Media Outraged By Big Tech Data Scam – But Only Because One Finally Benefitted a Republican

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

But they’d all happily vote for Bill Clinton again tomorrow. – A new poll indicates that 53% of Democrats now think it’s wrong to vote for a candidate who has done immoral things in his private life.  *sigh*

This will happen as soon as all those Flying J’s truck stops start selling decaf halfcaf skinny mocha soy lattes with two honeys and a twist of lemon. – has a piece this morning titled “Why Millenials Should Start Considering Truck Driving.”  Ok, it’s actually good advice, but, well, it’s not exactly the vision Obama filled these young peoples’ heads with for eight long years, is it?  But it turns out our country is now overwhelmed with unemployable social workers, dog groomers, computer coders and Russian feminist literature studies majors, and we’re a little short on people who want to keep our economy moving by driving long-haul trucks for a living.  Go figure.  No one could have possibly seen that coming.

The fake news media finally catches onto the Big Tech data scam – Of course, this only happened when the “improper” use of 50 million Facebook users’ information ended up benefiting a Republican, i.e., the Trump Campaign in 2016.  No one in the fake media gave a rat’s behind when Google set up a satellite office in the Obama White House and Facebook and Twitter eagerly shared all the data there was to share with the Obama campaign during the 2012 election cycle.  But now that some firm that Trump didn’t even use during the general election had access to Facebook’s data that might have benefited the media’s enemy, well, that’s crossing the fake news media’s fake red line.  Because that’s what the fake news media does.

Here’s our reality when dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Google and the other Big Tech websites:  All they really are is data accumulators who are in business to sell their data.  If you provide data to, say, Facebook, Facebook is ultimately going to sell that data to make a profit.  Despite their periodic protests to the contrary, there have been so many examples of Facebook and Twitter doing this that you have to be a hopeless simpleton to actually believe anything you do on any of these platforms will somehow remain private and confidential.

The fake media is treating this latest in a long line of examples as some sort of major event, but the truth is that, had the firm in question here, Cambridge Analytica, been working on behalf of the Clinton Campaign, this would not be a story at all – you’d have never heard of these people.  Facebook and Twitter have been shadow-banning conservative news outlets and users for years with no objection from anyone at CNN or the NYTimes.  Google has almost since its’ first day of existence been biasing its search results in favor of Democrats, and no one at Yahoo News or the Washington Post has uttered a peep about it.

The hilarious part of all of this fake media attention is that it is giving momentum to the efforts in Washington to find some way to heavily regulate these big tech platforms in the future.  While any effort by the federal government to regulate these big tech companies would no doubt end up being a slow-rolling train wreck – because that’s the core competency of federal government regulators – it would be a certain form of justice to see the Facebooks and Googles of the world end up being hoisted up on their own petards.

Hey, at least we got some great Twitter memes out of it (see below) – The Washington Free Beacon reports that U.S. taxpayers are having to foot the bill to the tune of $22 grand for the Pantsuit Princess’s book tour trip to India.  That total amount is the combined cost of Secret Service protection for the Fainting Felon, along with administrative costs incurred by the State Department.  But hey,  why wouldn’t the millions of deplorables who the Coughing Crook insulted during the trip be glad to pay for a trip in which she broke her wrist climbing into a million dollar bathtub and humiliated herself by not being able to even come down a flight of stairs without major assistance?  Good times…good times…


Just another day in big tech data scamming America.

That is all.

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That is the best picture of Hillary that I have ever seen. Thanks for the laughs.

Matthew Frihart

The only regulation I would care to see is to allow more social media platforms to be competitive, not by penalizing FB or twitter or google, but allowing other social media start ups better access to more bandwidth to be competitive. Competition will then sort this out on its own.


The bandwidth conversation is really nothing. It’s distraction. There are all sorts of other social media companies, but they don’t have the market share yet to be big. I highly doubt the their problems have to do with bandwidth.

A neutral Internet is one where PragerU is not being penalized for bad think and Twitter conservatives not named Trump can speak their mind freely.

There is a point where competition only takes you so far. Every sport has referees calling time outs, etc. It’s time for the government to be the referee where it matters – direct censorship, which by the way extends to app stores too. The last time I checked in Apple wouldn’t give (Twitter alternative) an app because it refused to play ball the way Twitter does and censor badthink.

Bandwidth issues are utility based issues/discussions and therefore should be handled by the states, not the FCC. Meanwhile free speech is something we now think about at the Federal level and should be dealt with there.


““Why Millenials Should Start Considering Truck Driving.” Ok, it’s actually good advice, but, well, it’s not exactly the vision Obama filled these young peoples’ heads with for eight long years, is it? ”

Uber and all those hip techy companies are trying to put long distance truckers out of business with driverless cars. I don’t think they’ll succeed* (or at least a pray not) but I think it highlights a moment of diminishing returns with automation. While the hours and time away are difficult, it’s a rather safe and comfortable job for those without techy type skills.

*They may succeed with driver assist, but to have driverless cars will require everyone to go driverless and some rather massive upheaveals in who is assigned responsibility for the accidents that will still happen. To date, we don’t have driverless airplanes or even trains and they’ve been automated for decades, so I don’t see how we get to driverless cars without some serious shifting in a bad way.


Love the bubble wrap!

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