End the White House Press Briefing Now

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this #Winning yet? – Some great numbers for President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three words) in the latest Rasmussen survey.  His public approval rating is back up to 50%, which is 5 points higher than Barack Hussein Obama’s rating was at this same point in his first term.

But wait, there’s more!  As if that weren’t #WINNING enough, the President’s approval rating among African American voters has now ticked up to a princely (for a Republican) 29%, almost double his 15% support among Black voters a year ago.  In the 2016 election, Candidate Trump received just 8% of the Black vote.

If that rising support level were to translate into the President receiving even 15% of the Black vote in his 2020 re-election bid, he would win 40 states and 370 electoral votes.

All this #WINNING truly never gets old, does it?

Your Fake News Media in Action! – Hey, look, the New York Times hired another racist for its editorial board.  The comely Mizzzz Sarah Jeong has a long history of posting the most heinous sort of anti-White racism on her Twitter feed, and the editors at the NYTimes think that’s just peachy keen.

After the story went viral on social media yesterday, the Times put out an unintentionally hilarious explanation in which it claims Mizzzz Sarah Jeong was put through a “rigorous vetting” process.  Mind you that these are the exact same people who rigorously vetted one Ali Watson, a reporter with a long history of selling sex in exchange for illegal leaks of classified information, and who still employ this same Ali Watson many weeks after her sex-for-leaks practices were publicly exposed.

So, just standard operating procedure at your New York Times, a fake newspaper that actually has no professional standards at all.  You couldn’t make this stuff up if you wanted to.

Why are we having these press briefings again? It’s an honest question. – As readers have all no doubt seen by now, Little Jimmy Acosta threw another of his periodic snit fits at the White House press briefing on Thursday.  You can watch the fun here if you haven’t already seen it.

After he got righteously smacked down by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Acosta fled the room like any petulant 3 year-old child would do, and then rushed to brag about it on Twitter, as any 25 year-old Millennial child would do:

So, he’s a big, bad man who demanded a particular answer to his question from the “little woman” in his life, and when the “little woman” wouldn’t give him the answer he demanded, he stormed out of the room.  No idea if Acosta is married, but if he is I really feel sorry for that “little woman.”

Not even a week ago, the same Little Jimmy Acosta was bitching on his Twitter account that the White House had only held something like 6 formal press briefings in July.  So, Little Jimmy, having the mindset of the typical 3 year-old child, is angry when the briefings don’t occur, and he’s even more angry when they do occur and he can’t get the “little woman” to say what he wants her to say.

All of which brings me to this question, which I’ve raised many times before:  Why is the White House continuing this farce?  Why is it doing any press briefings at all?  Why is it still allowing these people – many of whom, like Acosta and the execrable April Ryan are clear enemies of the state – to roam around the White House grounds like a pack of rabid dogs every day?

Think about it:  What actual “news” did the public get out of Thursday’s briefing that it would not have gotten otherwise?  Can you think of a single thing?  I can’t.

There’s a reason for this:  The fake reporters in that room have no real interest in reporting real news.  The people in that room are only interested in getting their face on television, and in asking some gotcha question that might produce an answer that would give them a clickbait fake story.  So why continue to place Ms. Sanders in the position of having to face this pack of anti-Trump animals on a regular basis?

As I’ve pointed out in the past, the U.S. Republic somehow survived for two full centuries without this press briefing model.  The daily press briefings did not become a thing until the 1970s, yet somehow we had a far better-informed public then than we do today, after 40 years of the use of this mode of White House communication.

Every presidential administration has a duty to keep the public informed of what it is doing.  But no administration has any duty at all to cater to the whims of a bunch of preening, self-promoting jackasses who want to be free to wander around the halls of the White House doing what amounts to opposition research for the opposition political party.

Yesterday’s latest Acosta-led farce is just the latest in a very long line of demonstrations that this mode of communicating is outdated and should be ended.  In the 21st century, there are myriad other ways for the White House to keep the press and the public informed of the actions it is taking on behalf of the American people.  A great example is the President’s own Twitter account, which he uses each and every day for that exact purpose.

Donald Trump is an unconventional President in almost every way.  So why is he still insisting on using this tired old non-functioning model of communication with the press?

Time to stop the madness, Mr. President.  Long past time, actually.  End these press briefings now, before one of these rabid dogs physically assaults your press secretary.

Just another day in all fake news all the time America.

That is all.

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Acosta is divorced after 23 years (divorced in July 2017). His ex-wife is Sharon Mobley Stow, and the two had three children.
He earns $300K at CNN, which excludes money made in teaching

Jim McFarland

Hell no, don’t end the briefings! Ms. Sanders makes for an excellent highlight reel, and Acosta is a perfect patsy. Besides, more people watch the briefings to see him get his butt whipped on a regular basis: she’s like a MMA fighter – (Rhonda Rousey prior to her defeat, maybe) – while Acosta is like the (Mexican?) boxer in one Olympics who ran away from his opponent, repeatedly sticking out his tongue but never landing a blow. He got the crap kicked out of him, like Acosta, and it was very entertaining to watch, if only for the novelty.

Besides, Acosta is the face of CNN! Who could do more damage? Sanders is the best Press Secretary I’ve ever seen; she submits crying Jimmy every time, or flat knocks him on his flaccid little bum. Entertaining! Her Jiu Jitsu verbal fighting style brings in an audience – people tune in and get the news MSM won’t report on their own.

Best Press Secretary ever! And Jimmy is the white male version of Maxine Motormouth – the face of the DNC.

Robert Gaines

I’m not disagreeing with you, press briefings are outdated, but… I see a value to continue them. I am glad to see they are limiting them, which is why Jimmy cried last week. I also think President Trump [ahhh, that does feel good to type] likes to show the public WHY the ‘fake news’ press are the enemy of the people – btw Jimmy doesn’t hear that, he selectively doesn’t hear FAKE press are the enemy. He also thinks only the press is covered by the 1st – we have free speech to call them whatever, and we accept the consequences. Little Jimmy is selective in his reading of the 1st Amendment, and cries when he doesn’t accept the consequences of his continued fakery.

Crybaby Jimmy also can’t handle it when Sarah Sanders doesn’t fall for his see-it-a-mile-coming baited questions. It’s actually fun to watch him get slapped down too [e.g. ‘I Know It’s Hard for You to Understand Even Short Sentences’ in June].

Another ‘curb your tongue, knave’ would be if Jimmy and April [a former jazz DJ] whom are not journalists, can and should be barred for bad behavior for a week, a month – like that Acosta Acolyte Kaitlan Collins was banned from an event [ONE event folks] after her Oval Office tirade. If Kaitlan does it again, ban from 2 events… some system that progressively gives them less time and access for bad / rude / boorish behavior.

Finally… #MAGA

Don McCoy

I think the briefing is important…and it SHOULD be a tool for Trump–NOT the media. For some reason, the administration seems to think the briefing has to be open to anyone with a recorder. They should pull Acosta’s creds and kick him out. Let CNN send a new person, if they like (don’t know why they’d need ANYONE there since they make up their own facts anyhow). KICK OUT ACOSTA as an agitator. It isn’t fair to ANYONE in the room when he starts his routine of grandstanding…interrupting…arguing–not fair to the admin but not to the other reporters either.

Robert Wood

What the press doesn’t see is that by holding these WH briefings, the administration is actually trying to help them do their job and be the non-biased, investigative institution it long sold itself out for advertising revenues and being cozy with famous people. I think a lot of people feel sorry for Sarah Sanders and that’s why they’re calling to end this. However, the vision is greater than we can understand. Either the press learns to be civil and return to pure journalism or they increasingly become so uncivil, the American people will see how ridiculous these people are and will turn their backs to these horrible individuals especially when so many things are going well in this country for once. The current media empire construct is crumbling. You hear of newsrooms cutting departments of staff frequently.. They try to increase revenues and then turn around and hire racists and whores to do their editing and reporting. The WH briefings are a small part of the ultimate plan to sink the Democratic party and its media henchmen. These people simply can’t help themselves and are destroying the institution they proclaim to uphold. Keep it coming!

Carlos Dangler

Every presidential administration has a duty to keep the public informed of what it is doing. But no administration has any duty at all to cater to the whims of a bunch of preening, self-promoting jackasses who want to be free to wander around the halls of the White House doing what amounts to opposition research for the opposition political party.

It is because of paragraphs like the above that your website is my go-to source for news, information, and amusement! That paragraph should be framed and hung on the wall in the press briefing room!


Listened to that “exchange” between Lil’ Jimmy Acosta and Sarah. While he was berating Sarah for not saying what he wanted, it struck me that if he is married or whatever, he fits the profile of an abuser. If he can’t get his way, his inner child comes out and he throws a tantrum. Sarah handled him just perfect, in my not-so humble opinion. If it were me dealing with Lil’ Jimmy, I’d be tempted to spank him and stick him in a corner. What a brat!
I’m all in favor of limiting the WH press briefings. Issue press releases and let them bitch.
Yes, President Donald Trump(luv it) is an unconventional president. To say the least. That is the problem that the DC crowd, and others have with him. They don’t know how to deal with his style of governing, where he is not for sale and does what needs doing for the American people. Not the special interests or the next election. He will be known by his deeds, not his words, that is what they can’t seem to grasp. Nor deal with in any kind of meaningful way, except to obstruct the People’s agenda which President Donald Trump is trying to advance. For that foot-dragging, they will hopefully pay come November.

Michelle Palmateer

If you think about it, the people who vehemently hate President Trump, are ALL a bunch of spoiled brats, every single one of them. I would have paddled my children for their type of behaviors, and I went easy on my kids. I agree that the WH press briefings need to cease, to stop the madness of the Fake News media.


I think that is a spectacular idea. The next time Little Jimmy Acosta mouths off or acts inappropriately, Sarah should have him go stand in a corner like the little child he is being.

Kevin Cowlishaw

I’m visualizing a dunces hat with “CNN” on it. Thanks


Acosta is a showboating twit. Give his front row seat to someone else.

Jack in Georgia

I couldn’t agree more.. move the whiny, cry baby Democrats masquerading as Journalists to the back of the room. Don’t give CNN the martyr they want, give them an embarrassment to explain.

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