Don’t Expect the Democrat Party’s Farrakhan Chickens to Come Home to Roost in November

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Democrats in Action, Part I – A Democrat who sits on the city council in Washington, DC, took to his Facebook account on Sunday to blame a sudden snowstorm on…wait for it…no, really, you have got to wait for this one…the JEWS!  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

“It’s climate manipulation and D.C. keep talking about ‘we are a resilient city’ and that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful,” said council member Trayon White, Sr., who is an actual elected official in our nation’s capital.  The Rothschilds, of course, are a very wealthy European Jewish family.  Mr. White is no doubt a follower of the execrable Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, which means he’s just your basic mainstream Democrat these days.

White later apologized, sort of, saying that “I did not intend to be Anti-Semitic [sic], and I see I should not have said that after learning from my colleagues,” White said. He added that he was working to “understand the history of comment [sic] made against Jews.”

So, he had to be educated by his “colleagues”, i.e., other nitwit Democrats, that it’s ok to hate the Jews in private, but you probably don’t want to go talking about it on your Facebook account.  Gotcha.

Democrats in Action, Part II – Speaking of the execrable Louis Farrakhan, The Soros-funded organization behind The Women’s March is losing top staffers and members due to its recently-revealed ties to the racist hate-monger.  Note that none of these deranged Democrats had any problem at all with the group’s ongoing association with the equally execrable radical Islamist Linda Sarsour.  If I were an African American Democrat voter, I might be wondering why that is the case?

The sad irony here is that, despite the Democrat Party’s open association with Mr. Farrakhan – the DNC’s deputy chairman, Keith Ellison, is a known associate, after all – when Jewish voters go to the polls this coming November, most of them will vote for Democrats, just as most Catholic Americans keep voting for Democrats despite that Party’s open hostility to their religion of choice.  It is truly a mind-boggling facet of American society.

Democrats in Action, Part III – Maine Democrat legislator Michelle Dubois has demanded that state officials change the name of one of the entrances to the state’s capital building because, she says, it is an affront to “women’s dignity.”  The entrance is called the “General Hooker Entrance,” and Ms. Dubois finds that, like, totally offensive.  Of course – and you Republicans know what’s coming here without me having to say it – the entrance is named for famed Civil War General John J. Hooker, who was a native of Maine.  I swear, I swear, I swear I do not make this stuff up.  Who could?

He fixes elections much more efficiently than the DNC and Hillary Clinton. – To no one’s surprise, Vladimir Putin was re-“elected” to yet another term as dictator of Russia, “winning” a whopping 73.9% of the vote.  Somewhere, the Pantsuit Princes is berating Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her under-performance in fixing the Democrat nominating process in 2016.  Fake journalists at CNN were busy constructing a narrative that proves Putin’s victory was the direct result of collusion with Donald Trump.

*Sigh*  No, it didn’t. – Some guy named Ryan Goodman, writing for some fake news site called “JustSecurity”, claims that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ firing of Andrew McCabe, which was based on McCabe’s lying to the DOJ Inspector General about media leaks related to the Clinton email scandal, somehow violates Sessions’ “recusal” from the Russia Collusion investigation.  This is possibly the dumbest thing you’ll read all week.  I say “possibly” only because Juan Williams still works for Fox, and Chris Cuomo remains on the air at CNN.

All evidence to the contrary aside, there are still sane people living in California. – City Council members in the Calfornia town of Los Alamitos will vote this week approve an ordinance declaring the city to be exempt from the state’s patently unconstitutional “sanctuary state” law.  The ordinance correctly notes that the state law “may be in direct conflict with federal laws and the Constitution,” and that the council “finds that it is impossible to honor our oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  So next time a friend remarks that all the sane people have fled California and moved to Colorado or Austin, you can respond with “Nope, there is still at least one little enclave of clear thinking in Los Alamitos.”

Just another day in Jews controlling the weather America.

That is all.

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moral of the story,
the world seems to be controlled by three families
rothchilds,soros,and sa
all are of ancient ancestors,BIBLE days

they all have money that is immeasurable and very old old money
these families are in control of every country and every war and every bit of poverty and every bit of evil in the world.
they are the heart of luciferion/satan,

only GOD can deal with this magnitude of evil that runs thru these families

imho,GOD allowed trump to win the 2016 election,against all odds
imho,GOD has put trump and his team on a mission that has been planned since jfk’s murder
the tentacles from these families reach all over the world and have ensnared top gov officials such as obama,clintons,bushes and all that has helped with their treason against our country
their rewards was power and money/fame and fortune.

we must not allow all of this treason against our country to go unpunished
we must pray that trump and his team will be successful and will be able to open the minds and hearts and eyes of the US citizens as to the evil that has been poured on our country.

i pray everyday for our country and for trump and his team to have wisdom and continued courage to keep fighting for the sovereignty of the USA
please join me


Los Alamitos claim to fame is it’s military base, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. Also Tiger Woods learned to play golf on the base golf course, his Dad was stationed there. My cousins grew up there as well.


Okay, dangerous territory ahead. I understand if you want to delete this.

Are you seeing any parallels between complaining about Soros, a Hungarian raised Jewish man who really is funding the opposition openly and complaints about the Rothschilds taking advantage of natural disasters to gain a profit? (That’s the summary of the complaint, even if Jewish people controlling the weather is the funny, tinfoil hatty part 🙂 ).

Many of the supposedly anti-semitic comments popping up right are mostly just noticing a relationship between a few wealthy Jewish people/families and what they do with their spare cash. It’s not building great mansions (art in buildings) or great art or hospitals or even building Disney World, but “fixing” the society around them – that’s Soros, defined. Fund social organizations, foment change, own the New York Times and write hideously an American pieces week after week. What you’re seeing now, was also happening in 1920’s Germany, by the way, except it was funding armed communist mobs that were taking over sections of German cities.

I think we’re at point were we need be much more careful about what anti-semitic means. To me as a Christian, we have collectively created a composite image of Jewish people where they are all victims at all times. Noticing that Mr. Soros is of Jewish origin (a true statement) suddenly will make otherwise tepid remarks suddenly “anti-semitic”. It is not “anti-semitic” to not that many colonial American slave markets were Jewish run, just as NYC’s diamond markets are today. It is not “anti-semitic” to notice that atheistic Jewish people have historically been involved with supporting and organizing communist organizations.

Noticing those things don’t make communism or slavery or natural disasters or our current social decay the fault of the Jewish people. It belongs squarely with a larger society or simply living on a chaotic planet. But…it does remove the perpetual sainthood status from the Jewish people. As Christian, emphasizing the fallen nature of all peoples on the planet is critical to opening the discussion. Right now, we have some taboos that making discussions about the truth and our possible collective future impossible. One of them is this area, unfortunately.

Fred Ward

If it’s the General Hooker entrance, is there an entrance for specific Hookers, such at a dominatrix? Please, let’s not name anything after Marvin Gaye.

Kevin Cowlishaw

Next they will be demanding that Ho Chi Minh city be changed. (Saigon sounds good)

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