The Democrat Party is Collapsing in on Itself

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – Investors Business Daily reports that the median U.S. household income has now hit an all-time high of more than $61,000, and that President Donald Trump (I still never tire of typing those three words) is getting credit for it from the public.  Cool.

It’s where all the Clinton-era bodies are buried. – A big sinkhole has opened up on the White House grounds.

Life comes at you fast, Democrats. – In a Campaign Update barely 10 days ago I told you we would start seeing congressional generic ballot polls around late summer showing the Republicans leading in that measure, in which the Democrats were leading by double digits just two months ago.  Well, I was wrong:  The new Reuters generic ballot poll , conducted on May 17 and released on Tuesday shows the GOP with a 1 point advantage.

But it gets even better.  For the week ending May 20, a larger running sample shows the Republicans holding a significant 6 point lead over the Democrats.  Hey, maybe coming out in support of Iran, Hamas, MS-13, North Korea and impeachment all in the same week isn’t such a great platform to campaign on for the midterm elections.

Hey, everybody, the Democrats have a new campaign message! – And boy, you aren’t going to believe what it is.  No kidding, the party of MS-13, Hamas, Iran and open borders has gotten hold of new polling data that tells them that the magic bullet to enable them to save their sagging prospects for taking back the House of Representatives in the midterms is to use the phrase…wait for it…oh, you have to wait for this one…DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Yes, friends, the Democrat Party finds itself so bereft of anything resembling creative thought, so utterly lost for a viable campaign strategy for 2018, so without any real means to compete with Donald Trump and so completely lacking in the slightest shred of understanding of the cultural and political dynamics that led to their crushing defeats in 2014 and 2016 that they now have decided to have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – the two people who, more than any other living Americans, literally define the DC Swamp – go out and recite the Trump campaign slogan to their audiences of brainwashed nitwits.

I kid you not, I swear I don’t make this stuff up.  Really, who could?

Speaking of flailing Democrats, serial liar James Clapper – Barack Obama’s Director of National Intelligence –told the cackling hens on The View yesterday that the FBI placing spies within presidential campaigns is just standard operating procedure that “happens all the time.”  Ok, well, if that’s true, then identify the spies you placed in the Pansuit Princess’s and Jeb!’s campaign.  Go ahead, Director, we’ll all wait right here.  Good lord.

But back to that campaign message.  Here’s the political reality for the Democrat Party:  It is collapsing in on itself.  Yes, I know you are bombarded every day with messages from the fake news media that it is actually the GOP that is in trouble, but that is absolute nonsense.  The Democrat Party is teetering on the brink of literal collapse.

It is already little more than a regional minority party concentrated along the Northeast and West Coasts, with islands of support in crime-ridden big cities like Chicago and Detroit.  The Party has no message that holds any appeal to the vast majority of people who live outside of those scattered areas.

Furthermore, the Democrat Party has no leadership at all.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.

Here we are, 19 months after the 2016 election disaster, and who is still the de facto head of the Democrat Party?  The Pantsuit Princess!  A 70 year-old two-time loser in presidential politics who, along with her husband and Barack Obama, has taken what was a massive national majority political party and winnowed it steadily down to its lowest common denominator.

Outside of the Fainting Felon, the next most recognizable Democrat face is San Fran Nan, who is possibly the single most-detested politician still holding office in America today.  The ability to put her face and voice into Republican campaign ads this fall will by itself pretty much guarantee the GOP will hold onto its majorities in congress.

Behind these two women, you have the radical leftist nitwits, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, who have run the Democrat National Committee to the verge of bankruptcy.  And behind those circus clowns, you have about 50 lifetime mediocrities jockeying for position to be the Party’s sacrificial lamb nominee in 2020.

The Democrats’ biggest conundrum right now is that they are a captive of a voter base that has become increasingly radicalized and irrational in the wake of the 2016 elections.  The Democrats cannot “moderate” as a Party because the radicals won’t allow it.  This the Party of social justice warriors, Antifa, La Raza, CAIR, Hamas and MS-13, and there is pretty much nothing anyone can do about it.

The Reuters poll is not yet the norm – a CBS generic ballot poll released the same day shows the Democrats clinging to a 2 point lead – but the trend is obvious, rapid, and the Reuters poll will be the norm in a few weeks at the current pace.  And ask yourself this:  What tools do the Democrats have at their disposal to turn this growing tide back around?

Here is where we are headed:  In November, the GOP will not only hold onto its majorities in both houses of congress, it will increase them.  The Republicans will end up gaining a net 5 seats in the Senate and more than that in the House.  Trust me, this isn’t because the Republicans in congress are necessarily doing a bang-up job and deserve to hold a dominant position.  It’s simply because the Democrats are just that bad.

If you think the Democrats’ radical nut-job voter base went nuts after the 2016 election, just wait until you see them act out following this coming electoral disaster.

Just another day in the Democrat Party is collapsing America.

That is all.

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Kevin Cowlishaw

As the left become more deranged, watch for them to switch from a soft coup to a hard coup.
Equate democrats with Ebola and have the CDC quarantine them all, but wait, isn’t the CDC left leaning anti-Trump?


Excellent article, yet again. The Trump Train is adding new voters every day and they are leaving the Democrats and the GOP establishment. These polls will favor the GOP even more if everything works out in North Korea and when the hammer finally drop on the FISA abuse, Clinton e-mails, etc.

Steven Stevens

NONSENSE. The Democrats are “crazy like a fox.”
No one sees a train barreling down the tracks that is going to demolish the GOP and America: the 2020 Census. Surprise: the Census counts *people,* not voters. It doesn’t separate legal from illegal people. When the Democrats have packed their urban ghettos with 12 MILLION illegals, how many more seats in the House is that, friend? BOOM! Instant majority without those pesky elections. The silly question “Are you an illegal?” proposed for the Census form is a sick joke. The GOP is too weak and cowardly to stop this coup. We’re done.


Steven Stevens, are you really that stupid?


I see you found your stash.

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