The Democrats and the Media Want War With Russia. Why?

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

When I saw this headline, I assumed it had to be about Peter Strzok. – Man arrested for contacting ex-girlfriend 200 times per day.

Let me guess – because you’re an idiot and an awful mother? – A British fake journalist named Rebecca Schiller wrote a piece for the UK Guardian titled “Why I took my 8 year-old daughter on an anti-Trump protest.”  Good grief.

Tired of all this Winning yet? – A few minutes ago, the President tweeted the following:

Four percent economic growth.  Four percent unemployment.  ISIS is about 98 percent dead.  The price of gasoline is going down because the President leaned on the Saudis to put more crude oil on the open market.  The Crazy Little Fat Guy in North Korea has been neutralized.  The U.S. is now back on a path towards a productive relationship with Russia.  The Supreme Court will soon have a working majority that will consistently respect the U.S. Constitution for the first time in two generations.

All this and so much more has been achieved in just 20 months, and it is driving the Democrat/fake news media axis of propaganda utterly mad.

Profiles in how not to do public relations, courtesy of MGM Resorts. – The families of the victims of last October’s Las Vegas massacre have a real reason to be outraged, as they were all sued on Monday by the raving morons who run MGM Resorts, which of course owns the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort from which the Vegas gunman killed or wounded more than 500 people.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up:

“The company, which owns Mandalay Bay and the Route 91 Harvest festival venue, argues that it cannot be held liable for Oct. 1 deaths, injuries or other damages, adding that any claims against MGM parties “must be dismissed,” according to complaints filed Friday in Nevada and California.”

Mind you, this is the same Mandalay Bay whose miserably incompetent security allowed the shooter to spirit something like 20 huge suitcases filled with guns and ammo up to his room over a period of several days using the freaking freight elevator, for crying out loud.  For this company to now claim that it has no liability in this mass shooting is just despicable, and so unbelievably stupid from a PR aspect that I honestly hope they get put out of business for it.  A pox on all their houses.

Oh, and here’s another tweet that President Trump just posted that’s worth mentioning:

This tweet is worth mentioning because it’s absolutely true, pointing to a reality that constitutes one of the most frightening aspects of our current political dynamic in Washington.  It’s not just that the President’s opponents oppose his outreach to Putin and Russia in a quest for political advantage – it’s far more than that.

For two years now I’ve been periodically writing about the obvious desire among the Democrat Party, most of the major news media and the warmonger faction among the Republicans in congress to actively seek a shooting war with Russia.  It is hard to grasp what the motivation behind this desire actually is, but there is no question have been viscerally opposed to any effort by President Trump to establish a more productive working relationship with the world’s only other major nuclear superpower.

This attitude and rhetorical dynamic came into focus when it became obvious that Donald Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee.  Given that Trump was the only candidate advocating for better relations with Russia, and that Putin was at the time still interfering in the affairs of the Ukraine, it would have made sense for the Pantsuit Princess and her amen chorus in the fake news media to develop counter talking points to that position.

But that’s not what happened.  What happened instead was the creation of an unending and steadily escalating drumbeat of rank hostility towards Russia from the same quarters of the Washington DC establishment that had just a few years before applauded the Coughing Crook for her juvenile “Reset Button” outreach to Putin and Russia.

This hostile clamor against any positive outreach towards Putin and Russia has now grown into claims of “treason” hurled at the President of the United States from noted Obama-era bad actors like John Brennan, James Clapper, Jim Comey and the Fainting Felon herself.  The leftwing rag Politico even published a piece on Monday openly advocating for the U.S. to declare war on Russia.  Breathtaking.

Hey, wait a minute:  Think about what other Russia-related events those people all have in common:

  • The “hacking” of the DNC servers, which the DNC (then run by the Clinton Campaign) refused to allow the FBI to properly investigate, prompting then-FBI Director James Comey to shrug his shoulders and say, “oh, ok.”; and
  • The Uranium One transaction, in which 20% of U.S. uranium reserves were sold to a Putin front Russian company in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the Clinton Foundation;

We now know that the Uranium One transaction was signed off on by much of the senior leadership of the Obama Administration at the time.  And of course, we know that the Clinton/Obama amen chorus in our fake news media ignored and even helped to facilitate the transaction with justifying coverage of it over the last 7 years.

Putin knows exactly what happened in both of those cases – is it any wonder, then, that all of these people would be horrified at the thought of President Trump holding a private meeting with Putin for 90 minutes in a neutral country?  Can we doubt that these people would gladly go to outright war with Russia in order to avoid real accountability for their actions?

This is the only explanation I can come up with for the years-long, outright advocacy for going to war with a country that has not attacked the United States in any real way – Russia has been meddling in U.S. elections for 50 years, so please don’t bring up their meddling in 2016 – and which possesses a nuclear arsenal comparable to our own.

This is not just “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, though that does play a big part in it.  More to the point, this is “Self-Preservation Syndrome” on the part of a pack of really bad people who have betrayed our country on such a grand scale that it is almost unimaginable.  If these seem like really desperate people to you, well, that’s likely because they are really desperate people.

Just another day in the truth will ultimately come out America.

That is all.

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I no longer believe the truth will come out. At least not fully. And I don’t think any of the bad actors will be held to account. I think Sessions has failed us.


I love your column and read it daily. I believe that you have an overly optimistic viewpoint however. I am of the opinion, that McCabe and perhaps Strzok will be thrown under the bus for their actions. I also believe that the perps in the upper echelons of Obama’s administration will walk. I wish that weren’t true, however I don’t see any actions holding those folks accountable.

Jim McFarland

Research Four Seasons, a Saudi (attempted) coup against the Prince, and shooting at the airport. around the time of the shooting; look into the arrested or detained Saudi royals, some of whom were interrogated vigorously, these being mostly Wahhabi/Salafist supporters of ISIS and others who didn’t want reforms. Note that the top 4 floors of the hotel were owned by Saudi royals. Do the research: it points to a different scenario entirely than is being painted in the press. And the CIA and FBI helped prevent the assassination of the 2nd in line for succession. The massacre itself was not the reason the arms were there, and there were two men involved beside the claimed assailant.

Robert Wood

Regarding the Helinski Summit meeting between Trump and Putin, I would have to say there’s something else going on we don’t see. I’ve asked myself, “Why would the President meet with Putin for a total of 2 hours?” I’m was never against it, but to talk about reducing nuclear weapons when the Pentagon wants to pursue tactical nuclear strike weapons of 2 – 5 megatons which I think the Pentagon will most definitely develop? To create another missile pact with the current one being violated by Russia as I type? To assure Putin of world peace? Sure, I guess. To tell Putin we’ll defend ourselves if there is Russia meddling in 2018? I’d believe that. I think Putin outed the reason during his interview during the post summit press conference that is being completely missed by MSM. We’ve got something they want and they’ve got something we want. Putin want’s Browder, the agent who helped funnel $400,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation and Trump wants Clinton. There will probably be a coordinated exchange of information as was alluded to by both Trump and Putin AND perhaps extradition of bad players to face the music in Russia. I hope to God justice is done. I hope the “Jeff Sessions is prepping a coordinated trap for all these bad players” is the scenario we see playing out right now. Trump hasn’t beat him over the head in a long while so I presume things are going along nicely and the whole summit was not only to get evidence of misdeeds, but also as a smoke screen to keep the media focused on the left hand while the right hand inches closer to nabbing all those involved in this huge corruption.


As I’ve said before this is my first stop every morning since I discovered you but today I’m going to take issue with you.

I’m watching this closely and know a bit about the subject as I worked in hospitality for quite a few years. MGM is simply suing to get the case moved to federal court where they will have more protection under the law. This case goes far beyond the Mandalay Bay shooting. This comes down to a simple question “Can a lodging property be held liable for the actions of a guest during their paid stay?”

Yes, MGM security allowed Paddock to take many weapons to his room. There are two large guns shows PER MONTH in Las Vegas. Obviously, gun sellers don’t leave their wares in the parking lot if they want to keep them, they take them to their room. Guns stolen from a gun dealer is not just an economic loss, it becomes a true liability issue and can result in loss of their federal firearms license. So simply taking a large number of weapons to a room wouldn’t arouse suspicion. If they were in duffel bags or cases the hotel wouldn’t have even known what was in them. Paddock was also a regular guest, known as a high roller, and wouldn’t have aroused suspicion from the hotel. The thing we all enjoy about hotels is the service. Not bothering a paying guest, particularly a regular guest who spends a lot of money is part of that service. On that subject I’ve also heard the argument that housekeeping should have reported the weapons. In a hotel a “Do Not Disturb” sign is like a force field. Housekeeping/maintenance and other employees as a rule do not and cannot enter the room if that sign is in place. A housekeeper is thrilled to see a DND on a door as it’s one less room to clean. And as I said before a large number of guns in a room is not that unusual in Vegas. Even if housekeeping HAD entered the room nothing would have aroused suspicion. He obviously wouldn’t have had guns laying everywhere in the room in that case. On the night of the shooting Hotel Security did what Hotel Security is supposed to do; they called the police. They don’t have the training or weaponry to take on an active shooter with automatic weapons. LVPD dropped the ball by freezing and not going in on Paddock when they arrived. I’d give LVPD 10% of the blame. Paddock did the shooting and bares 90% of the blame. Nothing in that (other than public opinion and deep pockets) implicates MGM at all.

If MGM is found liable that sets a precedent of lodging properties being responsible for the actions of their guests. Imagine the following: Person stays at a motel and robs a bank the following morning, killing several people and becoming involved in a high speed chase with a crash involving multiple injuries and much property damage. This case, if found in favor of the victim’s families, would set precedent for EVERY injured party to sue the Motel the perp spent the night in, the company that owns the motel and the chain the motel is part of, if any. Hotels are places to put your stuff and sleep, they aren’t parents.

The optics of this are bad for MGM but is that scenario above a world we want to live in? Sorry, but MGM has zero liability in this case.


Regarding the freight elevator, allowing any guest with a huge amount of luggage to use a freight elevator while in the company of an employee is not unusual. I’ve done so myself.

I have seen where Paddock himself called in noise complaints on the room below him but I can’t find or have missed other guests complaints about his behavior. But is “odd behavior” that isn’t threatening to safety or property something a hotel is going to investigate? No. I mostly worked much smaller properties and the word would get around about oddballs. In a hotel with EIGHT THOUSAND employees there is no way to let each of them know about a guest acting in an unusual manner. And this IS Vegas we are talking about. Odd behavior is kind of the Modus Operandi of the entire town, isn’t it?

Yes, Paddock received special privileges BUT I don’t see where he got anything any other VIP guest would have gotten. Hotels, of course, can enter a room at any time but generally it only happens with a reason and I can’t see where he gave them a reason. “He’s acting odd” isn’t a reason. Even if they HAD entered the room what would they have seen? A large number of guns in a town known for gun shows which, most likely, were still carefully packed until the night of the shooting.

He had a prior history of psychiatric problems but a hotel can’t be expected to background check guests.

This situation was tragic, it’s incredibly sad and says a lot about our society but we are talking about a legal case. And legally i don’t see how Mandalay Bay/MGM had any way of reasonably knowing what the man was going to do and certainly didn’t take part in the shooting.


Excellent discussion, guys!


“The Democrats and the Media Want War With Russia. Why?”

Because they are dumber than a box of rocks.

Now give me a question that is difficult to answer.


Now it all makes more sense. “Self-Preservation Syndrome”, indeed, ftis the pattern I have noticed over the last two years in the media and from the leftists on both sides of the aisle. I kinda thought they were whooping and hollering over DJT being elected due to the blowing of their cover on their nefarious deeds for the last who knows how many years by someone not from the inner cabal.
That Russia and Putin were blamed for all their problems with Trump makes sense now. If Trump is successful in working with Putin to calm down the world’s trouble spots, and he will be, they stand to be totally outed. Yep, the deep state may experience the deep crap they tried to bring to DJT. A beautiful thing should it happen.
No wonder the MSM and the leftists of all stripes are in an uproar. As much as they attempt to pin their own failings on Trump, it seems to come back on them, and sticks. Once again, what they accuse others of is what they are doing. Major deflection going on.
Time for us, We the People, to clean out the legislative branch by voting out those rinos and dims(commies) this November who do not support the POTUS and the People’s agenda.
Thanks, DB, for another great article.


The term Teflon Don was coined because God knew that President Trump would arrive on the scene at some point in time. I’m an Atheist BTW!


Thank you for your sober insightful update.

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