Lisa Bloom Becomes A Strong Contender For The Title of Worst Person In The World

  • GOP Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Corker finally decided to stop their grandstanding and do the right thing on Friday, announcing they plan to vote in favor of the final tax bill reported out by the House/Senate Conference Committee.  With John McCain in the hospital and unlikely to be present to vote when the bill is brought to the floor next Tuesday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needed at least one of the two holdouts in order to get to 50 votes.  Thus, unless something changes over the weekend, the GOP Senate Majority will finally, at long last, keep one promise its members have made to the American people.  How about that.
  • Congressional Democrat leaders of course continued their disgracefully false and inflammatory criticisms of the bill, with San Fran Nan leading the pack, calling it “daylight robbery.  And with every iteration, the GOP tax scam becomes even more cowardly, outrageous, dishonest, brazen theft from middle-class families, giving money from them to the richest people in our country and to corporations. It’s a monumental con job.”
  • In other words, everything the Republicans do is going to kill everybody:  Repealing Obamacare was going to kill everybody; pulling the U.S. out of the fraudulent Paris Climate Accords was going to kill everybody; building the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines is going to kill everybody; and now the tax bill is going to kill everybody.  If nothing else, the Democrats are at least consistent in their rank idiocy.
  • Meanwhile, President Donald Trump (I never tire of typing those three words), who has been extremely critical of the incredibly corrupt leadership at the FBI, went to speak at a ceremony for Quantico graduates.  When Attorney General Jeff “Sleepy” Sessions introduced him by saying “A few days ago, we were assembled in this auditorium and the announcement was made you would be attending and this room erupted with energy,” the assembled cadets and FBI field agents erupted with a rousing standing ovation.  No doubt FBI Super Duper Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress exchanged texts expressing their disapproval, and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe became quite sweaty.  Then again, he always seems to be quite sweaty.
  • Speaking of super duper people, how about that Lisa Bloom, huh?  What a gal, amiright?  Man, has she been in the news a lot lately.  First, she agrees to represent the detestable Harvey Weinstein and gets caught peddling damaging information on accuser Rose McGowan, not to mention allegations that she and Weinstein were offering bribes to some of his victims to stay quiet.
  • As if that wasn’t bad enough, on Friday Mizz Bloom was revealed to have been offering bribes…er, gobs of money during the 2016 election campaign to women if they would accuse then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual harassment.  Writing for The Hill, John Solomon and Alison Span – two of the handful of real, actual journalists still working in the national media today – report that one woman was repeatedly hounded by Mizz Bloom to come forward, with the money being offered to her rising from an initial $5,000 to a fairly amazing $750,000 before the pesky daughter of notorious hack Gloria Allred was finally convinced to just go away.   At one point, this woman told the reporters that Bloom flew all the way across the country to pester her while she was actually in the hospital.  My goodness.
  • Making this episode even more egregious, Bloom’s scam – which apparently included at least four potential accusers of Trump – involved securing the payola money from big Democrat donors, and then… wait for it…wait for it…TAKING A CUT FOR HERSELF!  Solomon and Span report that Bloom “acknowledged a standard part of her contracts required women to pay her commissions as high as 33 percent if she sold their stories to media outlets.” I swear I don’t make this stuff up – who could?
  • Bloom justified her exhorbitant cut by telling the reporters that “As a private law firm we have significant payroll, rent, taxes, insurance and other expenses every week, so an arrangement where we might receive some compensation to defray our costs seems reasonable to us and is agreed to by our clients.”  Holy cow.  But then, why would we expect anything else from the daughter of Gloria Allred?  This hot mess apple obviously did not fall far from the hot mess tree.
  • At this point, it is fair to say that Lisa Bloom has become a serious challenger to Cecile Richards for the title of Worst Person In The World.  Kim Jong Un is highly jealous.

Just another day in Hot Mess America.

That is all.


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