Irish Beto Forgets He’s Running in Texas, Where the AR-15 is a Sporting Rifle

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ban on “sanctuary cities” signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in 2017.  The law levies penalties, including fines and jail time, on public officials who attempt to enforce sanctuary city policies like those in place throughout the entire third world state of California.  God Bless Texas.

[Edit] Several readers have asked why I didn’t mention the Pennsylvania race in today’s Campaign Update, so here goes.  

I wasn’t  quite sure what to say about it, since it isn’t over yet.   The Democrats had a great candidate who knew how to pretend to be moderate, and the Republicans had an awful candidate who was barely literate on the issues, and lots of people who voted for Trump in 2016 stayed home.  The turnout in heavy GOP precincts was 20% below the turnout in heavy Democrat precincts.

There is no doubt that there is a very definite enthusiasm gap right now in the Democrats’ favor nationally, though maybe not in Texas.  The Republicans have to change that to hold the House.  Luckily for the Rs, their fundraising his well ahead of the Ds, and there are almost 8 months left before Election Day.

The View shrew Joy Behar was actually forced by ABC honchos tired of being asked about it to apologize on-air on Tuesday for her insulting remarks to all Christians that took place on the show a few weeks ago.  The thoroughly obnoxious, hopelessly ignorant blowhard had tried to slide by with a private apology via phone call to Vice President Mike Pence, who she had said was insane for practicing his Christian beliefs, a remark that, had it been uttered about a Muslim, would have gotten her fired before she could get to her dressing room after the show.

Pence accepted her apology, as any gracious, practicing Christian would do, but also suggested in an interview Monday evening that she really owed an apology to all Christians.  In her “apology”, Behar claimed that Pence’s statement had motivated her, but it’s much more likely that Disney CEO Bob Iger, whose company owns ABC, was sick of being questioned about it at every public appearance.  Either way, the insincere apology has been issued, and Behar can go back to insulting hundreds of millions of Americans on a daily basis.  Yippee.

The Pantsuit Princess is in the news yet again, this time after she claims to have “sprained her hand” while on her book tour in India.  This comes a day after she was filmed slipping twice on some stairs despite being held up by two aides.  The chardonnay-swilling Grasping Grifter will have to cancel some promotional appearances due to her hand sprain.  All of these accidents are classic symptoms of…well, you know.  You all know.

The Fainting Felon’s remarks from Monday continue to reverberate throughout the media, especially her contention that women who voted for Donald Trump did so only because their husbands or bosses wanted them to do so.  Amie Parnes at The Hill reports that Democrats she spoke with are tired of the Coughing Crook bringing negative publicity onto the Party with her constant whining over the last election, with one saying “She’s annoying me. She’s annoying everyone, as far as I can tell.  Who lets her say these things?”

Republicans, on the other hand, are pretty over-joyed at the latest softball handed to them courtesy of the Stumbling Stumper.  Mike Reed, deputy communications director for the RNC, sent out an email to reporters that said, in part:  “At the RNC, we try not to continue to focus on Hillary Clinton. We really do try very hard.  But this one is impossible to ignore.”

Never stop talking, Hillary.  Please, never, ever stop.

Irish Beto seals his November fate. – If you were still holding out hope against hope that, despite his lackluster showing in the Democrat primary, Irish Beto O’Rourke might still mount a legitimate challenge to incumbent Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the general election, well, perish that thought.

The cute Congressman pretty much sealed his fate on Monday when, speaking to an audience at Austin’s SXSW Festival, he answered a question about the current gun control frenzy in the media by stating his belief that there is no reason why an AR-15 should be sold to any civilian, reciting the Democrat/media mantra that only the police – who Democrats accuse every day of willy-nilly shooting any African American who crosses their racist path – should be able to own “assault weapons.”  Irish Beto followed that recitation by further saying “I have no idea how that polls, and I should give a shit what the NRA thinks.”

Apparently, someone forgot to remind Mr. O’Rourke that he is running a statewide race in Texas, not California or New Jersey.  In Texas, the 2nd Amendment is not a partisan issue.  There are not only Republicans, but Democrats all over the Lone Star State who not only own AR-15 rifles, but use them regularly to try to protect their land from packs of wild hogs who destroy their crops and tear up the countryside of their farms and ranches.  In Texas, the AR-15 is indeed a “sporting rifle.”

Prior to Monday, Senator Cruz had a fairly easy path to victory simply by sprinkling clips of Nancy Pelosi liberally in his campaign ads.  Now, he also gets to flood the airwaves with tape of Irish Beto himself telling Texas Republicans and Democrats alike that his position on the 2nd Amendment is no different than San Fran Nan’s.

At this point, the only thing still up in the air about this particular race is Mr. Cruz’s margin of victory, and Cruz can pretty much name the number, depending on whether he wants to spend a bunch of money on the race, or just stand back and let Irish Beto continue to self-destruct.

Adios, Texas Blue Wave, we hardly knew ye.

Just another day in self-destructing Democrats America.

That is all.

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Robert E Lee

The AR-15 is a, “sporting rifle”, everywhere. Not just Texas.


If Beto wanted to run for president of Austin, he’s well on his way. the moonbats love him there. But, as you point out, it’s a state-wide race, and he ain’t got a snowball’s chance.


Whaaat? Who is this nutjob “Irish Beto”? Did he recently move to the State of Texas, and then forgot where he was and who he was talking to? He does point out the danger to Texas of refugees from the blue states moving to the greatest red state of all to escape everything in their home state. Then regurgitate that crap in Texas, or any other red state they choose to inhabit.
Maybe, a long waiting period and a Texas civil test, or something, to determne if they are ready to truly be a Texan and embrace the values of the Constitution. Then they can run for office, maybe. I’d still keep an eye on ’em for signs of liberalism. It is a mental disorder, ya know.


He is taking Soros money, it is in the script, he has to say it.

yo mama

Considering more people showed up to vote for Lyin’ Ted than the total amount of Dems who voted, I’d say this Beto loser doesn’t stand a chance.

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