The Biggest Problem with Sheriff Israel is that he is So Common

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The trouble with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is that he is so damn common in our society today:  Arrogant, utterly incompetent and judged in his job based on “metrics” that have little to do with actually getting his job done.

In a really fine piece in Sunday’s Orange County Register, Carl Cannon condemns the Sheriff’s pathetic excuse-making in the wake of the shooting:

The Broward Sheriff’s Office resorted to its own bureaucratic gobbledygook, telling reporters that none of his behavior “appeared arrestable under Florida law.” This is false. It’s not legal in Florida to hold a gun to your mother’s head, or menace the family that took you in, or threaten to shoot up a school. Authorities could also have pursued an involuntary commitment to a mental facility under Florida’s “Baker Act,” which might have given him the psychological treatment he needed and seems to crave. It also might have made him ineligible to legally purchase firearms.

Of course, Israel actively avoided arresting the Parkland shooter despite having his officers called to the kid’s home an amazing 39 times in the 3 years leading up to the mass shooting, precisely because of the metrics used to judge his performance.  Those metrics required the crime rate among high school aged teenagers fall each year in order to maximize the federal money coming into the county’s schools and sheriff’s department, as part of an agreement they’d entered into with the Obama Administration’s Justice Department.  Israel’s department had accomplished that goal by simply refusing to enforce the law:  thus, his job performance was judged by those metrics to be outstanding.

The truly sad thing about Israel is that he really meant it last week when he told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he had provided “amazing leadership” in his job as Sheriff.  Hey, his job performance had been judged to be outstanding as all that federal money came pouring in – what else would he believe?

The hapless, witless Sheriff is hardly alone.  Our society is filled with glorified bureaucrats like Israel posing as law enforcement officers while responding to the perverse incentives set up by the idiotic edicts coming down from Washington, DC.  Our public and higher education systems are also filled with similar perverse incentives, with teachers and administrators forced to spend more and more of their time fulfilling tasks designed to maximize state and federal money rather than actually educating our children.  Common Core and standardized testing are just two of hundreds of examples that have led to the steady diminution of the quality of education in our society.

This is no surprise:  This is in fact the classic outcome of command-and-control socialism.  The more nationalized the school curriculum and law enforcement objectives become, the less accountable the people implementing them will become to the local public.  It is in fact inevitable that hapless men and women like Sheriff Israel will increasingly become the familiar faces of our nation’s sheriff’s departments.

Sheriff Israel is not the cause of what took place three weeks ago in Parkland, Florida – the FBI was every bit as hapless and every bit as much to blame as they respond to their own perverse incentives – he is just one of the effects of the nationalization of the goals and objectives of local law enforcement.

The biggest problem with Mr. Israel is that he is just as common as a day’s laundry in America today.

That is all.

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The main problem with sheriff Israel is he is a Muslim and so are a number of his deputies. They didn’t want to arrest the suspect because they wanted him to do what he did. They didn’t want to put their lives on the line for infiedels and they didn’t care. Wanted this to happen, its called terror by proxie.


Wow! Contrast this with the fact that now of you’re straight/white/male etc., you can go to prison FOR FIVE YEARS on just a second ever traffic citation in Florida. Thanks to Yeb! leaving that little pile in the corner of the country. There MUST be a painful reckoning for progtards in this country for the damage they have to traditional middle-class America which is STILL 76% of the nation, regardless of the “exotic” numbers.

Ray Hardy

Our society is still filled with glorified bureaucrats like Israel posing as law enforcement officers while responding to the perverse incentives set up by the idiotic edicts coming that came down from Obama during his 8years of incompetence

Rex Mundi

The unfortunate thing is that there once was a conservative, Republican sheriff in Broward County, but he was voted out and replaced by the liberal Democrat a$$ kisser that is Scott Israel. He was voted in by the same type that keep re-electing convicted felon Alsee Hastings and Snaggle-tooth Wasserman-Schultz, because that’s the type of voter that dominates in Broward County.


Another government employee doing something other than their job, because it’s easier and the free market forces that fire lousy employees doesn’t happen with the government.

Private schools would be better than government schools, because they do take responsibility for protecting the students. Government school teachers claim they’re there to teach students and not to shoot them, including the ones with guns shooting at other students. And private schools and their teachers can be sued for not doing their jobs, but government schools and teachers are protected from lawsuits, by taxpayer money. .

John Macdonald

Broward county is one of counties who overwhelmingly vote Democrat in Florida. Voters in that county get what they vote for.

Mike Bishop

Everyone claims they want the police to conduct far more proactive arrests, until they actually begin doing it.

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