Donald Trump and the Comments Section – From 2 Years Ago Today

Today’s Campaign Update

Because the Campaign Never Ends

[Note:  Today’s Campaign Update started as a commentary on my Facebook page informally in October of 2015, when I realized that Donald Trump was very likely going to become the next President of the United States.  The following piece was posted on that Facebook page on December 9, 2015, but remains instructive today.]

Donald Trump and the Comments Section

There is a meme running around the Interwebnets the last few days that goes something like, “Basically, Trump is what would happen if the comments section ran for president.” That’s pretty clever, and my initial reaction to it was to just chuckle and move on.

But then I got to thinking about it, and I began to think about exactly who it is that the “comments section” is made up of. Here is what I realized….

The “comments section” is made up of:

  • The neighbor who waves at you when you go out to get your mail;
  • The people you go to church with;
  • The people you work with;
  • Your brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and cousins and aunts and uncles;
  • People with college degrees, people with high school diplomas and people who didn’t make it past the sixth grade;
  • The guy who takes five minutes to doctor his cup of coffee at Starbucks, and the lady at Kroger who waits until the checker has finished ringing up all of her items before finally, and slowly, reaching into her 16 gallon purse to try to fish out her checkbook;
  • Policemen, firemen, oilfield workers, seamstresses, teachers, truck drivers, mail workers, hotel workers, salesmen, athletes, artists, nurses, doctors, dentists, optometrists, engineers, housewives, accountants, managers and cooks;
  • All the people you pass on the street as you take your evening walk through the neighborhood;
  • Customers at Wal-Mart, and customers at Neiman Marcus, and customers at every other store in between.

I could go on and on, but I imagine by now you get the point, which is that the people who make up the “comments section” are ordinary, everyday Americans who come from every walk of life you can think of.

My guess is that the person who invented this meme is most likely someone who hails from either the East coast or West coast of the lower 48 states, probably someone who lives in a place like New York, or Washington DC, or possibly Hollywood or Seattle. It’s the kind of person who gets all of his or her news from the New York Times and the major TV networks, who reads the “comments section” and snickers at the rubes who populate it. The kind of person who refers to the 90% of this wonderful country that lies between Los Angeles and New York as “flyover country”.

This is also the kind of person who highly resents the fact that all those rubes in flyover country who populate the “comments section” are entitled under the U.S. Constitution to exactly the same number of votes as he or she is in the upcoming elections.

Two other things occur to me about all of this:

  • The people who make up the “comments section” could not have possibly done a worse job of running this country than have the Ivy League elitists who have enjoyed uninterrupted power for the last 27 years, since Ronald Reagan left office; and
  • If Donald Trump is in fact equivalent to the “comments section”, then maybe that’s why he has held the lead in basically every poll for going on five months now.

I doubt it was intended this way, but the inventor of this meme has probably unwittingly stumbled upon the secret to Trump’s success.

That is all.


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