The Horowitz Report is Coming, and Hell’s Coming With it.

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet?  – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly telling people around him that he is at peace with the manner in which he has conducted himself in his tireless efforts to preserve the Washington, DC Deep State and take down a sitting president, and is prepared to be fired.

Well, cool.  President Trump should accommodate him.

Had the President taken this well-deserved action Friday morning, the story would have already been buried under at least four subsequent news cycles, because that’s how many the nation experienced in the last 24 hours.  Think about it, on Friday alone, our fake national news media took us through four major news cycles in a span of less than 24 hours:

  • The James Comey teenage girl diary cycle;
  • The Scooter Libby gets pardoned cycle;
  • The Andrew McCabe is one candor-lacking sonofagun cycle;
  • The Trump bombs Syria cycle.

On top of all that, those of us who live in Texas also went through the Dallas Cowboys cut Dez Bryant and thank God for that news cycle, a story that just a few years ago would have played out over 3-4 days, but in today’s world flashed by between 1:30 and 2:45.

So my continuing advice to Mr. Trump – which has been my advice about the oily Mr. Rosenstein since last June – is to go ahead and fire the clown.  He richly deserves it, and all the threats from Democrats and fake Republicans like Lindsey Graham that there would be terrible consequence for doing so is just so much noise designed to protect the establishment.  At the pace at which events are moving these days, it would all be a forgotten story within hours.

Just ask Paul Ryan, who no doubt thought his announcement that he would not be running for re-election would be huge news for days.  Ryan made his announcement on Wednesday – it seems like weeks ago.

In pardoning Scooter Libby, the President corrected one of the many dark errors left behind by George W. Bush.  Bush commuted Libby’s sentence – an atrocity created by the last out-of-control special counsel, Patrick Fitzgerald – but refused to issue him a full pardon, even though Libby had clearly done nothing wrong.  That Donald Trump had to correct Bush’s error 9 years later will forever remain a stain on Bush’s legacy.

In case you missed it among all the rapidly moving events of Friday, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz made two major moves in the span of a few hours.

The first and most important was the issuance of the report detailing the horrible conduct of the terminally dishonest Andrew McCabe.  The report is thorough and utterly devastating and completely shreds McCabe’s pathetic excuse-making that came in the wake of his well-deserved firing.  It clearly demonstrates that anyone who gave money to McCabe’s legal defense fund is a damn fool.  Awesome.

The second action Horowitz took on Friday was to send a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, notifying him of his intent to issue his report of his 15-month long investigation of DOJ/FBI abuse during the 2016 presidential campaign in May.  If that report is as thorough and devastating as the IG’s report detailing McCabe’s misconduct, then indictments and perp walks should commence shortly thereafter.  If that doesn’t happen, then we’ll know for sure that Attorney General Sessions is also a corrupt actor who needs firing.

In truth, the Deep State actors like Special Counsel Mueller and his best buddy Comey know that report is going to be devastating, which is why they’ve engaged in such a frenzy of activity over the last few weeks.  The goal is to create as much noise, chaos and doubt in the public mind as possible before the report is issued, and then pound on all the false narratives the media is creating right now as a means of distracting public attention from the real criminal activity the IG report will detail.

It won’t work, but it’s basically all they have left at this point.  In fact, it’s all they ever had to begin with.  While the seeds of chaos are sown very rapidly by our corrupt fake news media, their bite is ultimately toothless.

Meanwhile, the wheels of real justice turn very slowly, but the real consequences they ultimately produce are severe and unavoidable.

To paraphrase Kurt Russell in the great western Tombstone, the Horowitz report is coming, and hell’s coming with it.

Just another day in the Horowitz report is coming, and hell’s coming with it America.

That is all.

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With 18,500 Sealed Cases filed in the Federal Courts, this will be a looooong show. Stock up on popcorn before the stores run out.


Waiting for the long delayed IG report to be released. Which will probably be brushed off by the MSM. Because it won’t fit their narrative re: Trump being the bad guy. My hope is to watch the Clinton Cabal come up on charges along with all those involved in covering up their crimes against the people, i.e., Mueller, Comey, etc.
I pray for Trump and this nation.


been waiting and waiting
first it was march then april now may

all i know is if these people don’t do perp walks
that means trump lied to us and will not be re elected

i am with trump all the way
however, i used to love and believe george bush
and now i find out he was a traitor to our country

bush not pardoning libby was a defining point for me
bush left libby out to dry
and he lied to take down sadaam
bush helped destabalize the middle east and obama and hillary finished it
what a mess we are in with that cesspool part of the world
and what a mess bush,obama and hillary have left our country

i pray for trump and his team every day
please join me


“It’s a beautiful DAYYYY in the neighborhood…. WON’T, U B, my CELL MATE? hi there, McCellMate!

marty lopez

Great article and some great writing, very entertaining. Well done, GD Blackmon, but there is one point I would take issue with.

You say anyone who has contributed to McCabe’s go fund me page is a damned fool. Well, not exactly, Obama’s personal lobbyist, or law firm ( I forget which) is responsible for that go fund me page. Let that sink in.

And remember this. McCabe has threatened on different occasions, multiple times heard to be saying, that, if he went down, he wasn’t going down alone. Hee Haw, ride that horse up onto the sidewalk and into the salon cowboy.


!! ROCK & ROLL!!


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE…………….


Good times.

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