Hillary Clinton and McCabe Clarify Job #1 for Sessions: Punish the Deep State Cabal

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Remember, whenever a Clinton accuses someone else of wrongdoing, it means they’re guilty of that behavior themselves. – The Pantsuit Princess, in an interview on Dutch television, claimed that President Donald Trump has “undermined the office and used it to enrich himself and his family. Disregarded laws, ethical standards.”

This, of course, is yet another episode of Clintonian “projection,” an attempt to deflect attention from her own influence scam while serving as Secretary of State.  Seems the Grasping Grifter must have gotten wind that the Justice Department’s ongoing investigations into the Clinton Crime Family’s Fake Foundation and the Uranium One scandals are bearing some fruit.  Cool.

The Coughing Crook also ironically accused the President of “undermining the stability of the global order.”  Well, yes, that is what the Trump campaign was, and the Trump presidency is all about.  It’s what he got elected to do, and – shockingly to every politician and fake journalist in Washington – it is actually what he is going about doing.

Wait, what?  And he was surprised he got fired? – ABC News reported on Wednesday that now-fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe oversaw a criminal investigation last summer against…wait for it…his boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions!

Oh, but it gets even better.  Turns out the investigation was initiated at the demand of…wait for it…disgraced former Minnesota Senator Al Franken.  The pusillanimous ex-bad comic insisted the FBI investigate Sessions because he believed the AG had not told him the truth during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier in the year.

Of course, the very most absurd part of this story is the fact that Democrat voters have become so utterly demented and devoid of any real standards in their voting patterns that Al Franken was once actually a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  This is me, slapping my damn head.

But back to McCabe:  Seriously, you conduct a criminal investigation of your own boss and then have the nerve to feign surprise when you get your butt run off?  There can be no more perfect illustration of the entitled attitudes of the deep state thugs who still infest the federal bureaucracy.  No one elected creeps like McCabe and James Comey and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr to do anything, yet they all obviously believed they were entitled to work to fix a national election and, having failed at that, to work to undermine a duly-elected President.

When they get caught and summarily fired, they issue intemperate, threatening and demonstrably false statements written by professional talking points monkeys (McCabe) expressing their outrage at being caught and fired, or they steal government records, leak them to the New York Times (Comey) and start issuing increasingly weird messages on their Twitter feeds.

These people all believed they were somehow special; that, despite the fact that no citizen had ever cast a single vote in their favor, they were the chosen ones who somehow had a duty to commit crimes designed to guide the destiny of a nation of 330 million people.

It’s important to never forget the foundational key to all of this:  They all felt free to commit all manner of crimes in pursuit of their goals because they knew with absolute certainty that, if the Fainting Felon won the 2016 election, there would be no investigation into any of this.  They knew that, not only would they never be in any way punished for their crimes, they would in fact most likely be rewarded for their actions on behalf of the Cackling Crank, who they all fully expected to win.

And why wouldn’t they think this way?  After all, they’d just gone through 8 years during which the FBI and Department of Justice had been increasingly corrupted at the highest levels by a President who had promised to “transform the country” and by political appointees dead set on carrying out that mission.  Indeed, it is becoming increasingly obvious with every passing day and release of more Strzok/Page texts that this deep state cabal was right in the middle of “transforming the country” into just another third world banana republic when a very inconvenient election intervened.

The more we learn about this deep state cabal and its efforts to subvert our democratic processes, the more I lean towards viewing the outcome of the 2016 election as an act of a very benevolent God.  What they did was treasonous, and it is vitally important that they all be brought to justice if our country is going to survive.  Because the past week’s statements by McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Power and the Pantsuit Princess make it crystal clear that none of them has any intention of voluntarily relenting.

Just another day in deep state America.

That is all.

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Trump sure is taking his time firing people out to get him. That includes Cryin’ Ryan and the Turtle. Ryan may leave, McTurtle should be investigated for influence peddling and presented with the evidence and told to retire or go to jail

Rick Schweikert

Of course the plan was for Hillary to be elected then to destroy President Trump so no one would ever challenge them again.The FBI, CIA, DOJ, and even the IRS had been weaponized for this purpose. Our media is just a propaganda machine. Social media is run by leftist. Our universities are indoctrination centers. And when the globalist regain power we will see the invasion of undocumented voters continue. The left is playing the long game to transform America and will never give up. President Trump is a lone wolf and can not win alone.


“I lean towards viewing the outcome of the 2016 election as an act of a very benevolent God. ”

From a certain POV, Trump has been in training for the modern POTUS his entire life. If you don’t think you get to know how to work a political system by building in NYC, you haven’t even even thought about what it must take. He’s hob nobbed with foriegn officials most of his adult life. He’s built casinos for Chinese customers – so completely aware of that culture and successful within it. The only thing he had never done was campaigned for office and obviously, he figured that out, too. At some you just have to laugh at the #NeverTrumpers who only watched reality TV shows apparently. Even now..”he’s blowing his 2020 reelection chances”. Sure, he is.


My fear of a 2016 Clinton victory was that American politics would be more like Chicago’s. Chicago holds elections, has secret ballots, and the citizens have voting rights. In Chicago, a Republican has not been mayor in our lifetimes, nor will a Republican ever be mayor in our lifetimes. All of the government, at all levels, works to keep the Democratic Party in control. My fear was that America was heading that way, after the IrS targeting. Seeing the FISA courts abuse is just more evidence.


The omnibus spending bill ignoring President Trumps campaign pledges, makes me think that you might be onto something. That something involves Democrats and Republicans alike, in a continued effort to ignore the will of the people. I hope that POTUS Trump is not afraid to use a veto to get what he wants in the spending package. He has been very busy fulfilling campaign pledges and My hope is that he continues to do so.

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