Trey Gowdy and Adam Schiff Walk Into a Bar…

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

This is not working out the way the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda wanted.  Not at all. – The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday pegs President Trump’s job approval rating at 45%.  Why is that significant?  Because it is the highest approval level this particular fake media outlet poll has registered for Mr. Trump since he took office, and it comes after a week of the most focused, intense hit job led by the fake news media against any president in U.S. history.  Just one more reason why the Democrats stopped with their “Trump committed treason!!!!!” nonsense starting on Friday and went back to talking about hookers and playmates.

Speaking of things that aren’t polling well for the Democrats, how about that whole socialism thing, huh? – An ever-dwindling group of “centrist” Democrats who call themselves the Third Way held their annual meeting in Columbus, OH, on Thursday and Friday to try to come up with some sort of coherent agenda for the 2018 midterm elections.  Even though they all agreed that their party’s ongoing lurch to the far, far, far left is a bad thing, they very predictably failed in their quest.  You don’t have to believe me – just read these quotes from the Miami Herald’s coverage of the event:

“Let’s be clear,” Cowan said. “80s supply-sidism, 90s centrism and 60s socialism will not cut it for the era we’re in. We need something new and different.”

Many of those in attendance were careful not to directly criticize Ocasio-Cortez, saying they welcomed the new energy she was bringing into the party. But they also made clear that they thought her style of politics would be a difficult sell outside of her New York City congressional district, where the party must try to win over more conservative voters.

“A small but vocal subgroup that is unhinged from evidence will be wrong in the long run, regardless of how loud they are,” said Iowa state Sen. Jeff Danielson, in an interview.

But he’s not sure other members of his party will listen to his advice.

“We don’t know what we want,” he said. “We haven’t found our sea legs as a party.”

You don’t say…

Ok, so Good Trey Gowdy got out of bed on Sunday morning, and awesomeness ensued. – One never knows what to expect out of South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy.  On any given day he appears to alternate between a “Good” version of himself who is a blunt, plain-spoken bulldog of a truth-seeker, and a “Bad” version of himself who is an almost insufferable apologist for even the worst actors at the FBI and DOJ, making many wonder if he is actually seeking a job over there at DOJ when he leaves his congressional seat at the end of the year.  Which honestly wouldn’t be a bad thing if only Good Trey Gowdy showed up for work every day.

On Sunday, Good Trey Gowdy got out of bed, went on Fox News Sunday, and had this to say:

“I have not seen one scintilla of evidence that this president colluded, conspired, collaborated, with Russia. And neither has anyone else, or you can rest assured, Adam Schiff would have leaked it,” Gowdy said. “That is why they have moved on from collusion on to obstruction of justice, which is now their current preoccupation.”

Even in today’s toxic, hyper-partisan atmosphere in the halls of congress, it is a rare thing indeed to see one congressman call out another for what is basically the commission of a crime on national television.   Somewhere, Cong. Schiff’s bugeyes were bugging out even more than usual when he saw that quote.  The sad thing is that everyone knows that what Gowdy said is the unvarnished truth, and that Schiff will get away with what he’s already done and just keep on leaking with impunity because he’s a member of congress.

But Gowdy wasn’t done yet, oh no.  Later in the same interview, he also managed to take shots at the Commie and Dianne Feinstein:

“BAIER: So, Trump supporters look at that, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, what he said, what they’ve said. And they say they understand why the president feels a little inquisitive about where things are going.

GOWDY: Yes, Bret, you don’t even have to be a Trump supporter to be mindful of the fact that John Brennan thinks he’s guilty of a crime for which he can be hanged, that John Brennan thinks he should be in the dustbin of history, that Jim Comey thinks impeachment is too good of a remedy and Jim Comey now thinks that everyone should vote Democrat so Bernie Sanders will be the head of the budget committee and Dianne Feinstein will be the head of intel.

I mean, these are the people that were supposed to be dispassionately, objectively investigating a fact pattern and they have much animus against Donald Trump as anything I have seen in my eight years in politics.”

Good stuff.  Too bad Good Trey Gowdy doesn’t get out of bed every morning.  If he did, we’d be so much further along in this process of bringing the bad actors to justice.

Still, we should enjoy Good Trey Gowdy whenever he does show up, because he’s right on point, and entertaining as hell.

Just another day in why can’t Good Trey Gowdy show up every day America.

That is all.

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David P Mulloy

I don’t understand how everyone cant see through the “Bad Trey Gowdy” thing.
Trey Gowdy said Several months ago, that he is Retiring from Politics, to go back to serve the Law somewhere else.
People have been asking for him to replace Jeff Sessions.
If Gowdy has any plans of Taking a Job with the Federal Government that requires Senate Confirmation, and he allows himself to be portrayed as being “Unsympathetic to Federal Law Enforcement”, He Would Play Hell ever getting confirmed for any job relating to the Law, so he is still stuck playing Politics and guarding his Image!!
I don’t believe there is any Jekyl/Hyde thing going on with him… I think he is just being Smart about it!!

Jim McFarland

Notice Adam Schiff’s eyes: whites all around the pupil. That’s a sign of derangement, the kind you frequently see in HRC and Princess Pelosi and Never Trumpers. You don’t always see that in Mark Warner’s eyes, but you will when he has to answer for his complicity in an attempted overthrow of a legally elected government. Warner looks like a character from the Simpsons.

Richard Daugherty

There is very simple solution to all of this. Come totally clean with all of the criminality. Sacrifice ALL of the evil doers.After it is all cleaned up and the players tucked neatly away in prison. Start being honest and tell the truth.If you think about it it is the ONLY way.

Carlos Dangler

Where’s the joke? I was sooo looking forward to hearing something like:

Trey Gowdy and Adam Schiff walk into a bar.
The bartender asks, “What’ll you have?”
Gowdy says, “I’ll have a rum and Coke.”
Schiff says, “Nothing for me. I just need to take a leak.”

Jim McFarland

I was sent a joke – (not by human agency, I can assure you) – about HRC:

Hillary was told that she was being compared to Jezebel, and she replied:
“That’s not so bad is it? After all, dogs licked her hands and face!”

When told that Jezebel’s palace guards threw her out the window to her death, she replied:
“Damn Secret Service! Even then, they didn’t have any balls!”

Thank you LORD, for Your great humor!


Just like the Mueller “witch hunt” is an investigation in search of crime pertinent to the narrative of “Russia, Russia, Russia” collusion or obstruction, the left is in search of a peg to hang their parties future on. So far they haven’t managed to come up with anything substantial, except to attempt to demean the oldest profession in the world. Prostitution. Second oldest is politicians, but they don’t want to get into that as it would expose many of their own.
Schiff is really a piece of work, not in a good way except that he keeps exposing himself for the hypocrite and crook that he has always been. And, he keeps doing it. Now more blatantly than ever. What the hell is he thinking? I know the people in his district have to be watching this and thinking that he can’t be trusted to do anything straight. Of course, he is representing a CA district which keeps electing him, which tells me he’s not afraid of being primaried come election time.
Gotta say that the more Ocasio-Cortez opens her mouth, the better I like it. Its like she’s running around pulling the bilge plugs out and shutting down the pumps on the leftist boat. Helping to sink it faster every time. Luv it. If thats what the left is gonna go with for the future, they’re done. The party of the jackass is looking more and more like its mascot every day.

Jim McFarland

I emailed Kathleen Parker many years ago, as she was beginning her transition from reliable Conservative to something else, and told her that Obama would cause the Dems to fail – their bench was shallow, and they had no one left, on any level. And I predicted that they would become extreme – at the same time she and others were telling us that the Republicans “need to move to the middle.”

Congressman Gowdy is retiring, and he’s showing that he’s afraid of what might happen if the Left takes power – in other words, hedging his bets. I’ve encouraged him to stay the course, to finish strong and to protect the Constitution at all costs. I don’t understand his support of Mueller and Rosenstein, the latter of whom he has exchanges with frequently. The order to a hundred of his lawyers to vet Kavanaugh is troubling, unless he’s trying to prevent another blackmail such as is reported to have happened to the Chief Justice on the Obamacare decision. Time will tell. Rep. Gowdy seems to be inclined to go with the winner these days – my opinion – and the self-demolition of the Dems means he should have clear sailing with a good wind behind him.

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