AP Drops Fake News About New York AG’s Fake Lawsuit To Distract From Horowitz Report

Mid-day Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

If you’ve been listening to or watching the news this morning you are no doubt aware of this report from the Associated Press:


NEW YORK (AP) — A lawsuit filed by New York’s attorney general Thursday said President Donald Trump used his charitable foundation to settle personal business disputes and bolster his political image with donations directed by his staff.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation “was little more than a checkbook for payments from Mr. Trump or his businesses to nonprofits, regardless of their purpose or legality,” Democratic Attorney General Barbara Underwood said as she sued to dissolve the foundation and seek $2.8 million in restitution.

The lawsuit says the foundation illegally helped support the Republican’s campaign by raising money at a nationally televised fundraiser in January 2016, then allowing campaign staffers to dictate how the money was spent in grants.

In a couple of tweets, Trump called the case “ridiculous” and said he would not settle the lawsuit.


Many of you are also no doubt aware that the few things that have leaked thus far about the DOJ IG’s report on the Clinton email scandal have thus far been less than earthshaking, and you may be thinking it’s all a big nothing burger.

But think about this: Why did the news of this NY AG’s suit against the Trump Foundation break this particular morning? If you believe that is a coincidence, think again. This is right in line with this morning’s Campaign Update, in which I discussed how the fake news media drops fake stories like this one anytime the news cycle is likely to be favorable to President Trump.

But wait, this is not fake news, you say? Not so fast my friends!

This is a case that now-disgraced and resigned NY AG Eric Schneiderman threatened to bring against Trump and his foundation at similarly strategic times last year and the year prior to that. It’s a phony “investigation” of a charitable foundation that, as Trump himself tweeted this morning, in its lifetime has actually contributed MORE MONEY than it has taken in.

Compare that to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, which regularly contributes about 5% of the donations it takes in, spending the remainder on employee costs (including salaries to all three Clintons) and travel expenses and meeting costs.

What is most likely going to happen in this case is that, once the public’s memory has faded about this morning’s filing, the NY AG’s office will quietly dismiss the suit late on a Friday evening.

Here’s the other thing: There would be no reason for the fake media to drop this fake story this morning if the IG’s report is just a big nothing burger. It’s 500 pages long, and you haven’t seen the whole thing yet.

But somebody somewhere is very worried about what’s in it.

That is all.

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Jess Sain

The Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was insubordinate. I suggest he had no ill intent like Boy Scout Comey, American Patriot Brennan or Howdy Doody look alike McCabe and thus should be free like these other three wonderful boys.

Jess Sain

I’ll believe it when I see a fish fry and I mean a 6 foot spoonbill, not a minnow. When I see Comey, McCabe, Brennan Strozk Stroke or Stroker Ace or whatever he calls himself, all brought up on charges. THEY ARE ON RECORD saying Trump will not be elected.


I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but just got back from my counseling appointment…you know, needing some help dealing with my teenagers’ issues and we started discussing college. Somehow, this exact fake news was regurgitated TO ME by MY COUNSELOR as a fact. I, of course, hadn’t seen it yet and had no idea what this new accusation was about, so I just shrugged my shoulders and said whatever. What can anyone do? No one can keep up with the fake crap being used to distract and disseminate lies.This media is destroying us, we need to do something to stop this insanity. Where are the consequences for the MSM for what damage they have caused?


So sick of having a corrupt media…

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