The Campaign Update Week In Review: Winning. Sooooo Much Winning.

So, let’s review the week we have just experienced, because it will be remembered as the week the tide truly turned:

  • Humiliation for pretty much every major fake media outlet:  CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, WaPo and NPR.  Somehow, the NYTimes escaped major embarrassment, unless I missed something.  Sheer luck, no doubt.
  • The Mueller coup d’etat effort began to come unraveled, as detailed in Friday morning’s Campaign Update.
  • Supreme court upholds Trump travel ban on a 7-2 decision.
  • The Trump economy is booming, and our pathetic ex-President is wandering around the country desperately trying to take credit for it.
  • ISIS is in utter and complete shambles, a story the fake news media is desperately ignoring.
  • Roy Moore is headed for a landslide win in next Tuesday’s special election, as pretty much all of his accusers have been shown to be liars.
  • Trump announces U.S. will finally move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Democrats and media go insane with rage.
  • Al Franken and John Conyers have been run out of congress by their Democrat colleagues, who are desperately searching for a new angle of attack against President Trump, now that their whole “Russia Collusion” fantasy has collapsed.
  • Justice Department initiates investigation into Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in baby body parts.
  • Bad actors in the FBI and Justice Department are being systematically marginalized.
  • The biggest tax cut in American history being negotiated in conference committee.
  • And did I mention that the Trump economy is booming?  I did? That’s ok, it can’t be pointed out often enough.

Just another week in I cannot get enough of this #WINNING  America.

That is all.


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