The Horowitz and Wray Show Comes to Capitol Hill

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Happy Father’s Day!  – Pretending to suddenly be concerned about the children of illegal aliens who have illegally crossed into the United States, social justice warriors took to social media on Saturday in outrage that many Americans would be celebrating Father’s day on Sunday.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my family anyway, and even worse, cooked delicious, juicy animal meat in the form of beef and chicken fajitas for my wifey, children and grandchildren to consume.  They loved me for it.  So there.

San Fran Nan is outraged, too. – Doddering old Nancy Pelosi, who after a lifetime of supposed “public service” can somehow afford to live in a multi-million dollar home protected by a wall in one of the priciest neighborhoods in San Francisco, and who owns several other homes to boot, attacked “people of faith” on Sunday for not caring about the plight of illegal aliens.  You can be sure that Ms. Pelosi, who claims to be a practicing Catholic, won’t be selling any of her homes to raise money to support these immigrants, or tear down her property’s wall to set a good example for the rest of the country.  Because, well, liberals.

Big Drama coming this week on multiple fronts. – Today and tomorrow, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray will go to capitol hill to offer testimony about the report he released last Thursday on the FBI’s fake investigation into the Clinton email scandal during 2016.  Horowitz and Wray will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee today and before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

We can expect Director Wray to deflect, dissemble, refuse to answer based on false claims of “protecting sources” or other classic dodges used by FBI Directors in such situations, because he has clearly demonstrated he is just another feckless bureaucrat whose main goal is not the revelation of the truth, but the covering of his and his utterly corrupt department’s ass. That’s what we saw from him in his god-awful press conference last Thursday following the report’s release, and there is no reason whatsoever to expect anything different from him today or tomorrow.

Horowitz, however, is a different matter entirely.  Unlike Wray, he is not a guy with a history of obfuscating and deflecting in this kind of setting.  In his past testimonies to congress he has pretty much always been blunt and clear in answering questions posed to him.

What will be interesting to see with Horowitz will be to observe whether he bases his testimony on what was written – most likely by Wray, Rod Rosenstein and others – in the Executive Summary to his report, or if he bases his testimony on what is contained in the actual body of the report.  Because while the Executive Summary claims his report finds “no documentary evidence” that political bias influenced the fake investigation, the body of the report details all manner of not just bias, but outright hostility towards Donald Trump influencing pretty much every decision made in the conduct of what really amounted to a cover-up operation favoring the Pantsuit Princess.

And where the Executive Summary to the report claims to have revealed no criminal wrongdoing on the part of anyone at the FBI, the body of the report details all sorts of criminal actions, including the taking of bribes and leaking of classified information on the part of multiple bad actors within the FBI.  Thus, which part of the report Horowitz chooses to reference in his answers to questions from Republican members of these committees – the Democrat members will all just do what they can to continue to support the cover-up – will be key.  Horowitz has a history of trying to do the right thing in the face of obstruction and blow-back from his superiors within DOJ.  We can only hope that continues to be the case.

The other bit of drama we may finally, at long last see this week will be some real pushback from the GOP leadership in the House of Representatives over the DOJ’s and FBI’s ongoing refusal to comply with perfectly valid and legal requests by several committees for documents.  Speaker Paul Ryan is finally personally engaging in the controversy, having attended a Friday night meeting in which he, Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte (chairmen of House Oversight, Intelligence and Judiciary committees, respectively) met with Wray and Rosenstien to hammer out a final deal on provision of said documents.

The group is supposed to meet again today, after which DOJ supposedly has promised compliance of some sort.  Nunes and Gowdy were both very plain-spoken in media interviews on the matter Sunday:

From Nunes:  “My patience  has run out. I believe that they have leaked — they created massive leaks. We know that from the I.G. Report. Inspector Horowitz showed us these major, major gaffes…here’s the bottom line.  Mr. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, and Director Wray have to decide whether or not they want to be part of the cleanup crew or they want to be part of the cover-up crew.  That’s really the decision that they have to make for themselves here. The best way they can be part of the cleanup of this mess is give us all the documents this week, so that we can put this behind us and let the American people begin to heal.”

From Gowdy:  “Paul Ryan led this meeting… And Paul made it very clear; there’s going to be action on the floor of the House this week if the FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena request.  So Rod Rosenstein, Chris Wray you were in the meeting, you understood him just as clearly as I did. We’re going to get compliance or the House of Representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance.”

This all, of course, comes on the heels of a very rancorous meeting between most of these same principles last week, during which the perpetually oily and abusive Rosenstein actually threatened to subpoena the phone and email records of the members of congress and their staff in retaliation for conducting their constitutional oversight duties.  So it’s pretty easy to see why everyone’s nerves would be on end over this situation.

Of course, the problem these committee chairmen have is that congress’s power in this situation is fairly limited.  Our constitutional balance of powers envision that patriotic, competent and loyal people will be appointed to these high positions within the Department of Justice.  We know today that that was definitely not what happened in the Barack Obama Administration, and the jury is just barely still out on Wray, Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions.  Based on that assumption of good faith, the founding fathers did not give congress many powers to effectively combat a corrupted DOJ.

About the worst congress could do in this situation would be to initiate impeachment proceedings against Rosenstein and Wray, something Nunes and Goodlatte have threatened to do in the past.  But if these guys are corrupt enough to engage in this stonewalling operation for over a year now, and they know that there is not a single Senate Democrat honest enough to vote to remove them from office, what do they care?

So there will be drama, because we can be sure DOJ and the FBI are not going to comply with these latest congressional demands, but at the end of the day it will almost certainly end up being a lot of sound and fury that ends up signifying nothing.

Just another day in the drama never ends America.

That is all.

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Its sad, to say, some innocent people FBI types might get hurt, but Congress has Oversight, End the Mueller hunt and clean house totaly, replace everyone, even Dir, Wray, Bring in good people having no Russian/Clinton connections or issues, The fact is FBI ‘we will stop Trump’, as we have insurance on it called FISA, Throw the whole thing down the tubes for willful bias of the FBI, DOJ, DNC, CIA, NSA, DNI, attempts to stop Trump colluding AMONG THEMSELVES, ON THE PLAN OF ACTION. It was not legal to do P E R I O D. iT STEMS FROM OBAMA ON DOWN. All these people played a part in the FBI pursuit of stopping Trump: Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Rogers, Holder, Lynch, Yates. Rosenstein, Schiff, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Hillary, Abedin, Mills, Comey, Pagliano, Blumenthal, Kerry, Ohr’s, Fusion-GPS, Cody, Power, Rice, Jarrett, Podesta, Schultz, Brazile, Omittng Sessions not yet clear on him. MSM folks paid off buy Fusion to be very biased and critical on Trump and his team. Demented Congress forced on America this false Russian Collusion narrative by insisting and appointing a Special Council under Meuller when Comey was fired, but it was Comey’s plan to achieve it thus he could get his pal Mueller in charge former all good guy FBI Director before Comey was Comey’s mentor, Rosenstein pals with all of them, It was placing the fox in the hen house to eat all of the Trump people by false pretense legal means. So this whole unalderterated mess of trying to oust Trump is 1. TREASON, 2 SEDITION of a magnitude never seen before in America called a COUP. Now knowing this it should be put to an end . It didn’t work but blew up in their faces. All the above people need to be taught a lesson of jail time for what they did and are still doing. 17 million dollars to pursur an FBI ‘STOP TRUMP’ compending hoax. No one said Trump was perfect as we all have flaws of likes and dislikes. None of the kings of Israel were flawless, but they reigned over their country because Almighty God put hem in charge, So it be the same with POTUS against all odds is the one sitting in the oval office Its the Almighty who puts men/women, yes we pulled the lever or pushed the button in our elections but against all odds one is put over, as in king david he was the youngest of his brothers, but it was he, that was chosen among the million to chose from. If your party lost get over it there will be more elections to come.


It is now clear is that these bureaucrats (covered by the Dems) have no fear of constitutional congressional oversight. Impeachment seems to carry little weight. Where the hell is Sessions? Why isn’t he forcing them to comply or be fired? It’s all under his purview.

Horowitz, Huber….this report, that report, hearings…etc. We may find out all the nasty details, but until there are folks indicted, and a federal prosecutor on tap to see it through, these folks could all just be the “untouchables”.

And the the Mueller investigation seems like background noise at this point. A smokescreen that’s starting to clear. Fade to nothing.

All the money, power, and influence to get Hillary elected and cover it up after the fact, with an entire party and almost all of the media aiding the effort, I am very skeptical that anyone of importance will be held accountable.

Newt Love

Maybe Congress (Legislative Branch) can sue the DoJ (Executive Branch) and have the Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) decide the lawsuit?


At what point will the people of the United States demand transparency from these government agencies that the American people support with their taxes? Oh, yeah, they already have with the election of President Donald J Trump. It is time that the gamesmanship being played by the DOJ end and the lawfully demanded documents be produced for the people to see.

These “deep state” slugs need to be uprooted from the submerged log they are attached to and held up to the light of day.


Is it time for torches and pitchforks yet? The blatant disregard which the DOJ/FBI show for the members of congress just baffles me. When will the POTUS step in and call a halt to all this nonsense, including the Mueller “investigation”. Time to end it and get on with the indictments resulting from the obvious disregard of the law from the upper ranks of both agencies. Or any agencies for that matter.
Time to drain the swamp.

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