The Mueller Coup d’etat Unwinds a Little More

  • Heck, I didn’t know he’d gone anywhere. – The UK Metro is reporting this morning that the “comeback album” for white rapper Eminem – the natural inheritor of the proud legacy of the great Vanilla Ice (ok, I’m JK) – is not being well-received by what I have no doubt is his legion of fans.  The British writer says that the collection of what I guess are ‘songs’ is getting “quite a whammy of negative comments.”  And that just breaks my heart.  Can you tell?
  • I had no idea you could take the over/under bet on whether or not we go to war. – Senator Lindsey Graham is apparently angling for a future career as a Las Vegas bookmaker.  “I would say there’s a three in 10 chance we use the military option,” Graham predicted in an interview with a fake reporter at The Atlantic. If the North Koreans conduct an additional test of a nuclear bomb—their seventh—“I would say 70 percent.”  So, if any of you are out in Vegas this weekend, put $100 down for me on the under.  I’ll pay you back.  No, really, seriously, I’m good for it.
  • Is there an over/under on the Mueller Investigation ever finding any evidence of actual “collusion”? – The slow-rolling coup d’etat led by Robert Mueller continued its unraveling on Thursday, as Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) released documents showing that the statement given by former FBI Director James Comey in July 2016, which “exonerated” Princess Pantsuit of wrongdoing in her blatantly illegal emailing activities was heavily edited.  More to the point, it was heavily edited and watered down during early May, two full months before Comey had even bothered to interview the Coughing Crook or about a dozen other key witnesses in the case.
  • The original text of the memo, written by Comey himself, states several times that the Fainting Felon was guilty of “gross negligence” in her handling of classified emails.  That’s important because, in the federal statutes, “gross negligence” in handling classified information happens to be a crime.  But the edits watered that charge down to “extreme carelessness”, to which the governing federal statues make no reference.  Voila!, the Cackling Candidate was magically exonerated.
  • The revelation of this editing process within a highly-politicized FBI does deep damage to the already tattered reputation of James Comey, who just happens to be a key witness in the Mueller witch hunt.  After all, the entire basis used by the oily Rod Rosenstein for the appointment of Mueller in the first place was Comey’s illegal leaking of his meeting notes to the New York Times for publication.  If Comey lied to the American people about what he had found during the Clinton investigation and when he found it, and lied to multiple congressional committees during testimony on the same subject matter, why would anyone believe anything else he has to say?  The man is obviously a skunk and a snake, the very worst kind of DC Swamp creature, which I told you all he was back in July 2016.
  • Coming as it does on the heels of so many other revelations this week about various players in the Mueller coup d’etat staff, even some hardcore Democrats are starting to come to the realization that Mueller’s own credibility has been irrevocably damaged.  One such hardcore Democrat is Mark Penn, who served as the head pollster for Bill Clinton, and also worked on Princess Pantsuit’s senate campaign.
  • Appearing on Fox News last night, Penn told host Martha MacCallum that he believes both Mueller and the FBI face a “crisis in public confidence.”  Penn cited a recent poll conducted by Harvard in which 54% of respondents agreed that Mueller himself has conflicts of interest that prevent him from conducting himself fairly, and a whopping 63% believe the FBI is stonewalling congress.  He also noted that this poll was conducted before this week’s flood of new revelations about the horrific behavior of FBI super agent Peter Strzok and various other players on the Mueller coup staff.
  • Folks, our country is in a major crisis.  It is in that crisis because the utterly corrupted leadership at the FBI and various intelligence agencies during the Obama Administration set themselves up as a de facto fourth branch of government, a branch unaccountable to anyone.  The evidence we now have at hand clearly shows that, early in 2016, that fourth branch engaged itself in a focused conspiracy in coordination with the Clinton Campaign and the DNC to try to deny Donald Trump the presidency.  After Trump won the election last November, that conspiracy morphed into a focused  effort to undermine him and to ultimately remove him from office.
  • The Harvard poll cited by Mr. Penn shows that, despite the best efforts of the fake news media to avoid reporting these realities, a clear majority of Americans have begun to figure this all out.  This is a big problem for Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Mueller, because the flood of revelations isn’t going to slow down anytime soon,  and they really haven’t left themselves any easy way to end the conspiracy they’ve been leading without their own culpability being fully revealed.
  • The next few months are going to be a very interesting and perilous time for our country.  Better buckle up.

Just another day in the Coup keeps unwinding America.

That is all.


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