Here’s Why the Democrats and their Media Propaganda Complex Are Panicked

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Democrats in Action!  – It is now no longer enough for Democrats and their spokespeople pretending to be journalists at our nation’s news outlets to simply fake the news on this fabricated border issue, now they must cry or otherwise become irrational while doing so.

Thus, on Tuesday we had the spectacle of Rep. Elijah Cummings pretending to breakdown crying as he screamed through his irrelevant opening statement at the House Judiciary Committee’s FBI corruption hearing, MSNBC fake host Rachel Maddow pretending to cry (without visible tears, of course) as she read a story about how HHS employees are placing the youngest children in separate centers designed to provide special care (because obviously, liberals oppose young children receiving special attention and care), and some bald-headed freak literally screaming through his entire 5 minute segment on Fox News’s “The Story” With Martha MaCallum. [Note:  I switched over to a baseball game after that, but I’m told Geraldo Rivera also went into a similar meltdown on the Sean Hannity program, along with panelists all over CNN and MSNBC.]

To top that off, you had the spectacle of some Democrat congressional staffer shouting “F*ck you!” at President Donald Trump as he walked through the halls of the U.S. capitol building, and a group of leftist agitators violently forcing Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen to leave a restaurant where she was dining last night.

Obviously, the Democrat/media complex has some polling or focus grouping information that indicates that screaming and crying helps gin up public outrage on this subject.  Never mind the damage their idiotic histrionics do to our society, utterly destroying what little is left of civil discourse, they couldn’t care less.  These are truly desperate times for these people, and that desperation is playing out on all of our television screens each day and night.

The most scary part of all of this is that they will only become more desperate as November 6 approaches.  And make no mistake:  If these people obtain polling data or focus group results that indicate outright violence and rioting might knock the President’s public approval ratings down a couple of points, they will get a bunch of money from George Soros and pay a bunch of professional agitators to stage violent demonstrations and riots.  If you think I’m wrong about that, you just haven’t been paying enough attention lately.

So, why are the Democrats, their media benefactors and their radical social action support groups so desperate, you ask?  Well, isn’t it obvious?  Let’s go through a bullet list:

  • They spent 8 long years utterly corrupting every institution of our society, often engaging in criminal activity in the process.  They got away with it because 98% of the national news media helped them cover it up;
  • They assumed – were absolutely certain – that all of that would be swept under the rug and they would be able to continue corrupting our institutions and destroying our Republic for another 8 years when Hillary Clinton won the presidency in 2016;
  • And win Hillary would, because most every senior official in the Obama Administration – including Obama his own self – and a hardworking, dedicated cabal of loyal leftist FBI and DOJ officials were going to fix the damn election.  Yay, them!;
  • But, well, Hillary lost.  When that eventual outcome began to become crystal clear at about 9:00 ET on Election Night, they could see their whole world come crashing down around them;
  • It would have been one thing had the Pantsuit Princess lost to some establishment apparatchick like Jeb! Bush or John “Didja know my father was a postman?” Kasich – they would have been fine in that event because another Bush or a Kasich would have just gone about being kinder and gentler and helping them sweep all their crimes under that gigantic swamp rug and nobody out here in Flyover Country would have been any the wiser;
  • But no, the Fainting Felon didn’t lose to just anyone – she lost to Donald Freakin’ Trump, the one Republican out of 17 initial candidates who would actually come into the office and go about exposing their crimes, firing the perps, and ultimately prosecuting them;
  • So, utter, complete and total panic set in, and the American left lost what little collective mind it had left.  Violent demonstrations organized by groups funded by Soros and a handful of leftwing foundations began popping up all over the country, featuring a bunch of black-robed mask-wearing thugs that called themselves “Antifa”;
  • Members of the Clinton Campaign – including the Coughing Crook herself – immediately began promoting their “Russia Collusion” fantasy as the reason for their utter failure, and a well-coordinated fake news media campaign cranked up in support;
  • Meanwhile, the FBI/DOJ cabal and senior Obama officials transitioned their failed effort to fix the election into an effort frame Trump officials like General Mike Flynn for crimes they did not commit, and to entrap the incoming POTUS himself into committing some act that a special counsel might be able to dummy up into an obstruction of justice charge;
  • The Democrat/fake media complex also embarked on a withering, never-ending campaign to impugn the President’s character in a desperate effort to drive his public approval ratings down into the 20s in the hopes he would resign or, barring that, be impeached as he lost the support of congressional Republicans;
  • But the President did not resign, and his average poll ratings never fell below 40.  Instead, he went about reversing almost the entire Obama 8 years of policy, creating a massive renaissance of the U.S. economy, destroyed ISIS in about 5 minutes – infuriating all Obama loyalists and John McCain – and initiating a de-nuclearization process with North Korea that may well win him a Nobel Peace Prize that he couldn’t care less about;
  • Still, the Democrat/fake media complex carried on.  As recently as 7 months ago, the Democrats and their propaganda team were walking around in a state of glee as congressional preference polls showed their team with a big lead, leading to the narrative that the 2018 mid-term elections would bring about a great “Blue Wave” that would sweep Democrat majorities into both houses of congress, giving them control of the congressional committees that have been revealing so much of their wrongdoing.  It wasn’t too late to sweep everything under the rug – who would be able to stop them?;
  • But now the polls have turned sour for them.  President Trump is now at his all-time high standing in even several of the fake leftwing polls, and their edge in the congressional preference polling has all but disappeared;
  • They had to create a new issue, and the best they could land on is to portray President Trump and anyone who supports him as “Nazis” for basically enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.

This issue won’t work for them either, because the average American isn’t quite as stupid as Democrats and fake journalists always assume they are.  In the meantime, the last two days of testimony by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and the ongoing revelations surrounding it show them that the IG’s report on the FBI’s fake investigation into the Clinton email scandal wasn’t an end game, but the start of a process that will ultimately expose the entirety of their Obama-era scheming.

These people now realize they are aboard the political version of the HMS Titanic, and the first Horowitz report was just the tip of a vast iceberg that is floating inexorably in their direction.

Of course they’re panicked.  You would be too.

Just another day in it’s all going to come out in the end America.

That is all.

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Kelley Davis Dix

Absolutely awesome explanation of what has happened and is continuing to happen!


Tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Amanda Renteria ( very interesting ) and the classified communications are going to be a YUGE deal. Barack Hussein Obama? Maybe? Maybe? Maybe? This may be the main reason for the hysterical FBI stonewall. Think about the Hillary e-mails, I believe the “chatter” about it wasn’t just about her. I believe all the Obama cabinet used it under aliases, including our former terrorist President and there was all kinds of classified info on it. They had to let HER off to protect EVERYONE. Only the election of President Trump saved us. I cannot emphasize enough how much treason was occuring and the culpability of the anti-American traitors in the media.


This article is 100% spot on everything it addresses. In addition, I’ll add that the faux tears about illegal children being separated from adults (who may or may not be their parents) is being done at this point in time because of the release of the IG’s report and the congressional hearings taking place this week. The “separation” border policy has been on the books forever and Trump started it in April….not last week when the Dems went into crisis mode on it. The reason they did this now is to deflect America’s attention from the damning facts of the IG report that show the FBI/DOJ under Obama tried to derail Trump’s presidency and also to put in motion a process to implement an administrative coup of a sitting president by forcing him to resign or to get congress to impeach him.


There is something more fundamental to this desperation. Its too far out of the election season to have a major impact and I can’t even imagine the Democrats being able to extent this “crisis” beyond the end of July let alone this being a talking point on the campaign trail especially since they have no message for the country other than to vote for them out of emotion. Ultimately, the Democrats are tying their success in November to an issue Republicans are more than willing to solve and Democrats obstruct while crying about how their the victims. If a bill is not passed this week, in one week, the Democrats will unwittingly expose themselves for the frauds they are because their proposals will be so outrageous, the American people will know these children are being used for their political gain. In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor issue that the media and everyone else, including Laura freakin’ Bush, passed on for decades. Minor, but emotional. Its not a good thing, but a few children not seeing their parents for a month while they’re in litigation for illegally crossing into our country or Los Angeles getting nuked by North Korea. I don’t know. I can’t decide which is worse (sarcasm).

The fundamental part of this desperation is the Democratic party is fighting for its very existence. They are nearly financially and completely politically bankrupt. Outside interest groups are virtually shredding the party to pieces because these groups don’t trust the DNC and therefore, don’t donate, but they will support Democrats at the local level which takes the power out of life time political leaders like Pelosi and Schumer and the party’s national structure. This issue, not to mention the collapse of the Russia investigation, will start a long sequence of events that will lead to the party splitting because weak Democrats incumbents will have to save face by breaking with the party to resolve the issue unless both sides are willing to sit down together and work something out. Based on the Republican’s not even talking to the other side, this seems highly unlikely due to some ridiculous demands that will no doubt rise up. This issue is the equivalent to buying one of Elon Musk’s flame throwers, pointing it at your foot, and pulling the trigger. The problem here is heat rises.


I hope America is paying attention to this immigration debacle. If so, it shouldn’t be the wedge issue the left wants to make it for the midterms. It’s pretty simple when you look at the facts. The Flores settlement established the basis for the current law (holding times for unaccompanied minors-20d), and the 9th Circuit COA extended it to “accompanied minors”. All Trump is doing in enforcing the law (what a concept), and the left is freaking out pretending Obama didn’t do much of the same, feigning outrage. Its not like these processing facilities just got built in Jan of 2017.

The left also ignores that these “parents” or adults with the minors embark on a perilous journey endangering these kids in the first place, and seemingly forgetting to ask Mexico for asylum on the way through. And hey Mexico, how about doing YOUR job and stopping these people from going through your country? And when they get here, if they want asylum they can ask at any of the border checkpoints….when you cross the border illegally (breaking the law) you kind of lose that chance…..but golly Democrats told me all I had to do was make it across and I could stay…….

All these crying liberals…hey here’s a thought….we’ll house these illegal aliens in your neighborhood and see how you like it. It’s the humane thing to do right?

Lars-Henrik Christensen

Absolutely spot on and encouraging too, you can be so proud of your President. He is setting a new standard of leadership that will plague political puppets for decades to come. I my country (Denmark) the media is globalist to the core and bashing PDJT everyday but the brighter part of the population are waking up and realizing that something is very wrong…America will be great again. I am saving up for a trip to your beautiful country.

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