If Democrats Didn’t Exist, We Wouldn’t Want to Invent Them

Today’s Campaign Update

(Because The Campaign Never Ends)

Tired of all this Winning yet? – The Daily Caller reports that, in the cable news ratings race, fake news king CNN did not have a single program in its entire lineup that ranked among the top 20 during the month of February.  When the bad guys are losing, the country is #Winning.

They call it the Yu Darvish 2-inning start bug. – The Los Angeles Dodgers reported that a “flu-like” illness that was causing fevers and vomiting had ravaged dozens of their players Thursday evening, causing Manager Dave Roberts to scramble to find enough players to man the team’s spring training game on Friday.  No word if the flu struck after the team had re-watched film of Game 7 of last year’s World Series against the Houston Astros, but it seems likely.

RINOs in action. – Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, of course appearing on CNN (because who else would bother to interview Jeff Flake?), told his fake interviewer David Axelrod that he fully expects President Trump to have a Republican primary challenger in the 2020 race for the GOP nomination.  The Hill, which is fast becoming the web-based fake news challenger to CNN, thought this was newsworthy, which is almost inexplicable given that Flake announced his retirement late last year because his public approval rating in his home state was hovering in the low teens.

Justice Department leaks move into the theater of the absurd. – The New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press all “broke” a story on Friday asserting that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will be accuse of making improper leaks by Inspector General Michael Horowitz in his report to be released in the coming days.  The “sources” of those stories were – guess what? – improper leaks by personnel within the Justice Department and/or the FBI.  It is highly doubtful any of the liberals at any of those fake news organizations are self-aware enough to understand the high degree of humor and irony present in this situation.

Speaking of theater of the absurd, PJ Media reports that the Obama holdovers at the Library of Congress have invited freaking Bill Nye the Science Guy to speak at a symposium on how to protect our planet from an asteroid collision.  I kid you not.  Mr. Nye, an engineer who has posed as a scientist on television as a host of kid’s shows for 30 years, and more recently become a dedicated climate scammer because it pays better, will be on the agenda with a real scientist, astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer.  This is a disgrace, and the people who organized this program should be fired without severance pay.

Democrats in action. – Speaking of liberals with no sense of humor, the pinheads at Facebook issued an apology on Friday for threatening to censor a Christian satire site called the Babylon Bee.  Facebook’s evil minions were acting on a tip from their fellow humorless liberal evil minions at the “fact-checking” Snopes website, which had flagged the Babylon Bee as being “fake news.”  Well, of course it’s fake news, you mindless simpletons – it’s SATIRE.  Dear God, people.

More Democrats in action. – Tamika Mallory, who, along with radical Islamist Linda Sarsour was one of the main organizers of the 2017 “women’s march”, came under fire on Friday for having attended a speech by the heinous anti-semite bigot Louis Farrakhan.  She naturally defended herself by…wait for it… endorsing anti-semite hate speech on Twitter.  I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

Still more Democrats in action. – But hey, you’ll have to excuse Ms. Mallory and other Democrat voters for their bigotry.  After all, they’re just emulating their elected leaders.  Take Chuck Schumer for example.  On Wednesday, Schumer announced in the well of the U.S. Senate that he was voting against confirmation of a Trump judicial nominee for the simple reason that he is white.  Oh, he put all sorts of flowery liberal “need for diversity, yada yada yada, blah-blah-blah” rhetoric around it, but there is no escaping the fact that it was a stunningly racist statement.  But it’s always been ok for Democrats to be racist;  otherwise, we’d have never had the Ku Klux Klan.

Just another day in absurd Democrat theater America.

That is all.

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“On Wednesday, Schumer announced in the well of the U.S. Senate that he was voting against confirmation of a Trump judicial nominee for the simple reason that he is white. ”

This is why there’s an “alt-right” and there is deep concern in a group of young people, especially, that the world is turning against them. For Schumer, the window is closing to arrange his utopia (or probably more correctly cling to power and make money). A 22 year old white male, however, is staring into something much more ominous in his future. His jokes are censored, he’s told he’s “privileged” as he either gets an insane amount of student loans or tries to compete with illegals for entry level jobs. Then is told in his “color blind” society, whites need not apply. It’s okay for blacks to organizes caucus, student unions, black only housing and meetings. But for a white student to whisper “I want that too” is to have society literally shun him as racist. There are probably more people who have been kicked of Twitter in the last 2 years for essentially expressing that idea than are now on it. But that doesn’t make the sentiment, the people, or the world that they see go away.

It frustrates me that so many right leaning Boomers aren’t listening (and many of own generation as well). Trump, I think in his own way, gets it, because he is truly color blind. If all the great candidates for the job are white males, that’s who he hires and he will not back down. If all the great candidates are black females, that’s who he hires and will not back down. So he’s in a different head space.

But so many RINOs have allowed this situation to come up because they could not be rigorous to their supposed ideals. Too many appear to live in mortal fear of being called “racist” and allowed affirmative action and double standards. The “silly” Cowboys and Indians tales of their parents have morphed into a cartoonish damsel in distress stories, with American blacks and Jewish peoples in Europe being the lady who did no wrong, and them being the white knight who saved them from the evil black knights (white males). The real history, of course, is messy and complex with all characters in the story being the same fallen mess as the supposed evil white males.

I’m not sure where this goes, and I don’t think (hope) it goes to the 20th century roads, but the immediate future is not bright.


The Babylon Bee is very funny. Great site.

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