Think of the FBI as the Deepwater Horizon, Because that’s what it is

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(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

There really is no mystery here… – Mark Levin was going off on Fox News last night, railing as only he can do in disbelief about the reality that the “greatest threat to our democracy in 2016 was not any foreign country…it was our own government,” which is absolutely true, and that “I can’t believe we don’t have a special counsel…or a blue ribbon commission investigating our own government.”

Well, think about why that’s the case – this is very, very important.  If we had an overwhelming clamor from the members of either political party in congress to appoint a SC or commission to perform a real investigation into what actually happened at the highest levels of the Obama Administration during our last national election, we’d have one by now.  By the same token, if we had a clamor in our fake national news media for the creation of such an investigative entity, we would have had one long ago.

What do we have instead?  Utter silence from congressional Democrats, which was totally predictable.  Some clamoring from 10 or so of the more conservative Republicans in congress, but the again predictable silence from the far more numerous swamp creatures in the GOP caucus.  In the media we don’t have silence on the matter, we have outright hostility to the concept of an independent investigation from the 95% of them who are nothing but propaganda agents for the Democrat Party.

This is the DC Swamp at its finest – or its worst, depending on how you want to classify it.  This is the creatures of the swamp working as hard as they can to preserve their status quo in the face of the onslaught from Donald Trump and his handful of loyal lieutenants.  These people couldn’t care less that our DOJ and FBI were utterly corrupted in 2016 and attempted to fix a presidential election and then go on to try to literally frame a sitting President.  They look at that and think, yeah, we need to preserve that model so we can pick the next POTUS – leaving things up to the voters is obviously too risky.

So, that’s why Mr. Levin is so frustrated this morning and why he is going to remain frustrated – given our current situation, his expectations are simply unrealistic.  The truth is that our only hope for actual justice for the conspirators is that Michael Horowitz and John Huber really are honest brokers and that Jeff Sessions really has been playing the long game, awaiting the eventual release of Horowitz’s final report before beginning prosecution, as many believe.

As I pointed out in last night’s Evening Campaign Update, if you look at yesterday’s IG report as setting the stage for his next one, you have reason to be encouraged in that regard.  If not, you’re probably feeling a lot like Mr. Levin, which is very bad for your blood pressure.

Think of the FBI as the Deepwater Horizon in full flame  – because that’s what it is this morning.  The IG report wasn’t a major disaster for the environment, but it is a major disaster for the agency’s reputation, just as the Deepwater Horizon event in 2011 was a major disaster for the reputation of BP.

Sadly for the FBI, it is led by a current Director, Christopher Wray, who appears to be every bit as inept and clueless as BP’s then-CEO, Tony Hayward was.  Many of you will remember Hayward, a guy who may or may not have been well-meaning, but who had the amazing singular talent of literally pissing off everyone in the known universe whenever he opened his mouth in the wake of that disaster.

There he was, with a gaggle of reporters on some Louisiana beach, as his un-plugged well continued to pour millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, uttering meaningless platitudes about how his company takes safety deadly seriously and his plans to implement even stricter processes, procedures and training sessions going forward, and then including the off-hand remark about how he wanted to “get my life back,” as if anyone should actually feel sorry for a guy who was probably knocking down more than $20 million a year at that time.

The good thing for BP was that, after about another half-dozen of such horrifically embarrassing Hayward brain farts, they put him on the first jet back to England and replaced him with another leader who was far more competent and able to steward the company through the disaster and recover its reputation.

Yesterday, we had the spectacle of Christopher Wray prancing cockily up to the podium for his press conference, looking for all the world like a 17 year-old stud jock prancing into the principal’s office knowing nothing was going to happen to him.  Wray then proceeded to piss literally everyone on the planet off with an opening statement filled with with meaningless platitudes, promises that he and his senior staff will learn their lessons from this report and discussion about all the new training he’s going to make every agent in the agency go through, including “political bias” training.  He then spent the other half of his statement talking about how wonderful the FBI’s “rank and file” is.  Holy crap.

This is all the sort of thing terrible leaders do when they want to pretend to be doing something about a problem while doing nothing real about it:  Spread the blame around, lay the issue off on the entire organization in order to deflect attention from the actual bad actors and diffuse accountability and avoid making the tough decisions that would be required to really correct the problem.

Look, there is no mystery anymore about what the FBI’s “policial bias” problem was during 2016:  It was filled at the top by Barack Obama loyalists and Hillary Clinton fans who hated the GOP presidential nominee and wanted to prevent him from becoming President.  Their big problem was that the Pantsuit Princess is a career criminal who had engaged in thousands of violations of the U.S. Espionage Act, and they had to find some way to keep her out of federal prison.  Their inherent bias was so pervasive and overriding all other considerations that those running the fake investigation never even designated the Pantsuit Princess as a “subject” of the investigation.

While the Executive Summary of yesterday’s Horowitz Report does its best to obfuscate all of that, the bowels of the report lay it all out in devastatingly plain language.  Where the Executive Summary claims to find no evidence that political bias played a role in the conduct of the fake investigation, the report itself lays out example after example after example of stark, unmasked political bias by a multitude of FBI personnel.

Firings of every agent listed as a violator in the report is the only way for the feckless Wray to really address the reputational disaster that took place in 2016.  Prosecutions are the only way for the DOJ to actually address it after the firings.  Any measures short of that are just meaningless bureaucratic nonsense practiced by terrible leaders who are seeking to preserve the status quo.

Wray indicated yesterday that he is the FBI’s Tony Hayward, a cocky, clueless man out of his depth who simply needs to be replaced.  He has until about Monday to begin to reverse that assessment by making the firings that obviously need to be made.  Barring that, he just needs firing, because his agency is a burning deepwater platform in full flame and he isn’t the guy to put out the fire.

Just another day in the FBI is a raging dumpster fire America.

That is all.

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Kevin Cowlishaw

Short of declaring martial law I don’t see any of this going anywhere while there is no law at the top. Who is going to restore the law and faith in the law by the people – is it going to be Congress and the President? I don’t think so. The banana state is alive and well and is DC


“Prosecutions are the only way for the DOJ to actually address it after the firings. Any measures short of that are just meaningless bureaucratic nonsense practiced by terrible leaders who are seeking to preserve the status quo.”

Yep, let’s see those firings and then skip forward to the prosecutions…that’s how we’ll know if Sessions is serious. But if this is left to FBI to clean it’s own house, it will be bureaucratic nonsense. They’ll circle the wagons and bury it. The next update will be on Brett Baer’s “What ever happened to…”


The government will investigate the government and find itself guilty. If you believe this, you are an idiot. It’s time for the Day of the Rope

Matthew F

sadly I have to say this, some of this WE are responsible for as voters….. We put into office plenty of people in the senate whom weve known for years were bad actors and re elected them…… those very same senators take a vote thumbs up or down on the president’s nominees for the heads of these departments and as such the president has to choose carefully nominees whom can pass that vote.

I promise you if we clean up our senate over the next six years, get majority constitutional conservatives in there, we can by extension clean up whom gets nominated for cabinet and high level official positions. Which frees our president to put more competent people in those positions. Every republican president has been hamstrung by this confirmation process over the last few decades because politics has been prioritized over competency in these confirmation processes.


Totally agree with you. The crap put out by Wray was nothing short of him saying, “nothing to see here, move along”. The guy just seemed to be out of his element. Totally. Where the hell are the strong leaders who will make a decision to right the wrongs in these agencies? The DOJ/FBI got a pass from both Horowitz, by how he wrote the report, and Wray, by how he tap danced around what was actually damning material in that report.
I can only think that the agencies having the report in their paws, specifically Rosenstein, and being able to adjust it to reflect what they wanted, colored the briefing to a large extent. Its called damage control.
With all that has been reported over the last 18 months, and the further stonewalling by DOJ to the Congress, tells me that there is some really ugly truths which are being glossed over by DOJ and FBI. Want to see the unredacted, unchanged report.
By handling the IG report as they did, they did further damage to the reputations of both agencies, if at all possible. Takes me back to the time they appointed Mueller as the SC, touting how he was so honest, unbiased, straight-shooting, etc. Now I doubt that Horowitz has dealt fairly with this investigation.
Just another cover-up by the deep state by another deep state operative. That’s my thought as of now.
Trump needs to clean house at DOJ/FBI, for starters. That would go a long way towards building the trust that needs to exist between the citizens and their government.

Sidenote: Just watched POTUS give an impromptu press briefing, first to Fox, then to gaggle of the press. Incredible. Wow! MAGA! He did mention that he may need to step into the Mueller and FBI investigations. Interesting.


The focus STILL seems to be on defending the FBI and the identities of some of the guilty parties. Sad. This report has been used to protect the Left, too.

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