Clapper Initiates Operation CYA at a Surprising Target

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

For those who missed it – I compiled one of my rare Evening Campaign Updates last night, and it’s worth checking out.

It’s still the 9th Circuit, folks, and it always will be. – Twitter and cable news came all abuzz Tuesday afternoon when reports began circulating that the notoriously anti-constitutional 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had issued a decision overruling a California ban on certain rifle magazines.  Conservatives were all over Twitter and Facebook proclaiming a major victory, and that the 9th Circuit had finally seen the light!

Well, no, not exactly.  This decision was issued by a 3-judge panel subset of the Circuit Court’s huge membership, and California now has the right – which it will certainly exercise – to request the case to be heard en banc, i.e., by the Court’s full leftist-friendly membership.  The judges for these 3-judge panels are picked at random, and this particular panel just happened to draw 2 of the rare 9th Circuit judges who have actually read the 2nd Amendment.

So this decision will be reversed soon, and the 9th Circuit will regain its shoddy reputation after experiencing a rare moment of constitutional clarity.  Too bad.

Fake Indian Senator want heap big wampum. – In case anyone still maintained illusions otherwise, lifelong fraud Senator Elizabeth Warren made her and her fellow Democrats’ money-grabbing intentions crystal clear in a CNBC interview yesterday.  She told the preening fake host John Harwood that Democrats intend to immediately reverse the Trump tax cuts if they gain congressional majorities this November, and suggested the top marginal income tax rate should be raised to “well above 50%.”

Hey, maybe that’s why the very wealthy (how did he become that way on a government salary?) ex-FBI Director and Current Teenage Drama Queen James Comey is having second thoughts about encouraging everyone to vote Democrat this fall.  Go figure.

California values in action! – The Democrat-dominated California state government recently de-criminalized the act of intentionally giving another person AIDS, but the City of Santa Barbara just passed an ordinance mandating jail time for any food service employee caught in the heinous act of….wait for it….oh, you gotta wait for this one…PASSING OUT PLASTIC STRAWS TO CUSTOMERS!  I swear I do not make this stuff up.

The amiable dunce issues a subtle warning. – This is one I forgot to include in yesterday’s Evening Campaign Update, in which I laid out some of the ways in which it feels like the tide is finally turning on the whole Democrat/Media invented Russia Collusion fantasy play.  My bad.

Former Obama Administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper seems for all appearances like sort of an amiable dunce.  His interviews on TV and dishonest congressional testimonies are often amusing to watch as he fumbles around for words and contorts his very malleable face into all sorts of odd configurations as he seemingly searches for exactly the right way to mislead.

But Clapper is a spy, a longtime intelligence operative, and as such it is important to remember that a lot of that fumbling around and contorting is done for effect.  This is a very clever man who knows how to subtly – or not so subtly – engage in a CYA operation on national television.

Well, ok, it was on CNN, which counts as “national television” these days only in the sense that it seems to be on the public TVs in every airport in America 24 hours a day, but still.  In an interview Monday evening with the terminally boring and petulant Anderson Cooper, Clapper, seeing the walls beginning to close in around him with the release of the documentation for the fraudulent FISA warrants, apparently decided it was time for Operation CYA to engage in earnest.

And engage he did, in the process tossing a very recognizable individual under the proverbial bus:

“If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.”

Man, this guy doesn’t fool around.  Other, less bold people in his circumstances might have tried sloughing responsibility off onto, say, ex-CIA Director John Brennan or the aforementioned Teen Drama Queen, but not Clapper – Clapper goes right to the main guy, the Capo de Tutti Capi, the Big Kahuna, Barack “The One” Hussein Obama his own self.

In doing so, Clapper perhaps appropriately assumes the posture taken by all those Nazi Generals back in 1945 who told their captors “hey, we were just following orders.”

I’m not sure it’s going to work, but you almost have to admire the chutzpah.

Just another day in the truth will all come out in the end America.

That is all.

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We can only hope that Obama will finally get sucked into this as a major player as those with a brain knew he was heading up this whole thing all along.


And know we know when the Street Agitator knew because, not surprisingly, he was the Puppet Master.


And now we know when the Street Agitator knew because, not surprisingly, he was the Puppet Master.


I’m wondering why he’s still got the clearance TODAY? It’s not some huge process to cancel it. COME ON!

Jim McFarland

Just a hunch…but President Trump is expert at setting traps for those who would undermine him – (look at the changes in the Whitehouse for evidence.) In a swamp full of unsavory organisms, it makes sense to let them make themselves obvious. Can’t gig a frog when it’s hiding under the slime!

And so having – and receiving – classified information means that those who are complicit with these characters will be exposed, too, and chains of conspirators will be exposed and dealt with – probably privately. Which is also why some of the main characters in the current events are still employed: they have codes of conduct, which in some cases are illegal to break. I see reams of rope being dished out, and the hanging party grows with each passing day.

Why else the silence of “Jillian” Brennan? The hysterical nitwit perceives the danger! Too late.

Ray Arlen

“Wait, was that wrong? Because if somebody had TOLD me it was wrong I wouldn’t have done it.”

-George Costanza…upon getting fired for banging one of the cleaning ladies in the office.

Jim McFarland

Clapper didn’t know about the London terror attack, so I’m not sure he’s all that bright. Some of these guys – Comey, Brennan, Strzok – might have talent in emotional IQ, such as survival and instinct, but their IQ seems almost callow. Brennan’s intellect might just be knowing whose arse to cover – as it was reported around the time of the death of Andrew Breitbart that he held the keys to Obama’s personal data while he was out of government. May be that Breitbart had the hacked material pertaining to the smiling Muslim, and paid for it. Please note: puffy pink is not the death-color of a heart attack, but of chemical agents, and coroners looking into don’t just suddenly die of arsenic poisoning. And cars don’t just blow up before they hit obstacles, a la Michael Hastings. The clown affect is just that, and their capacity for evil makes them dangerous – not their intellect.

Greg Hormone

Don’t forget the unfortunate demise of Anton Scalia as well.

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