Robert Mueller and his Team: Riding the Clown Car

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

The death of the final paltry remnants of customer service is upon us.  –  A federal judge has ruled against the Jeff Sessions Justice Department, approving the merger of Time Warner and AT&T, in what will be the largest merger of media/entertainment giants in American history.  It will also be the merger of two of the three worst customer service organizations – in addition to Comcast – ever conceived by evil human brains.

Fair warning:  If you are already sick of the horrible, demented, disgraceful lack of service you receive as a customer of one of these two behemoths, just wait until you see how you feel once this merger is completed, your bill has doubled, and the very predicable layoffs and other “streamlining” and “right-sizing” measures have been implemented in the newly-merged “customer service” department.  Waterboarding will have nothing on what these people have planned for you.

Why hasn’t this guy been indicted yet?  In all seriousness, how is he still walking around a free man? – Despicable former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe pulled a stunt designed to attract fake news media sympathy on Tuesday, filing suit in federal court against the DOJ and the FBI for “violating procedures” in firing him back in March.  McCabe’s skunky lawyers complained to in their court filings that DOJ is “withholding documents” from the defense in the case, to which House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley no doubt responded, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Before anyone gets to feeling too sorry for this imperious jackass, let’s all remember that the causes for his firing are incredibly well-documented in a 40-page report issued by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz a few days prior to his being escorted from the premises.  That report meticulously lays out a case in which McCabe is revealed to be a serial liar who perjured himself multiple times during the course of 2016 and 2017, as he worked feverishly to protect the Pantsuit Princess and damage a duly-elected President of the United States.

It is important to note that Horowitz also issued a criminal referral to Jeff Sessions related to McCabe’s actions, and that that referral is yet to be acted upon.  While we can hope – and may be even likely –  that this is just a case of the wheels of justice turning slowly, it is fair to note that McCabe – whose despicable behavior on the job began to come to light early in 2017 – has already been walking around a free and unindicted man far longer than any ordinary American accused of similar crimes would have been.

So if you’re looking for sympathy, Andy, you’ll have to go to CNN and the New York Times, where serial liars get to host hour-long shows in prime time and reporters are sanctioned to sleep around with government officials so they can leak national secrets to their depraved, brainwashed audiences.  You won’t be getting any from any of us hicks out here in flyover country.

Speaking of DOJ lawyers hiding the ball… – Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of aspiring circus clowns took their efforts to save face in their fake indictments of several Russian nationals to new heights on Tuesday.  They filed a motion asking the judge in their fake case against Concord Management and Consulting to allow them to hide the evidence they have supposedly collected against the Russian company until trial.

This of course is a breathtaking departure from normal rules of disclosure, in which the prosecution is required to timely provide the defendants the evidence upon which they built their case.  In case you’re wondering why Mueller would take this extraordinary step, the answer is obvious:  The charges against Concorde and the other Russian national defendants are extremely flimsy – perhaps completely unsupportable – and Mueller and his evil minions never expected any of them to actually show up for trial, given that the U.S. and Russia do not have a reciprocal extradition treaty in place.

Mueller’s motion hilariously claims that the documents in question are highly sensitive, even resorting to the standard DOJ dodge that some of them identify “sources, methods and techniques used to identify the foreign actors behind these interference operations.”

Let’s all remember what these Russian defendants are accused of:  They are accused of spending a paltry sum of money that didn’t amount to a pinprick in the context of 2016’s $2 billion presidential contest to create a bunch of fake accounts on Twitter and Facebook and spread propaganda designed to create confusion and discord among the U.S. electorate.  They are also accused of organizing a handful of protest rallies, alternately opposing both Donald Trump and the Fainting Felon.

Any 20-something year-old kid living in his grandmother’s basement could have figured all this out in about 2 days, but Mueller would have us and the judge believe that doing so required the Justice Department and FBI to engage in all manner of top secret skullduggery that would make a great John LeCarre’ novel.

This motion comes a month after Mueller’s request to indefinitely delay the trial was summarily rejected by the judge, so now he and his team of dishonest Clinton- and Obama-donors are scrambling around trying to figure out what in the hell they’re going to do.  After all, you can’t go to trial with a case that doesn’t exist.

Won’t it be fun when Mueller has to drop this case?  President Trump just needs to leave this guy alone, because he’s a clown.

Just another day of Robert Mueller is a clown America.

That is all.

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Carlos Dangler

When attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler!

kevin Cowlishaw

Is tomorrow’s IG report release going to be hammerfall or hammerfail. Can a totally corrupt DOJ deliver the goods?. Not holding my breath on this one.


Have to agree Kevin. Why can’t we trust this DOJ or FBI? What happened to Jeff Sessions? He was an honorable judge & US senator from Alabama for many years, yet sitting at the head of DOJ now, he has to know about the high level of political corruption around him, but does nothing. I can only conclude that he decided that self serves best. As a southerner, I’m ashamed of Jeff Sessions!


Meh…once you accept that the Federal government is against the citizenry in order to serve the elites in DC…it’s easier understand such articles…

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