.  She’s nothing special, just another cog in the system.  She fits right in with the pre-existing culture, which is in fact why she was hired, and why she won’t be run off.

See, racism is cool at the New York Times, as long as you’re only racist against white guys.  That’s the view of America that the Times and the Democrats it protects endorse today, and have in fact endorsed for many years now.

If you subscribe to the Times, send them your hard-earned money to read the drivel they print, this is the view of America you are supporting.  You are in fact part of the problem.

Just another day in racism is cool at the New York Times America.

That is all.

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Jim McFarland

While it’s been reported that she (or “it”) has made ugly statements with regard to the rape hoax perpetrated by J. Coakley at UVA, it really just means that she’ll just make a really nice fit for the NY Slimes, which attempted to perpetuate the Duke Rape Hoax with all its might. The vigor that the fake news pushed the Duke story should remind us that fake news has been with us for a very long time – even before the 2006 attempted lynching.

There is a special place in hell for fake-news editors who use fake news to satisfy their metanarratives.
It’s just a pain waiting for them to get there.

Boycott the Times and as many of its advertisers as you can! Notify the advertisers.

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