Buckle up, Folks: “Crossfire Hurricane” Means Things Are About to Speed Up

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Some things to think about as we enter the next phase of this war against the Deep State and the Cabal within DOJ and the FBI that first tried to fix the 2016 election outcome for the Pantsuit Princess, and have spent the last 18 months attempting to bring down the duly-elected President of the United States:

  • Wednesday’s “Crossfire Hurricane” article published by the fake New York Times marks the end of the cover-up phase of this conspiracy.  The more you read that article in detail, the more you realize it has, in the effort to provide justification for the Cabal’s actions, in fact exposed pretty much every detail of the conspiracy.
  • One striking aspect of the report is that, where all the previous fake reports filed by the Times and WaPo in their efforts to help cover up for the Cabal cited only “unidentified sources”, you suddenly have people like Sally Yates, Mary McCord and some others talking on the record in an effort to cover themselves.  This never happened while the cover-up was going on.
  • We are now beginning to see selective leaks today of certain specifics contained in the report of DOJ IG Michael Horowitz, which is being circulated at DOJ and the FBI so those who are named in it have a chance to provide responses.  Those leaks are not coming from the good guys, who have kept this process utterly devoid of leaks for 17 months now.
  • The leaks are coming from the targets, in an effort get the information into the public domain so that their media support group can publish more fake articles providing justification for the cabal’s actions.
  • By the way, note that only the bad actors who remain employed at DOJ and FBI get the opportunity to read the report in advance.  Those who have already been given their walking papers – people with names like McCabe and Yates and McCord and Page and Baker and Comey and Brennan and Lynch and on and on and on – receive no such opportunity.
  • This helps explain why the only people talking on the record to the Times were people who no longer worked at those agencies.  It also makes it very likely that the leaks are coming from the bad actors still employed.  Think about it.
  • We need to also remember something key here:  While the Times article claims that the Cabal was very careful to keep its actions secret so as not to lend credibility to Trump’s claims of a rigged election, the truth is that details of what was going on were being leaked all over the damn place in real time.  The media was filled with anonymously-sourced articles detailing accusations about Carter Page, General Flynn and Paul Manafort throughout the summer and fall of 2016.  Where are we supposed to believe this information was coming from?  The answer is obvious, and that leads to the next bullet point here, which is…
  • …there are some in the fake news media who were complicit in all of this.  Reporters and editors and TV hosts who were coordinating efforts and messages and timing of articles with this effort to fix the election, and later with the effort to take down the President.  As the evidence of wrongdoing is presented in the IG report and in court cases that will follow, it will not be all that difficult for independent researchers to go back through the media record to figure out who those complicit individuals are.  This scandal does not end at the exit to the Hoover Building.
  • Finally, one of the leaks about the Horowitz report today is particularly interesting to me:  Real journalist Paul Sperry issued this tweet on Thursday afternoon:

  • If true, this clearly demonstrates the coordinated effort going on between Horowitz and his army of more than 400 investigators and Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney John Huber.  If you remember, Attorney General Jeff Sessions cleverly let it be known in an interview several weeks back that he didn’t need to create a second Special Counsel because he had had Huber and his team working in coordination with the IG since at least last October.  It is very, very likely that Huber has had at least one, and possibly multiple grand juries convened for months now, and that he will be ready to move quickly towards prosecuting the bad actors once the IG’s report has been issued.

If you think things have been moving quickly up to now, well, better buckle up, because they’re only going to move faster from here on out.

That is all.

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Robert Blum

Unfortunately, Lady Justice had been iced . . . which was an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law, the U S Constitution and the law-abiding citizens of the Untied States.

IN SHORT: It’s a fluke that Crossfire Hurricane is being exposed publicly. . .Now, will Lady Justice be resurrected?.


Amusing that anyone–especially on the Left–are STILL trying to pretend we’re not quite SURE that this whole thing was a GIANT, ILLEGAL, IMMORAL DEMOCRAT scam!

Bruce Branz

Things have been moving quickly??????? What is that supposed to mean. This “thing” has been dragging its tail for more than a year now. Quickly??? LOL! ! ! !


Are there enough lightposts in DC to watch ’em all swing at once? A rash of suicides may soon plague some of the progressive bastions around the nation. The cleanup will be messy and smelly, and a welcome sight.

Julianus Rex

One can hope.


Got lots of popcorn and plenty of cold IPA’s on hand…..can’t wait to watch the liberal dumpster fire it creates!

Jim M. Ryles

Clear the sidewalks around some of the high rises in some of the liberal progressive, delusional areas, there is going to be an increase of stoners, purple hair smelly whatever’s, alphabet types, etc.jumping out of tall buildings!


We will see just how fast it goes , now months vise years, all the hard part is done. should be 6-10 weeks given rebuttal from FBI, and DOJ on the draft, yes hopefully, grand jury can be all done in one week for O, Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page, Hillary, Rice, Jarrett, Power, Schultz, Brennan, Clapper, Huma, Mills, Rosenstein, Mueller, Popodopolous, Schiff, Baker, Fusion-GPS, AND MORE PEOPLE [MSM] who pushed a lie for framing Trump


Let’s hope.


Just want people arrested, charged and tried in a unbiased, non agenda court of law that will enforce the law, nothing else. Enforce the law equally no matter “who” you are.


The largest criminals & traitors that have ever existed in the greatest country that has ever existed on the planet are not kicking air yet ? WTF!

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