President Trump Tweets, Mexico Blinks, Media Narrative Stinks

The Evening Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

After spending the last several days reporting that a large caravan of Honduran immigrants was traversing the length of Mexico in a quest to enter the U.S. illegally, the mainstream fake news media is now shifting gears to create a legend that the gang of illegal immigrants was never really headed for America at all.

Color me shocked.

This emergency change in fake news narrative comes after the Mexican government – obviously responding to warnings issued since Saturday by President Donald Trump – halted the procession of illegals in the state of Oaxaca, south of Mexico City, and began processing them through its own immigration laws.  Mexican officials denied that their action had anything to do with Trump’s threats to modify U.S. participation in NAFTA should the caravan continue to the U.S. border, but those denials ring hollow given that the procession had traversed the southern half of Mexico unimpeded until Monday’s sudden decision to bring it to a stop.

So, given that the overarching media/Democrat narrative demands that President Trump must never be credited with any positive outcome for America, all the fake reporters and editors have unified around the new tall tale.  The caravan’s organizers, however, keep letting the cat out of the bag.

Consistent with the new narrative, ABC’s Tuesday report on the matter hilariously stated that “Bogged down by logistical problems, large numbers of children and fears about people getting sick, the caravan was always meant to draw attention to the plight of migrants and was never equipped to march all the way to the U.S. border.”

This new fake media narrative flies in the face of earlier media reports of the procession, such as Buzzfeed’s coverage from March 31, which said in part, “Organized by a group of volunteers called Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan is intended to help migrants safely reach the United States, bypassing not only authorities who would seek to deport them, but gangs and cartels who are known to assault vulnerable migrants.”

Obviously, before the President started tweeting about this caravan, there was no question about its ultimate intentions.  Which is not surprising, given that it is in fact an event that has been organized annually by Pueblos Sin Fronteras in recent years, always with the goal of reaching the U.S., a goal that was actively encouraged by the Obama Administration.  (Many readers will in fact remember media reports during the 2014-16 time frame of U.S. government officials actually helping to train the aspiring illegal immigrants on how to communicate with reporters and U.S. immigration officials once they reached the U.S. border.)

And don’t kid yourselves into thinking that this action by the Mexican government means the current caravan has actually come to an end.  As Buzzfeed’s Adolfo Flores is reporting today, many of the participants plan to continue on:

“At the end of the day these people have the right to ask for asylum,” said Gina Garibo, one of the organizers for Pueblos Sin Fronteras, the volunteer group that organized the caravan.

She denied the caravan was over. “We have to follow through with our promise” to help people gain asylum in the United States or Mexico, she said. Migrants would continue moving but in smaller groups than the caravan.

President Trump obviously recognizes this reality and promised at a Tuesday press availability to use the U.S. military to police the border:  “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military. That’s a big step,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

I pointed out in yesterday’s Daily Campaign Update that Mr. Trump was, with his Twitter activity on this issue, laying the groundwork for some form of executive action on border security.  Today, we see the manifestation of the first step towards that goal.  No one should assume it will be the last, just as no one should assume the current caravan has actually come to an end.

It’s a safe bet the fake news media will be forced to shift its narrative again before this is all over.


That is all.

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marty lopez

The amateurs are easy to spot. They are always talking about strategy, grand strategies while professionals quietly ponder the logistics. No doubt General Mathis is briefing the President in real time and unless I’m am missing my bet, he is all about explaining the sheer impossibility of the mission before him. The enemy has decided to engage us at the border and the outcome is hardly as clear as some would like to think. The challenge is asymmetrical and we had better be prepared to confront it as such, or we will lose.

Once these invaders step onto US soil, the force of law demands the Obama absurdity of “Catch and release” go into effect. You can just bet the enemy will be joining the courts in the fray. Democrats, liberals, the legions of immigration attorneys, non profits, public law centers, Catholic Charities and far left radicals of every strip and persuasion will all be piling on. The globalists who have enabled, funded and encouraged them for the last thirty years have America, its government and its people all tied in a knot. Their fake media will be playing it for extra bases and non stop too.

When confronted with the Gordian Knot, an unsolvable puzzle from antiquity, Alexander the Great withdrew his sword and cut it. The time has come for President Trump to show the very same, intrepid determination. Half measures won’t work.
Clearly, the time for nuisance is over. Nor will it matter how much lip stick anyone puts on this pig. This isn’t a question of public perception, or politics as usual, which will allow itself to be settled quietly between principles at some latter date. This is an adversary determined to have something of a definitive, public contest and they will not allow themselves to be assuaged, or deterred by bluffs, bluster, or threats.

Should President Trump fail to stem the flows of illegal immigrants from Central America, Mexico and all points south, his Presidency will, for all intent and purposes be over. Millions of everyday Americans have been advising deploying the military to our southern border and for close to thirty years now, but a deployed military, ineffective and unable to act, with it’s hands tied by the courts is no force at all. It would signal the beginning of the end and serve as a certain death toll for a free, independent and sovereign America.

World Without Borders is bringing Gettysburg to a border crossing near you. If they aren’t stopped, the union will be unalterably severed, the seat of government exposed as indefensible and the homeland will be forever lost. There are many ways to confront asymmetrical threats and challenges. I would suggest overwhelming force, or in this case overlapping fields of fire. Declare a state of national emergency, Mr. President. Seal the border and call the Congress back into emergency session. Ask for a declaration of war against any and all such organizations as World Without Borders. Let’s get it on the record for the midterm elections. Exactly who will vote to preserve America from foreign invasion and who will not. Overt, existential threats to America need to be met head on.

A symmetrical cuts both ways. So why must the devil have all the fun? NAFTA and security concerns along our southern border need to be conjoined. You don’t get one without the other. Put it on Mexico and their globalist partners here in the United States. They can have a militarized zone, but it won’t come with any NAFTA attached.
Tell Mathis to move and position the various units and forces as expeditiously as possible so as to suggest that were it to become necessary to seal the frontier militarily, while simultaneously closing down all border crossings, the gate would in indeed slam shut, dropping in place like a steel trap.

The chaos on the Mexican side would be frantic. Tens of millions of dollars of commerce would immediately be interrupted and within hours. Immediately thereafter they would begin turning into losses. Those losses would mount into orders of multitude and within the next couple of days. Stranded Americans would be allowed to process back across the frontier while all others of course, would be denied entry.

That’s when the President will be assured he has everyone’s complete and undivided attention. The actual discussions of course, would proceed on two separate levels, one private and substantial and the other public, which is to say full tilt boggie, emotionally charged and with the media playing it for all it is worth. The President will know exactly what to do with all that. Are we still a nation and, if so, who is in charge? Do we elect presidents to function as true, executive leaders and commanders in chief, or is the office largely ceremonial and simply relegated to stage work?

All specifics, terms and conditions will remain to be discussed, or not, but either way, the border will be secured and so by the way, would the out come of mid term elections. A cooperative, meaningful and effective effort would inspire confidence in upcoming talks, which could lead to a reinstated, renegotiated NAFTA that would be beneficial to both sides. The Congress, now in sessions by emergency proclamation of a national emergency should be sequestered and forced to remain in session. Bring in the cots until all his essential nominations are either confirmed, or rejected. In a time of national emergency, a government needs to be able to function as intended under law.

The President has every right to insist Congress stay sequestered until they actually do their job. He should take to air and start speaking to the nation earnestly about the crisis we face from the crime cartels and their drugs, terrorists and economic refugees. If any elected representatives aren’t at their desks, on the floor of Congress when sequester is imposed, have them tracked down and brought back by force of arm, if necessary. Take the bull by the horns Mr. President and you will win. It is only by allowing the status quo to continue that you will lose the confidence of the public as well as the loyal support of your base.

I further suggest you seriously consider sending federal law enforcement officials to California to arrest any and all elected and appointed officials who refuse to cooperate with, or honor federal law and, or have acted to obstruct justice to include the Governor, his Attorney General and this Mayor of Oakland. Anyone who isn’t prepared to hold office without violating federal law, refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement officials both in spirit and fact need to be immediately removed from any official capacity and brought up on federal charges. Hold them all incarcerated and without bail in an out of state, federal facility and have them charged according to commonly understood and established legal definitions of treason and sedition. Be prepared to impose martial law upon the entire state of California, if necessary. That would be an added political opportunity to expose the full extent of the insurrection, tyranny and corruption.

Further announce your intention and future policy of cutting off all federal funding for any cities, counties and, or states, which are deemed to be out of compliance with any federal law, or directives. And further inform the nation of your intention to ignore any and all lower court rulings until the Supreme Court has the opportunity to make a final determination on every single issue and aspect regarding the supremacy of federal law. The nation elected you President and not some no account, lower level, federal judge beholding to radical, political ideologues who are anathema to the American people. Watch those poll numbers sky rocket.

Make clear your intention to see that law and order remains seamlessly in force throughout the nation. Civil order will remain of utmost importance until all such matters are definitively adjudicated in the nation’s highest court and let it be known, you are willing to do whatever it will take. America demands legal resolution and on each and every one of these issues and you will not allow it to be held ransom to corrupt and provincial political considerations such as partisan, pork rolling projects and the special, business interests of global multi national corporations.

Enough is enough. Everyone realizes these schizophrenic episodes of the left have gone too far. One side, or the other must take charge at least until the next national election. The country must control the very ground it rests upon, the mechanisms of governance and the territory it purports to rule, least and for all practical purposes, it simply ceases to exist and that’s by definition.

Of course the argument can be made, that is precisely what both the left and the globalists want. But was that not why we elected you to be President and now, we find that question still remains to be answered. Why did you run to be President, if not to make America Great again?

By all means let us sit down and continue to try to reason together. Let these discussions be guided by law, tradition and the good intentions of well meaning men, but failing to find consensus, let’s resolve to put these enemies of our democratic republic before us and, at the point of a bayonet should it become necessary. Either we exist as a nation, or we don’t. Either the constitution remains in effect and the law exists for all, fair, even handed and equal, or it is a tyranny of establishment privilege as we can all see today, plain and simple.

Take charge Mr. President. Do it now and you will win. Our enemies continue to thwart and frustrate you and your Administration at every turn. They continue to gather, plot and fester in their insolent arrogance, seditious posture and entrenched positions. The danger is they will inevitably strengthen as your supporters, unfulfilled will be demoralized and eventually begin to trail off. The people are still with you Mr. President and while the people still support you, you cannot lose.

Either you prevail Mr. President, or it will all have been for naught and it really won’t matter how it is dressed up for public consumption. Either we will have an America and you will have won, or we won’t, in which case you will have failed and we will have lost and America will be forever diminished and profound ways. Frankly sir, to those of us who support you, that is simply unacceptable.


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