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Guess whose fault that is? – Self-styled media “watchdog” organization Reporters Without Borders says that hostility towards journalists is rising across the globe.  The liberal “watchdog” naturally attempts to lay the blame for this trend – if indeed it is a trend – at the feet of U.S. President Donald Trump, who it claims has incited the public against the dead journalistic profession, and restricted reporters’ access to his administration.

This of course is the very same Donald Trump who has held more face-to-face press availabilities during his first 16 months in office than his predecessor did in 8 years, the same Donald Trump who has taken the unprecedented step of allowing the press to remain in the White House conference room to witness the entirety of bi-partisan negotiating sessions on crucial issues, the same Donald Trump who interacts personally with the White House press corps on almost a daily basis.  That Donald Trump.

Reporters Without Borders claims that “many democratically elected leaders ‘no longer see the media as part of democracy’s essential underpinning,'” and that that is leading common citizens to take the same view.  The group, made up of the same sort of fake journalists who infest the national news media here in America, naturally never takes a second to reflect on the much more likely notion that all the fake and biased “news” tossed into the public domain by all their fake reporter colleagues might have something to do with the public’s declining esteem for their dead profession.

No surprise here.

This just keeps getting uglier and uglier. – Teenage Drama Queen ex-FBI Director James Comey was twisting himself up into one of those tiny pretzels you get on a United Airlines flight on CNN last night, desperately trying to explain to a suddenly semi-journalistic Anderson Cooper why his leaking of classified information wasn’t really a “leak.” If the film of Comey’s clips from last night were viewed by every American, every American would view him as the slimey, dissembling creep he really is.  Unfortunately, more people watch Sponge Bob Squarepants every night than Anderson Cooper, so it will remain a closely guarded secret over in the CNN vault.

Meanwhile, Fox News – which has a real audience – was reporting that Comey’s classified-information-filled memos weren’t just shared with Comey’s “friend”, Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman.  They were also shared with others, including…wait for it…oh, you gotta wait for this one…Patrick Fitzgerald!

Yes, I kid you not and swear on a stack of bibles I do not make this stuff up, the self-same Patrick Fitzgerald who we talked about in yesterday’s Campaign Update, the same Patrick Fitzgerald who was the special counsel who tossed Scooter Libby in jail on a trumped-up process charge, the same Patrick Fitzgerald who is the godfather to Comey’s children, the same Patrick Fitzgerald who we found out yesterday has been retained by Comey as part of his criminal defense team.  That Patrick Fitzgerald.

So think this all through in light of this new information.  Comey knows he is now under investigation by the DOJ Inspector General, and also most likely by Salt Lake City U.S. Attorney John Huber.  He knows he is in grave danger of serving time in prison for his illegal leaks and multiple perjuries before congress.

Comey also knows that both Richman and Fitzgerald, as the guys to whom he handed copies of his memos – which were the property of the FBI and contained gobs of classified information – are two of the main witnesses to his crimes.  Further, he knows that by sharing those memos with Richman and Fitzgerald, he has placed both of those men in potential criminal jeopardy as well.

Richman has even more of a problem than Fitzgerald, given that he was at the time of his leaking on behalf of Comey an actual employee of the FBI, complete with badge and security clearance and access card to get into and out of the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC.

So what does Comey do?  Why, he hires both men as his personal lawyers, possibly because they’re both fine lawyers, but also most likely because that gives all three men the opportunity to try to hide behind what used to be the shield of attorney/client privilege.

See how this works?

Of course, the fly in that particular ointment is that current special counsel – and also good buddy to Comey and Fitzgerald – Robert Mueller just crashed the whole notion of attorney/client privilege by staging his jack-booted raid on the home, office and hotel room of President Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen.  If Mueller, working in concert with the U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, can stage such a raid and willy-nilly confiscate every document he finds pertaining to every one of Cohen’s clients, and then start selectively leaking them to the fake news media, then what is left of any such “privilege?”

Comey, Richman and Fitzgerald can play hide ‘n seek all they want, but they’re all in deep doo-doo right now, and their good buddy Mueller isn’t helping their situation.  And all of that just could not happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Just another day in you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried America.

That is all.

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I’ve hated journalists for as long as I can remember. In my early twenties I figured out that the crap in newspapers was mostly made up or outright wrong. In more recent years I realized that network news was nothing but propaganda. The main reason I have no respect for the media is they have zero ethics or integrity. It is obvious the profession mostly attracts sleazy people, They did it to themselves.

Carlos Dangler

Can we kick the Reporters Without Borders to the other side of the Wall When Installed?


Comey is worse than Al Capone was. At least Capone was honest about his business. Comey likes to pretend he’s honest, and that he enforces the law!


“Unfortunately, more people watch Sponge Bob Squarepants every night than Anderson Cooper, so it will remain a closely guarded secret over in the CNN vault.”

Unfortunately? People might learn something true from Sponge Bob Squarepants. 😉

“Self-styled media “watchdog” organization Reporters Without Borders says that hostility towards journalists is rising across the globe.”

If you watch movies made before 1950 or so, you’ll discover a very different attitude towards than reporters then has been there during my lifetime. Hollywood back then portrays them as well…ambulance chasing, overly nosy attention seekers, that if they have any decency would be looking for another job. His Girl Friday is a dark look at the subject and while it ends “happily” with the ex-wife returning the ex-husband, it’s hard to shake the sense of an failed escape from immorality. A Philadelphia Story redeems both reporters in giving them new, proper jobs by the end – one as wife, the other as a novelist.

It looks like in the fake news era it has become widely apparent again that unless tempered strongly with ethics, that news reporting is much more about naked sensationalism than anything worthwhile.


Then it is handy that Mueller has successfully challenges the attorney-client privilege with his raid on Trump’s attorney. Comey should not be surprised if he is exposed in the same way.

marty lopez

Not surprisingly, the media has it exactly backwards. It is they who are responsible for the Presidents election. We hate them, their biased coverage and the establishment interests they work for and that’s why we elected Donald Trump to be our President. As for Comey the Clown:

James Comey is a self serving, liar and a sanctimonious hypocrite. His own comments demonstrate, if not prove the same and on their very face.

He would have us believe it was his principled and patriotic concern for the office and institution of the Presidency and not crooked Hillary’s promotion, or the continuation of his own tenure that motivated him. Really? Well, telephone for Mr. Comey. It’s common sense on the line. Any hypothesis requires consistency and at a minimum, I dare say.

And yet, it is he himself that gives us the lie by publicly disrespecting that very same office of the Presidency and as soon as he is discharged for cause and crimes, as he himself confessed under oath and before Congress and as witnessed by the entire nation. Hello?

The man is a joke, a rather embarrassing incompetent quite unworthy to be a crime boss, much less the head of a secret, federal police. Beria must be rolling over in his grave. I will allow for the possibility of his unwilling ineptitude inadvertently revealing his various misappropriations of authority and criminal misdeeds, but it hardly entitles him to any immunity, nor should his subsequent discharge confer upon him any sympathy.

To the extent James Comey is a victim and we can all identify with Jesus Christ as an every man, he is a victim of his own stupidity and incompetence and this circus act, book tour ought to be conducted on stilts, or in his underwear to maximize the comedic effect.

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