Rosenstein and Strzok – the DOJ/FBI Tag Team of Corruption and Disgrace

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Hey, remember when the Department of Justice actually worked on things like prosecuting criminals?  Yeah, those days apparently are gone.  – As if his hostility to the President of the United States of America weren’t already clear enough, de facto Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent out a memo to all  U.S. Attorneys in the country on Wednesday demanding that they suspend their current priorities in order to help him investigate not some criminal or enemy of the state, but President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In an email with the subject line reading “Personal Message to U.S. Attorneys From the Deputy A.G.,”  the Deputy AG asked each of the 93 U.S. attorneys to provide the names of not one, not two, but three members of their supposedly busy staffs “who can make this important project a priority for the next several weeks.”

So, it isn’t bad enough that Rosenstein has already dedicated the time of hundreds of people within DOJ and the FBI to help Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his never-ending fantasy-based witch hunt targeting the President of the United States of America.  Rosenstein now requires the time of another 279(!) DOJ employees to try to help congressional Democrats dummy up some sort of case against that Presidents nominee for the nation’s highest court.

To be clear, Kavanaugh has been around a long time and involved in a lot of different things, in the process establishing a long paper trail.  It is perfectly appropriate and necessary in any supreme court nomination for such a paper trail to be subject to rigorous review.  Such a review could certainly be accomplished by a tiny fraction of the number of people Rosenstein is demanding.  Dedicating 279 DOJ employees to the task smacks of a police state witch hunt.

Meanwhile, while the resources of his department continue to be redirected away from doing their actual jobs, where oh where is Jeff Sessions, who at least in name is the actual Attorney General?  A quick Google search shows he was up in Maine on Thursday, enjoying a little break from the heat and launching an “enforcement surge” targeting the opiod abuse problem.  So, at least he was, unlike his Deputy AG, working on something his department is supposed to be working on.  Awesome.

But why is Sessions letting the eternally problematic Rosenstein direct his department’s efforts related to the nomination of Kavanaugh?  Sessions’ stupid recusal from the fake Russia fantasy play does not in any way impact a supreme court nomination – why is he letting his deputy drain his department’s resources in such a stunning way on yet another witch hunt?

This is an intolerable, disgraceful and disgusting situation.  Rosenstein’s myriad abuses of his office will forever be a black eye to this nation’s history, and Sessions is the guy who has allowed it all to happen.  Unless something very dramatic takes place in the wake of the issuance of the final report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz in a few weeks, history will not be kind to Sessions, as he will be remembered as the AG who allowed the Deep State to perpetuate its existence.

Speaking of intolerable, disgraceful and disgusting situations, how about that Peter Strzok, huh? – The FBI’s Super Duper Agent of a Thousand Hats and Aspiring Latin Lover gave public testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, and boy, was it a spectacle.

Having never before seen this scumbag in live action, I had pictured him in my mind as a smug, condescending, arrogant product of a privileged upbringing.  I imagined him as being the sort of guy who would have been the party planner in his college fraternity and then went onto a career in which he ultimately became promoted without merit to a position three levels above his competency simply because of which executives he knew and sucked up to.  Anyone who has spent time in the corporate world has known people just like this – I actually ended up having to work for a couple of Strzok clones during my own career.

And sure enough, there that exact person appeared on the nation’s television sets, smirking, sneering, blowharding false answers to members of congress who, unlike himself, were elected by the people to do their jobs.  He was caught in a series of blatant lies that will inevitably come back to haunt him, and in several other statements that conflict with sworn testimony offered by James Comey and other FBI officials.

So somebody’s lying, and given that every facial tick and shred of body language from this guy literally screams out “I AM AN ARROGANT, PSYCHOPATHIC, SHAMELESS LIAR”, the smart money is on Strzok.

If our country had anything resembling an honest national news media, yesterday would have been Armageddon for Strzok and really for the FBI in general.  But of course, the New York Times ran with a web-based story late Thursday afternoon with the hilariously false headline of “F.B.I. Agent at Center of Russia Probe TurnsTables on G.O.P.”  Guessing Strzok’s lawyers had pre-approval on that one.

So, while those of us who took time to watch some or all of Strzok’s disgusting performance live, or searched for real, honest coverage of it that can only be found at places like Fox News, the Daily Caller and the Wall Street Journal had our worst fears about Strzok’s true nature confirmed, most everyday Americans will hear literally nothing about this and still won’t even be aware of who this key figure in the utter corruption of the nation’s highest law enforcement agency is.

Like pretty much everything else going on at the DOJ and FBI today, that is an intolerable, disgraceful and disgusting situation, one that presents a real threat to our nation’s survival.

Just another day in where in the hell is Jeff Sessions America.

That is all.

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Kevin Cowlishaw

What puzzles me is why Sessions is still there. Even the boss is frustrated with him and yet the “AG” has recused himself from anything resembling usefulness and hasn’t been fired. You could say ditto for Rosenstein. Is this another example of the deep state not only rulez but is laughing at everyone?

Michelle Palmateer

You hit the nail on the head with your analysis of Peter Strzok. I was so mad at times that I had to get away from the hearing a couple of times. The arrogance was astounding and only outdone by his smug behavior. The Democrats that praised him were equally disgusting. What is it with people in DC. they believe we are as dumb as they come and the transparent lies are an outrage. Nadler, Lee and Swallwell are a disgrace to our nation and I am about ready to go to war just to remove them from DC.


Strzok reminded me of Jack Nicholson on the stand in “A Few Good Men”. “YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Joe Fuchs

Rosenstein reminds me of Heindrich Himmler.

Joe Fuchs

That fat little Nadler is a real scumbag. A Jew who voted to give Iran $1.5 billion and a nuke. NYC Jews will still vote for him though because the right to murder the unborn is much more important than the survival of 5 million Jews in Israel. And what the hell, Iran is only responsible for blowing the legs of God knows how many American troopers in the Mideast.


The sad part is that EVERYONE involved–the FBI, the DOJ, representatives from BOTH sides of the aisle, the MSM–ALL know that Strzok and the rest of the horde are guilty as sin of EXACTLY the sedition of which they are being accused. But we still have to do this dog and pony show…and let the perps lie and grandstand and obfuscate…meanwhile they defy subpoenas…are able to continue to destroy evidence…

It’s just a repeat of the Hillary “investigation.”

At SOME point…Americans will DEMAND Justice or they’ll begin looking to provide it themselves…


D3fiant – I sure hope we get justice, but with half of congress supporting the cover up, most of the media and almost half the nation wanting Trump gone at any cost, it will not be easy. Does it seem to anyone else that the more hearings and testimony we get, the more convoluted everything becomes? I’m sure its by design, make it so complicated and dense and we (the people) will just stop paying attention out of frustration. I mean, what with all the Dems (Nadler) calling “point of order!” every 3 minutes and the rest clutching their pearls at every question and comment by the Repubs yesterday. It was difficult to watch.

All the while, Hillary’s transgressions are fading in the distance….


U r so correct. I jope yhat it will not come to that but if the govy cant or wont take care of itthe American people will. Americans are patient andate law abiding but the law must work. It’s not only the bureaucracy but the media and industries as well. That is why it is so important to do thinks in a legal manner. The doj is the first then the media the engine of violence in this nation decades. It’s time to pull license and award them to people who are responsible to all Americans not just the far left lunatic fringe


So, after seeing some of the “hearing” and listening to some of the grandstanding blather from the dims/commies on the committee and reading some the tweets from the “super duper agent”, my wife came out with “what a joke the hearing is becoming with the dims objecting every step of the way”, and, my personal favorite “the douchebag was just trying to get into Page’s pants with all that big talk”. I tend to believe the wife’s assessment, and that he really is suffering from a severe case of TDS(Trump Derangement Syndrome), not to mention that he really wanted Page to continue to honor him with her favors.
In my humble opinion, Strzok is nothing more than a idealogical leftist who got caught with his pants down, figuratively and literally, in his attempt to overthrow the will of “We the People”. This psycho has a “god” complex, much like most of the politicians and buearucrats in DC, in which he thinks he knows what is best for the citizens of this great nation. While watching the last part of the hearing, I think I detected a fear come over Strzok and the rest of the dims/commies on the committee that the jig was up. I can’t help but think that his career is over, along with several of the pols on that committee who kept obstructing(its what they do best) as it was evident what they were doing throughout the day. They outed themselves as not being interested in the truth, just to cover up the treason they have perpetrated upon the citizens of the US.
Just the denizens of the swamp, doing what they do best.
Thanks, DB, for the great article.

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