If ABC’s Report Is Accurate, James Comey Really is Just a Teenage Drama Queen

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – I’ve never had much use for anyone named Kardashian, but damned if Kim Kardashian West didn’t finally do something positive with her fame.  Of course, it took President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words) to bring out the #Winner she always had deep inside.

On Wednesday, President Trump, based on a plea from Ms. Kardashian West, announced a full commutation of the life sentence that was despicably given to Alice Marie Johnson for non-violent drug offenses in 1996.  In announcing the clemency action, the White House issued the following statement:

“Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades. Despite receiving a life sentence, Alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison, and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates.  While this administration will always be very tough on crime, it believes that those who have paid their debt to society and worked hard to better themselves while in prison deserve a second chance.”
This is such an odd case, in that Kim K. and others lobbied hard for Barack Obama, who pardoned thousands of drug offenders, many of whom were violent, hardened, unrepentant offenders, during his terms in office, to act on Ms. Johnson’s case.  But for some reason, most likely because there was nothing in it for himself, Obama refused to act on this case of a non-violent grandmother who was given such an absurdly harsh sentence.

But then, Obama also could not be convinced by Sylvester Stallone and others to issue the pardon for boxing great Jack Johnson, either.  Such an odd, odd man.

Naturally, the fake news hacks at CNN got this line of BS from some unidentified Obama shill on the matter:

“President Barack Obama did not intervene in the case during his eight years in office because the Justice Department recommended denying Johnson’s request for a commutation. Three requests were made — one during his first term, two during his second — that were rejected, including a final plea on January 6, 2017, only days before Obama left office.
The requests never reached Obama’s desk, a senior Obama administration official tells CNN, because he followed Justice Department recommendations.”

Thus, we are to believe that Barack Obama pardoned hundreds of often-violent drug offenders – far more such offenders than the previous 7 presidents combined – because that was the recommendation of his utterly corrupted Justice Department.  Ok, actually, that’s totally believable, come to think of it.  Now it all makes absolute sense.  My goodness.

Hey, maybe they should have just revoked his recess privileges and sent him to study hall. –

So, James Comey’s media friends, led by the hacks at ABC, got busy on Wednesday rolling out what will obviously be his line of defense to the pending report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  This line goes like this:  The ex-FBI Director and current teenage drama queen might have been “insubordinate” and maybe, just maybe he “defied authority,” but darn it, he didn’t do anything “illegal.”

And besides, he “defied authority” and “ignored agency guidelines” not to protect the Pantsuit Princess, but to protect the country!!!!!!

So, just as Comey himself, working in concert with the deep state fake media lapdogs, cleared the Fainting Felon by declaring her to be “extremely careless” instead of the proper “criminally negligent” in the handling of national secrets, so Comey’s fake news buddies will attempt to clear him using tortured rationalizations to describe obviously criminal behavior.

Readers have no doubt noticed that I’ve been referring to Comey in recent weeks as a “teenage drama queen.”  This is because much of his goofy book reads like a teenage girl’s diary.

But it occurs to me that these descriptions of his behavior – “defied authority”, “insubordination,” “ignored guidelines” – all describe the behavior of the classic teenage drama queen.  The ABC story reads like a note you parents might have gotten from your son’s or daughter’s junior high principal when your kids were in their rebellious years.  If ABC is to be believed, it appears that Mr. Comey entered into his junior high rebellious phase along about the Spring of 2016.

Or hey, maybe Comey reads the Campaign Update each morning, and just decided to adopt my taunts as a defense strategy.  Who knows, it might work out for him.

In all seriousness, let’s remember a couple of salient points about the Pantsuit Princess’s email scandal, which is the subject of this next IG report:

  • Barack Obama, the President of the United States, knew her private email address and used it for official business, something Comey and the FBI refused to ever look into;
  • The FBI never made any effort to seize the DNC’s email server, which the DNC claimed to have been hacked, never made any real effort at all to determine if that claim was true or not;
  • The Fainting Felon’s longtime companion Huma Abedin was forwarding all of her private emails to a computer used by her pervert husband to prey on little girls.

Those are just three of the most heinous among dozens of outstanding questions about this scandal, questions that Comey’s FBI made no real effort to truly investigate.  Given all of that, if what ABC reports is truly the worst that the IG’s report has to say about the Teenage Drama Queen, then Mr. Horowitz is obviously useless and this entire charade is just more deep state Kabuki theater.

All we can do is wait and see, and the waiting to see is getting very, very old.

Just another day in let’s hope this isn’t just more Kabuki theater America.

That is all.

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Chester Fester

Love your stuff, David. This column inspired me to create a poster!

Chester Fester

Of course! Enjoy. If you wish, credit dagalagas. That’s my Yahoo name.


I can feel it….I am near peak Comey/McCabe/Strzok/FBI/Horowitz/Sessions/Lynch/Clinton/Obama/Mueller/…../.

This had better end soon. Wrap it up folks…..

Carlos Dangler

Hang in there, Jonesy! FOX is reporting that the IG Report is scheduled to be released on President Trump’s birthday. I hope it’s everything he ever wanted. Maybe he’ll have 2 scoops of ice cream again.
BTW – His birthday is 6/14.


I love Trump…but why pardon this obviously guilty drug dealing scum bag!? Kardashian can barely string two words together…maybe he just wanted her giant, dimpled arse out of the Oval Office! LOL!


When murderers are given 2 years and pot importers are given 60, and coke dealers (which is not addictive unless you use the CIA recipe to make crack) given life, It becomes obvious that our vendors have paid to have us jailed for interfering with their Alcohol/Oil/Pharmaceutical business.

Robert Gaines

sorry Pad, I’ve been there and it is addictive, and not just crack, “Coke makes you feel like a new man. Problem is, the new man wants another line of coke.” I don’t want to quibble on what addiction means, but it ruins lives.

I agree with you and do believe there is a huge need for sentencing reform, but I don’t agree on your specific take on sentencing discrepancies being all the fault of big Pharma/Big Oil, sorry. Actually in her case it was probably more caused by Slick Willie and Crooked Hillary and the 1994 Drug Bill – even Jessie Jackson [gasp] asked him to veto it. I don’t have all day or I’d go into ‘super-predator’ too…

Anyway, quick quote from none other than the HuffPost [sorry] from last December about that terrible bill – “Mass incarceration has largely been the type of stain on the Clinton legacy with Black Americans that doesn’t wash out with words. Clinton’s bill has left in its wake a trail of devastated African American families cut off from loved ones that have served sentences for nonviolent drug offenses that were decades too long.”

Robert Gaines

I would like to note that while yes, life without parole for a first offender was very harsh, and I am glad she had her sentence commuted, but, what usually fails to get mentioned is, when she committed these crimes she was not a grandma, but 41, and dealt b/t 2000 to 3000 kilograms [4000 to 6000 pounds, i.e.2 to 3 TONS of cocaine] in Memphis. Not just some single mom trying to get by with selling some 8 balls on the side.

I do feel she’s served her time for that, but I just don’t like the ‘innocent grandma’ picture – my brother died from substance abuse, which I don’t blame on just dealers, he made choices too – but I still feel she needed to do some SERIOUS time for her crime – she was a major player at the time – but definitely not life without parole. Just looking for some ‘full disclosure’ on this is all

Robert Gaines

As I said her sentence was way too harsh, and she’s served her time and rehabilitated. But David, it is not a ‘non-violent’ crime – I would not describe the people whose lives are ruined by coke, people DIE from overdoses, or slowly whack their bodies out by constant abuse. She may not kill directly, but I don’t agree with it being non-violent – she was part of a very violent and deadly chain of drug supply. That stuff doesn’t get here on unicorns – coke packets break in stomachs of mules, for example. The whole drug supply network is full of violence. Commute her sentence yes, forgive her past yes, but I wish people would just drop the ‘non-violence’ moniker – she was a cog in a very violent and lethal chain.

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