Never Forget That Cleaning The DC Swamp Is Literally A Life Or Death Struggle

  • President Donald Trump was on fire at a rally in Pensacola Friday evening, where he took on an array of his adversaries, from the fake news media to (sadly) the FBI to huckster attorney Gloria Allred.   Commenting on the legal and political system at one point, the President of the United States said “this is a rigged system.  There’s no country like ours, but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions.”  Truer words have never been spoken.
  • After 8 years of an anti-American, Saul Alinskyite presidency, pretty much all of our institutions are sick.  That was, of course, the Obama plan.  Here are some examples of our corrupted institutions:
    • The courts, where Obama-appointed judges held up a perfectly lawful travel ban for 9 months before the Supreme Court finally slapped them down on a 7-2 decision last week;
    • NOAA, where a group of climate “scientists” spent the last 8 years systematically revising the global temperature records in order to invent “global warming”;
    • the fake news media, which literally sold its soul in 2008 to get Obama elected, and now stands as a de facto opposition political party to the American people;
    • the EPA, which spent the last 8 years doing everything it could to depress the U.S. economy with an avalanche of regulations knowingly based on bad science;
    • the State Department, which continues to fight against the agenda of a duly-elected President;
    • And of course, the Department of Justice and the FBI, which continue to sponsor Robert Mueller’s slow-rolling coup d’etat effort, while at the same time stonewalling an array of information requests by the courts and various congressional committees.
  • That list could go on and on, but these are some of the major highlights.  The point being that if you had thought cleaning out this swamp was going to be easy, you should have by now have disabused yourself of that notion.  This is going to be hard, and as we’ve seen with the sham Mueller “investigation”, the swamp denizens are going to fight back every step of the way.  This is life or death for them – if Trump succeeds, many of them, like Hillary Clinton, end up in prison.
  • To understand the truth of this, all one need to is go back to the incident during the campaign, when now-disgraced NBC fake host Matt Lauer actually decided to ask the Pantsuit Princess some fairly tough questions that had not been pre-approved by Donna Brazile during an interview on the peacock network.  After it was over, staff behind the scenes reported that the Coughing Crook screamed at NBC executives and went into an expletive-filled tirade:  “If I lose, we all go down and that Fascist F**k will have us swinging from nooses! What the f**k is wrong with you idiots?”  She wasn’t joking, folks – to her, and many others in her and Obama’s orbit, this was literally a life or death campaign.
  • So have patience – this is going to take awhile.
  • In other news, Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell announced late Friday that she will be leaving her post at the end of the year.  Powell, an ardent NeverTrump nitwit who should have never been hired, has long been rumored to have been the source of many of the negative leaks that flooded out of the White House during the first several months of the Administration.  Good riddance – she will not be missed.
  • Speaking of White House leaking, isn’t it interesting that, since rumors circulated in late summer that the President and Chief of Staff John Kelly had started feeding differing information to suspected leakers on-staff in order to see what ended up in the WaPo or NYTimes, those leaks have slowed to a trickle?  And that many of the leaks that do still occur end up being shown to be false and blowing up in the fake news media’s collective face?
  • Funny how that works.

Just another day in cleaning out the DC Swamp America.

That is all.


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Also leaks have slowed down after the whole West Wing moved out for 6 weeks in the summer for a ‘remodel’. Think Obammy left some bugs around before he departed.

funky mañana

One way to drain the swamp is to prosecute the corrupt bureaucrats from the Obama administration.Serious jail time has to be meted out and this habit of guilty government workers suddenly “retiring” on a cushy pension has to end.Making an example of a few of them will start the ball rolling especially the former high office holders.


You want to know how you really drain the swamp? You deliver man from the “bondage of corruption” when God says it is time to transform Satan’s kingdom into Christ’s eternal kingdom in our Earth bodies and on Earth. Jesus said the “kingdom of God is within”. And only a sinless deathless body can inherit God’s Kingdom. Fallen, sinful flesh will be cleansed, the swamp drained, and the pure river of life will flow through His people. Because “he that is born again sinneth not.” In other words now it is impossible to live a sinless life, but soon in a new birth redeemed from the curse body, it will be impossible to sin. And now you know the rest of the story.


If there weren’t a two tiered justice system in the US the DOJ would need a fleet of Metro DC buses to take the Swamp Creatures, from Obama on down, to prison.
Remember that these are the people who were on your college quad manning the tables with the
Che posters taped to the front, handing out leftist literature.

Htos 1

Life or death being the operative phrase here. Worrisome. Expect anything from these DC skunks. Up to and including a nuclear false flag. They mean to extinct all of us in the middle-class and the whites.

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