Democrat Hysteria Over Helsinki Has Failed. New Hysteria Coming Soon.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Presiding over the fakest news operation on earth turns out to be a high-stress gig. – CNN President Jeff Zucker is taking time off to have heart surgery.

If you watch The View, you should really reconsider your bad life choices. – The Democrat campaign to bully, harass and assault Trump supporters in public venues has now been extended into the realm of TV talk shows.  Appearing with the cackling shrews on The View on Thursday, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro was harassed and bullied by the execrable Whoopi Goldberg while on air, and then assaulted by Goldberg backstage during a commercial break.  You can read all about it here.

Because when you can’t indict anybody real, you indict ham sandwiches.  It’s the DOJ way. – Our oily Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, speaking at the Aspen Institute’s annual gathering of globalist freaks Thursday, defended his and Robert Mueller’s practice of indicting Russian nationals as a way to pretend they’re actually making progress on their Democrat/media invented “Russia Collusion” fantasy.

Ignoring the fact that Mueller’s team was completely unprepared to make even a semblance of a case when one of the indicted Russian entities actually showed up voluntarily for trial back in May, Rosenstein pretended this practice is somehow crucial to our rule of law or something:  “Exposing schemes to the public is an important way to neutralize them,” he said. “The American people have a right to know if foreign governments are targeting them with propaganda.”

That much is true.  But the American people also have a right to know why this special counsel exists in the first place, documents for which Rosenstein has now stonewalled in producing for more than a year now, and whether that special counsel and his band of Clinton/Obama hacks are abusing our legal system, as the judges presiding over the cases of Michael Flynn and the Russian firm Concord Management appear to believe.

But Mueller’s corruption of the process isn’t limited to indicting ham sandwiches – far from it.  Now, he’s in the process of attempting to protect several Clinton/Obama cronies from prosecution by asking a judge to grant them “use” immunity in the case against Paul Manafort.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson confirmed on his program last night that one of those cronies is …wait for it…Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Here we should remember that the Mueller case against Manafort involves alleged crimes that supposedly took place long before Donald Trump announced his candidacy in 2015.  Tony Podesta and Manafort worked together for some Ukrainian clients way back in 2012, when some of the alleged crimes supposedly happened.

Thus, Mueller’s thought process here is that if you worked for 60-odd days for Donald Trump in 2016, you get prosecuted, but if you’re a crony of anyone named Clinton or Obama, you get use immunity.

Don’t believe me?  Another name rumored to be on Mueller’s immunity list is…wait for it…John Podesta.

If you were still laboring under the illusion that our country doesn’t have a two-tiered justice system, stop it.  Now.

This is not working out the way the Democrat/Media Axis of Propaganda wanted.  Not at all. – If you’re depressed by the heinously biased coverage of the Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, don’t be.  A series of new polls taken after Monday’s summit that were issued yesterday have some highly-disappointing results for liberals trying to use the meeting as a hammer against the President of the United States:

  • The new Economist/YouGov poll has Trump’s approval post-Putin Summit at 44%. The last YouGov poll released last week had him at…wait for it….43%.
  • Thursday’s daily Rasmussen Tracking survey had President Trump’s approval rating at 45%, exactly where it was on Sunday, the day before the Helsinki meeting.
  • The new Reuters/Ipsos poll has the President’s approval at 42%.  Last week’s poll from this group had it at 41%
  • A new Gallup poll asked registered voters to pick the “most important problem” facing America today from a list on which “Situation with Russia” was prominently included.  The results left Gallup stunned:  “The percentage of Americans saying ‘Situation with Russia’ is the most important problem is literally too small to represent with a number.”
  • A new Survey Monkey poll has President Trump’s approval rating sitting at 22% among registered Black voters, and 38% among registered Hispanic voters.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any GOP POTUS with that high a rating among Blacks, and only GW Bush rivaled that rating among Hispanics.

To be clear: If Donald Trump were to win as much as even 15% of the Black vote and 30% of the Hispanic vote in 2020, he’d win 45 states and kill the Democrat Party even deader than it already is for a generation.

So if you’ve been wondering why, starting early on Thursday, Democrats and their coordinating media agents began to slowly walk back all of their “Trump committed TREASON!!!!!” hysteria, this is why.  The Democrats never believed it was true, they thought it would poll well, it isn’t polling well, so they’re dropping it.

Expect the Axis of Propaganda to either go back to their “But the Babies!!!!!!” border hysteria, dig up a new porn star to obsess about, or invent something entirely new to keep their irrational, ignorant voter base whipped up with starting today.  Because this is all they got, and it’s only going to get worse.

Just another day in Trump Derangement Syndrome America.

That is all.

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Robert Gaines

David – first thank you, and you are my first stop on the web each morning. You are all so much more up on things and big connections than I am so, did you notice in the spring of 2016 when Georgia said, and are still talking about during their Governor’s Primary, that Homeland Security tried first to protect their voter rolls, and then attempted to hack them when Georgia said no thanks?

When I Googled to find the article on this it came up with the fact that just last Friday the Mueller indictment against the Russians say oh no it wasn’t Homeland Security, it was the Russians trying to hack Georgia, Iowa, and other states. In 2016 Homeland Security was trying to make State voter databases labelled “critical infrastructure.” Wouldn’t this be the perfect way 2 take over voting, rather than just eliminate voting as Rush has been mentioning on his show?

I would really be interested in your thoughts on this “critical infrastructure” all of a sudden morphing into see the Russians are trying to get in. I’m not into black helicopters, but it just seems too convenient for them to mention this in the recent indictments. They haven’t dropped it.


The leftard machine has run into an immovable object, in the persona of President Donald J. Trump! Being a true American son, and Patriot, as well as one tuff son of a gun! Not only will he not fold up and blow away, under the blowtorch focus of the criminal deep state, but he will DOGGEDLY pursue, and bring to daylight and justice, those who falsely attack him, and our country. Shadow governments work in the darkness, like roaches, but the real power occurs in the full light of day, and the man holding that power is coming for them! The bully pulpit still has that big stick! Godspeed Mr. President!


The immunity thing with the brothers Podesta will all depend on who the judge is and his/her political affiliations. The usual judge shopping being practiced by the left/rinos to an almost art form to achieve the desired results. In this case, protecting the truly disgusting anti-American members of the Clinton cabal. Stop the aptly named “witch hunt” and begin the real investigation of those at the top of all these alphabet agencies who seem to want to overthrow a duly elected President. Oh, and, yeah, go back as far as needed to convict them of the richly deserved title of “traitor” and whatever else can be found. There is a lot of “there” there and it needs to be done in order to drain the swamp. I hear the squealing from the left now. Sweet music to my ears.
Oh, I’m waiting breathlessly(not really) for the next faux hysterical crisis re: POTUS.


“and kill the Democrat Party even deader” – hahaha, what a great line! You know, hysteria tends to require ignorant, but rational people to explore what all the hype is about AND worse, to consider what the other side of the story is. By virtue, this causes brain dead zombies to begin critically thinking again and pay closer attention to what is really being said and by whom. At first, it was dizzing, but now all the bad actors are well known and documented. The #WalkAway movement is a result of all this. More importantly, people are completely fed up with this garbage and just want to focus on enjoying their ever improving lives. The people who have vocally joined the #WalkAway movement know they can possibly receive physical harm and social rejection and don’t give one flying f**k about it because they are done with the Democrats. With that there is a “Vocal Minority” that has been born and you can bet, the “Silent Minority” is even bigger, but wish to shun conflict or will taut their loyalties all the way up to just before getting into the voting booth. Combine that with the “Silent Majority” that is still very strong and thriving, the Democrats are going to get steam rolled this November. Polling institutions never aborted themselves from the Democratic party after 2016 and think they’re still relevant in swaying the masses because they can persuade us into thinking they’ve adjusted their black box methodology. Not so and Americans are completely woke to this. Remember the Clinton campaign cancelling their firework display for election night two weeks in advance? Yeah, real, internal polling was showing the exact opposite so much so that even the most arrogant moron in American history couldn’t deny the numbers. I believe the numbers are far worse than imagined, but polling companies are at least trying to make it look like the Democrats are competitive in fly over country and even, dare I say it, on the West Coast. President Trump would unite the country by simply defeating the Democrats. Wow… just wow!


I think the hysteria is at times infuriating in their dishonesty, and at times laughable. Even Snopes, Politifact and other fact check organizations are embellishing the facts to fit their narrative. Sadly there are people that are sheeple, who still can be swayed and that is who the Democrats are targeting the most. That lends credibility to the notion that the stupid really did vote Clinton in 2016. They will be the targeted crowd from here on out.


Alonzo, and we all know, in the immortal words of Ron White, “ya can’t fix stupid”. Really coming to light these days of how much “stupid” there is out on the coasts and other bastions of leftist stupidity.


The msm has been the engine of violence in this nation for decades now it’s time to pull license and award them to people who are responsible to all Americans not just the far left lunatic fringe

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