Jeff Sessions Dropped a Bomb – Hardly Anyone Noticed

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I’ve been traveling this week, so I just noticed this myself this afternoon.  In an interview with Fox New’s Shannon Bream Wednesday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions dropped a bomb when, after asked about allegations that officials within the FBI and the DOJ had violated the FISA process in order to spy on the Trump Campaign, he said the following:

“I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice (DOJ), to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us; and we’re conducting that investigation.” 

Wait, what?  When did that happen?  Why all the secrecy?  What is this person’s name?  What else might the person be looking at?  Here are some thoughts on what the answers to those questions might be.

First, you have to look at this from Sessions’ point of view:  He leads the DOJ, and thus the FBI as well.  Having his own DOJ lawyers investigate the FBI and DOJ anti-Trump cabal’s abuses would present a clear conflict of interest, as I pointed out last week.

My bet is that he took this action after he became aware of potential FISA abuses shortly after he assumed office in March of last year.  At that point, during his first briefing with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, he would have been made aware of the IG’s investigation into the FISA and other related matters, and thus would have become aware that he had a set of truly bad actors in his midst.  That is likely something Sessions already suspected, since it had become obvious during his confirmation hearing that he had personally been under illegal surveillance, but a briefing from Horowitz would have confirmed that reality.

Sessions would not have wanted to formally appoint a special counsel at that time, because that is a very public act, one which requires the public identification of the person who was being named.  Remember also that, at that time, Horowitz’s own investigation had only been up and running for a few months, meaning that some of the bad actors we know about today had not yet been identified, or had cases fully developed against them.

Formally appointing a special counsel at that time would have given all of these people the chance to either flee, cover their tracks, or even lawyer up before cases could have been fully developed.  Remember that we have only begun to publicly find out people like Strzok, Ohr, Page, McCabe and Baker since the first of  December.  Remember also that the disciplinary actions taken against them have been designed to keep them close and controlled.

It is also very interesting to note that none of these and others who have been identified as bad actors have been quoted in the press at all.  This is in direct contrast to James Comey, who went around leaking and singing like a jaybird for a few months after President Trump fired his sorry butt, and who is about to release a book next month.

This silence by the other bad actors most likely means one of two things:  Either these people have lawyered up and are keeping quiet to protect themselves in preparation for being prosecuted, or they are actually cooperating with Horowitz and Sessions’ unnamed outside lawyer in their ongoing investigations.

The quote from Mr. Sessions is a clever reference to the fact that he has had an outside prosecutor working on all of this stuff for quite some time now.  It is also most likely another move to set the stage for the impending release of IG Horowitz’s own report.  Unlike Horowitz, this unidentified special prosecutor would have the power to convene a grand jury – and may have already done so – and quickly begin issuing subpoenas based on the recommendations contain in the Horowitz report.

Thus, Sessions next statement from the interview:

I am well aware we have a responsibility to insure the integrity of the FISA process. We’re not afraid to look at that. The inspector general — some think that our inspector general is not very strong; but he has almost 500 [employees], most of which are lawyers and prosecutors; and they are looking at the FISA process. We must make sure that it’s done properly, and we’re going to do that. And I’ll consider their request.

He’ll not only consider their request, he’s had a special prosecutor preparing the playing field for quick action on those requests for months now.

Clever.  Boom.

That is all.

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The longer it takes in a legal scenario, the more favorable an outcome becomes for the defense.

Ray Sears





i will believe it when i see it. get movin’


Sessions will lower the boom about the time almost everyone believes that he’s literally a do-nothing Attorney General. One day it will be: “When does Trump fire Sessions? How long does it take?” and the next: “Holy hera, how many people did he just arrest and indictments did he just serve?”


He should have arrested NUMEROUS people by now, who would in turn roll on others. He is months behind the curve. I dont think he will prosecute anyone but the lowest hanging fruit.


This is just another stall tactic by the swamp beast in sheeps clothing.

“No Department is Perfect” is his way of addressing the falsification of evidence against a nominated candidate for President.

He is unfit for duty and should be investigated for ties to the corrupt cabal that is trying to overthrow our country.


I’ll believe it when the indictments drop.

Nabi Rasch

Good show.

Anne Malcolm

I quickly shut up my liberal friends and acquaintances by telling them that I don’t think that Justice should pursue illegal FISA applications that Hillary and the FBI committed because that avenue would then be available for Trump to use against any of HIS rivals in 2020. They don’t like the sound of that, believe me.

Newt Love

Jeff Sessions said “I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice (DOJ)…”

Our fabulous DB Updater posted: “… What is this person’s name? …”

DB Dude, consider this (and my comment below.)

From the Wikipedia:
“Sessions was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama beginning in 1975. In 1981, President Reagan nominated him to be the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. The Senate confirmed him and he held that position for 12 years until Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, asked for his resignation.”

I am betting that Jeff Sessions referred this to someone he knew from his days as a US Attorney, who has since retired, and Sessions trusts.

This is not Session’s first rodeo.


No, he is very experienced at “walking the dog” till the issue is out of the citizens daily concern.

He is an expert politician, do not expect justice.

Vonce Engelhead

Sessions is a neutered stooge. He needs to resign so Trump can appoint someone with the balls to drain the swamp. Sessions is part of the swamp.

Larry Folds

Hope you are on to something. I don’t count my chicks until they hatch.


Hot dog !! Hope it’s Larry Klayman !!

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