Congress De-funds a Ghost as Trump Eliminates Another Obama-era Scam

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet?  Oh, wait…:  Great news, everyone!  The 2234-page atrocity that congress refers to as an omnibus “budget” contains a secret provision nobody read that would defund ACORN!  You remember ACORN, don’t you?  That Obama-supported leftist organization that cobbled together hundreds of thousand of fraudulent votes to help Obama fake-win the 2008 presidential election?  Yeah, that ACORN.

Well, ACORN won’t be getting no federal money anymore, thanks to your intrepid establishment congressional Republicans, who work every day to protect by-God America.  One problem, though:  ACORN hasn’t actually existed since 2009.  D’oh!

Your congressional Republicans:  Only a decade late to the fight.

If you have any shopping to do, today’s a great day to go the mall. – Why?  Because the leftist-organized “March for our Lives” rallies will be taking place all over the country.  So, many of those teenagers who spend their days making a nuisance of themselves at your local shopping center will be busy pretending to know something about guns and gun control at a demonstration somewhere else.  So, go shopping, America – the coast will never be more clear.

You can’t fight AR-15s with pistols! The pistol’s bullets are just too slow!  But kids throwing rocks, on the other hand… – Remember the “pistol bullets are just too slow” line of argument against President Trump’s proposal to protect school children by allowing trained teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons?  Wasn’t that a special one?  Yeah….good times.

Well, no worries, school administrators in Schuylkill County, PA have the conundrum of protecting their kids all figured out, you betcha.  Just ask Superintendent Dr. David Helsel, who bragged to state lawmakers in Harrisburg on Friday that “Every classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon bucket of river stone. If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance into any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full students armed with rocks and they will be stoned.”  Yeah, that’ll work.

I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

She’s so fake, she embarrasses all the other fake journalists. – Of all the legion of fake journalists working in the nation’s capital today, the Washington Post’s dimwitted Jennfer Rubin is probably the fakest of them all.  Upon learning of John Bolton’s appointment as the next National Security Advisor, Rubin issued the following tweet:

But just a year ago, Rubin penned a piece advocating for the appointment of Bolton to become Deputy Secretary of State:  “There are few experienced hands who know how the State Department works today and have a granular understanding as to how it should function. If not Bolton himself, someone very much like him would be ideal in the No. 2 spot at State.”  But it gets even better.

As Warren Henry at the Federalist points out, the reason why Rubin wanted Bolton as the #2 guy at State was so that he would become a logical choice to become …wait for it…wait for it…National Security Advisor!  I kid you not:  “Unless Trump wants to go through the rigmarole of hiring a new face, the inevitable [Michael T.] Flynn replacement is very likely to come from within the administration — the No. 2 person at the state or defense departments or some other player with whom Trump has developed a relationship of trust.”

Thus, it becomes crystal clear that Rubin’s real problem with Bolton is simply that he was appointed by Donald Trump, and at the WaPo, agreeing with the sitting, duly-elected POTUS is simply not tolerated.

Trump continues to disassemble the un-American Obama legacy, brick by disgraceful brick. – The fake news media is reporting that President Trump “banned transgenders from serving in the military” Friday evening.  That’s actually not true.  What he did was implement a new policy – based on the recommendation from Defense Secretary James Mattis – that will ban the ongoing scam in which persons with gender dysphoria have joined the military in order to take advantage of a policy implemented by Barack Hussein Obama that forces the taxpayers to pay for their gender reassignment surgery.

Towards that end, the new policy states that “transgender persons with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria — individuals who the policies state may require substantial medical treatment, including medications and surgery — are disqualified from military service except under certain limited circumstances.”  Individuals who have been “stable for 36 consecutive months in their biological sex prior to accession,” and those who “do not require a change of gender” will be exempt from the new policy and allowed to serve.

In other words, the scam – which Obama actively encouraged – of enlisting in one of the armed services for a three-year hitch and spending most of that time undergoing gender-transition surgeries at taxpayer expense es no mas.  On the other hand, trans-gender individuals who truly wish to serve their country honorably remain welcome in the U.S. armed services, as they should be.

For all you enraged SJWs out there, this what is known as good public policy.

Just another day in erasing the disappearing Obama legacy America.

That is all.

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“On the other hand, trans-gender individuals who truly wish to serve their country honorably remain welcome in the U.S. armed services, as they should be.”

You didn’t really end it this way did you?? Eek! This is what I’ve been mumbling about in other posts…the inability of the right to save us from the left because they are holding extremely (leftist) progressive ideas in their head without realizing it. Many modern right/left discussions are only arguing over the extremes of progressive ideas. After a while, the left is very successful in moving every extreme farther left, thus you’re arguing about less and less relevant stuff and unable to preserve anything meaningful of the culture.

This is one prime example. There is no such thing as a gender change. It doesn’t exist. We are our genders to every cell in our bodies. At any other time, say the ancient times of 1992, we’d reject all candidates as the mental cases that they are. Remember MASH and what Klinger thought was his sure fire ticket out of war zone??? I can’t imagine any military officer who think it’s helpful to have crazy personal from the get go. But apparently gender dysphoria, which is not fixed with a “sex change” operation (butchering is more like it), has become okay as a mental illness in personnel?? What?? And the take from the right leaning thinkers, is not they’re insane, but costing us money?? Yikes!!

In the sense that there very few of these people, it’s not a particular battle worth fighting. Whatever face saving dance we have to do keep them out the military is fine. They just want attention and if they can’t get it easily, then they’ll go elsewhere. In the sense that the right has become the best champion of leftist causes, we’re in deep, deep trouble.

bella sognatore

So the president’s main job is as commander-in-chief. I HATE the sickening bill but I can understand that he needed to put the military first for the defense of the country. He has a lot more info on that than does the general public. Maybe the need to fund the military is a lot more urgent than any of us know. God forbid we are attacked or a sudden military need comes up and we are completely unprepared and unfunded. I am very disappointed he signed it, but I will withhold judgment until I see the bigger picture. There is more to this than meets the eye.


Trump just sealed the deal for his impeachment. Nothing else matters.

Matthew Frihart

Lets just remember one thing about this monstrosity of a bill……… it was a trap to make trump look bad no matter what he did. He either looks bad to his base by signing it, or he looks bad to everyone else by being the hand that shuts down the government. Trump was put in a no win situation by those a-holes in congress. I’m not defending the fact that he signed it, it was clearly not the right thing to do, but we all have to see he was put in a no win situation.

That being said, Trump has time to do a lot more good than harm, and I can’t account for others, but at least I knew this was going to be somewhat of a mixed bag of policies because Trump is not idealogically driven, when I voted for him.

What I’ve done is kept a list by state whom voted for crappy bills in the last 2 years. Passed it along to anyone whom wants it so we can keep these guys accountable come primary time which is around the corner. We can counter the blue wave, but we need a red wave to take out establishment people in the primaries first.

Ron Oliver

Hell, you know you screwed up when Pelosi and Schumer are declaring victory.
Frankly, I’m beyond disappointed Trump declined to veto that monstrosity of a 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill. Isn’t that why he was sent to D.C. in the first place?
Warning the RINOs he won’t sign another one of these “10lbs of manure in a 5lb bag” doesn’t lessen my disgust or disbelief.
He’s running the real danger of losing his base over this type of acquiescence and will deservedly become a one term President if this continues.


I like GD Blackmon’s article, but why is he using Spanish “es no mas”? I’m sure people who don’t know Spanish would appreciate English (and I write this a someone who can speak Spanish). Otherwise, I like his sarcasm, well because lying RINOs deserve it.


Wish they could erase Obama!

Robert Moran

Trump just used the military to nuke the base. It’s the real zombie apocalypse.

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