Some Men Just Need Firing, and Rod Rosenstein is That Man

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Thursday was like last Friday, another one of those 5 news cycle days…

– Congressional criminal referrals against McCabe, Comey, Lynch and the Pantsuit Princess;

– The James Comey teen angst tour continues;

– The DOJ Inspector General issues a criminal referral on McCabe;

– Trump hires Rudy Giuliani to “help negotiate an end to the Mueller investigation,” according to Rudy;

– DOJ releases the vaunted “Comey memos” to congress, they immediately leak to the press.

..and that all happened by 5:15 Eastern Time.  Holy cow.

The Campaign Update covered both the Congressional and IG criminal referrals here and here, and we are sick to freakin’ death of talking about the drama queen ex-FBI Director’s teen angst tour, so let’s focus on those last two items this morning, because they are very crucial in everything that is going on.

First, the release of the Comey memos, those precious little tomes that the preening then-FBI Director claims he felt a pressing need to write in order to memorialize this interactions with the new President of the United States.  If you want to read them, just go Google “Comey memos” and trust me, you’ll get several million hits – the things are all over the place this morning, after having been held back by a stonewalling FBI and DOJ for the last year.

Here is the crucial thing to remember about these memos as you read them:  Both Comey and the oily Rod Rosenstein admit that what is in these memos formed Rosenstein’s justification for appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.  Both of them have not only admitted this, they both have done so under oath in testimony before congressional committees.

Here is why that is important:  There is literally nothing in these memos that indicates even a smidgen of wrongdoing by President Donald Trump.  No indication – by Comey’s own admission – of obstruction of justice and no indication of any “collusion” with anyone from Russia.  No indication of any corruption, obstruction or unethical behavior by Mr. Trump whatsoever.

Congressman Trey Gowdy – himself a former prosecutor – as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has been aware of what the memos contain for many months now, and he has spent those many months telling anyone who asked that the memos not only do not damage President Trump, they would actually be used as “Exhibit A by the defense” to clear Trump of any wrongdoing.  It turns out that Congressman Gowdy was 100% correct in that assessment.

What these memos do show beyond any doubt at all is that Rosenstein, as the man who appointed Mueller, has perpetrated one of the most massive frauds on the American public in history, and that Comey and Mueller have been accessories to that fraud.  In a just world, Rosenstein would be fired before this day is out, and a special counsel would be assigned to prosecute them for all the perjuries and other crimes they have committed in this endeavor.

But obviously it is not a just world, so Rosenstein will be allowed to slither on through his daily duties of absolutely refusing to supervise Mueller in any way, Comey will be allowed to continue his teen angst book tour, and Mueller will be allowed to continue his assault on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th amendments to the Constitution.

Well, until, that is, Rudy Giuliani – America’s Mayor! – rides in on his white horse and “negotiates an end to the Mueller investigation,” as he put it himself.  If your initial reaction to that bit of news is to think, “What the hell?  Why should President Trump have to negotiate anything in this situation?”, well, join the crowd.

But here we are.  Rosenstein refuses to do his job, Mueller’s sitting there holding such a huge bag of nothing that many in the anti-Trump media speculated that he conducted his jack-booted raid on Michael Cohen in a desperate effort to get Trump to fire him, and the President is understandably quite anxious to put an end to the massive fraud that has thus far haunted his entire presidency.

The things to remember about Giuliani that are very pertinent to this matter are:

  • He’s a former U.S. Attorney himself, and knows how the processes within DOJ work;
  • He’s extremely adept at exercising leverage to get the things he wants to do done, which is what made him such an extremely successful mayor of New York City;
  • Perhaps most importantly, he has direct knowledge of evidence of criminal conduct by Hillary Clinton that was buried by Clinton cronies at the New York P0lice Department and New York City FBI Field Office. Think 600,000 Clinton emails showing up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

So he has tons of leverage to exercise in a negotiation with Mueller, whose “investigation” is as much about protecting the Pantsuit Princess and his best buddy Comey as it is about anything else.  Mueller desperately wants to save face by snagging an interview with the President before closing up his shop, something the President should avoid at all costs, given that any interview with Mueller would be set up solely to try to catch Mr. Trump in some perjury trap.

Giuliani’s job will be to convince Mueller it is in his interests to let the thought of any interview with the President go.  Can’t think of anyone better to take on this assignment.

Just another day in Rod Rosenstein needs firing America.

That is all.

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Kevin Cowlishaw

If nobody goes to prison over all of this, then America is just as lawless as the old west once was.

Camilla Stephan

Given the Comey memos-which are as you say the grounds for the Mueller investigation- are a big “nothing burger” they are themselves evidence of the deep stateconspircy against President Trump. Is that not grounds to shut the whole thing down and to indict Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein on conspiracy? treason?

Steve in MO

I don’t think Rosenstein should be fired with the available evidence. Need to see the IG report on him, since he appointed Mueller, essentially to go after Manafort, who was a client of the law firm where Mueller was working. That would be a conflict of interest which apparently both Rosenstein and Manafort were aware of, and is a violation of the regulations or laws about appointing a special counsel. Rosenstein and Mueller need to be held accountable for that. The Office of Professional Responsibility should also be looking into the Mueller/Rosenstein appointment process, and if there was wrong doing, then Rosenstein and Mueller would both be held accountable. The Office of Professional Responsibility essential the internal affairs dept at DOJ and FBI.
Also there is the issue of Rosenstein signing off on the FISA warrant application, but apparently not informing the judge about the origin of the Steele dossier the FISA warrant was based on. This may have been a violation of privacy rights, and may have been a fraudulent application to the FISA court. Certainly the IG needs to review that information, and the Office of Professional Responsibility as well.
The entire Russia collusion business seems to hang on that FISA warrant application. Everything coming from or connected to it is likely tainted evidence, so there may not be a case at all about all this Russia collusion business.
I don’t know much about the Comey memos. He was trying to make them official documents of the FBI or DOJ.
Are they really official documents. Did he submit them to others in the DOJ and FBI as official documents, or was he keeping them under wraps, essentially a private diary of affairs.
Government memos usually are entered into a database, or kept in a secure file.
Documents pertaining to conversations with the President probably should be considered confidential at the least and maintained in a secure file, even if you write them yourself.
Were they actually notes he was taking in order to write an expose book. It seems like that’s what they turned out to be.

Francis David Conzo

Muller is holding out until the dems win the midterm–then they will impeach the Swamp Killer.

WH should agree to not use all the evidence to go after HRC, then do exactly that: nail the bitch to the wall.


I hope Giuliani’s “leverage” doesn’t entail proposals that bury evidence against Clinton and her cronies in exchange for Mueller backing off. Then it’s just like any other crooked deal in Washington.

We need referrals to turn into indictments, and people going to jail for this. Even so, Comey, McCabe, Lynch are just the insulating layers around the real crook, Hillary. Sure let’s peel them back, but as was mentioned, there is a mountain of evidence against her. How about just prosecuting her for the gross negligence of handling classified material? Yes there is a host of other potential charges, but that one there is the most serious to me. She is not above the law. Can you imagine all the stuff we wouldn’t know if she had become president?


Mueller needs to go to jail too. No deals to let the conspirators off the hook. Try them all and hang them, plain and simple. If we do not follow through and uphold the law, then we are not a nation of laws. We would be a nation of phony people, with a two tier system of justice.

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